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"Wall Street, can you read me?" "Yeah, go ahead DC, we read you five by five" "We have a problem." Wall Street may be overconfident of a debt-ceiling hike deal and that overconfidence is priced into the market.  In Washington, it can be tough to understand why New York is so sure of itself. While...
Remember when I told you that jumbo mortgage capital, for La Jolla homebuyers, was becoming more readily available?  I spent the better part of the first and second quarters, searching for jumbo mortgage purchasers in the secondary mortgage market.  That project was rewarded in late May: I though...
Why are jumbo mortgage loans so much more expensive today than they were last Monday?  Greece struck a deal with the European Union to get emergency loans.  That action reassured golbal financial markets that a Greece default would be stayed.  Money flowed into equities and out of the safe haven ...
I really enjoyed Jason Sardi's libertarian thoughts.  As I was reading the comments, I saw this from Deb Brooks: My question is, Why can't we just rewind to the era of Industrialism? Oh yeah, it's because our Unions have strangled the US Industries to make them go overseas. Our jobs are dropping ...
Two analysts I follow have diverging opinions about residential housing finance. PIMCO's Scott Simon, who predicted the housing collapse back in 2006, thinks the government backstops in housing should operate more like a utility (a government-sanctioned monopoly).: For most adults today, the gove...

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