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America's #1 Mortgage Broker, Brian Brady. You'll never wonder where he stands when you read Brian Brady. He's not always right but he's always...OPINIONATED



I suggested that the real estate brokerage and finance industries stop devouring flesh, as a means for survival.  That idea generated close to 150 comments.  I was surprised that nobody called a hyprocrite for advocating smaller government while funding government-guaranteed home loans. Carl Schu...
When I pleaded for our industries to stop the practice of devouring our children's flesh, I made a few references to the fact that we have never lived in a free market economy.  Historically, the march to Collectivism started in the 1930s with FDR's New Deal.  FDR introduced hundreds of Socialist...
Please stop this zombie behavior.  Government doesn't create wealth, it devours it like a zombie devours all that is living.  Do you know what happens to zombies?  They devour everything living until there is nothing living anymore....then they die, too. Government home buyer tax-credits are brib...
In the spirit of bi-partisanship, I'm recommending a subscription to The American Prospect for all the progressive thinkers on Active Rain.  You can order it at a discount here ($20.00 for a year's subscription).  Be certain to denote Maggie Brady as the student and if you'd be kind enough to ent...
Here we go again!  It's time for our second season at Maggie Brady is raising money for her school through a magazine drive.  Last year, she won the iTouch for superior sales efforts.  Here's Maggie congratulating Linda Davis for being the "smartest REALTOR in Connecticut".     W...
From the Active Rain wayback machine.  The first ever "Active-Rain affiliated" Real Estate Bar Camp", written January 7, 2007: A light rain couldn't spoil the excitement and enthusiasm I felt this morning as I drove into the heart of the City of Phoenix. Papa Joe Brady, my able seminar assistant,...
  If you’re reading REALTOR magazine, you’re hearing about how to find business blogging, or using Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.    Does this stuff work or is it all a hoax?   The answer is yes; social media marketing works and… YES, it is incredibly over-hyped.    What started as a Web 2.0 rev...
From fellow San Diegan, William Johnson.  The "Blue Bombers" of Chula Vitsa brought home the WORLD title!Chula Vista Little League wins World Series   Chula Vista's Park View All-Stars were crowned Champions of the Little League World Series held in Williamsport, PA. Chula Vista welcomed home las...

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