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The San Diego real estate community hears this a bunch; things are pretty cordial and laid back in our county.  Sometimes though, a buyer gets so frustrated with her real estate agent that she takes matters into her own hands--AFTER the transaction is closed.Here's how to get the house you REALLY...
Have you noticed that mortgage rates slowly dropped these past few months?  Look at this chart of mortgage bonds.  We started off the year around 99.25 and are presently just below 103.  This means that the mortgage bond market gained about 4% in value.  Stated differently, it might have cost a c...
I do.  DISC profiling gives me greater insight into the customer at helps me figure out how best to approach and deal with them.  The DISC model identifies personality traits of people and can tell what makes them hot and what makes them cold.  The four personality types are:D (Dominant).  These ...
The mortgage bond market declined slightly this past week, disappointed that the European Central Bank did not attempt a larger economic stimulus.  Mortgage rates declined this week in antipation of massive markets intervention by the ECB--that didn't happen.  Bond traders weighed that informatio...
The Veterans Administration asks to see a list of documents before approving a condominium complex for VA loans.  One of those documents is a "reserve study".  In California, all condominium complexes are required to have a reserve study performed every three years (with annual board reviews) unl...

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