trust deed investing: Investing in California Mortgage Pools - 11/10/06 08:09 PM
I am a private mortgage lender which means I make real estate loans (non-bank loans) to individuals who can't qualify for bank financing.  In California, this is sometimes referred to as Trust Deed Investing because the security instrument (how you secure the collateral) we use is called a Deed of Trust.  The loans can be risky of default and subsequent foreclosure.  This is why we don't make loans for more than 70% of the value of the property.  The returns, however, are very attractive.  It is not uncommon to earn 11-15% interest on trust deeds.  I think they are relatively safe … (8 comments)

trust deed investing: So, you want to be a trust deed investor? - 10/05/06 12:57 AM
So, you want to be a trust deed investor and earn double digit returns?  Let's see what I can tell you about investing in trust deeds in 3-4 paragraphs.  a more detailed explanation can be found here.
A trust deed is what we call a deed of trust or mortgage in California.  When you "invest" in a trust deed, you are the bank (or the lender).  We usually get you rates of 10-14% and 1-2 points on the deal.  Most loans are short-term in nature and have a term of one to five years,  The average loan we make is paid off … (5 comments)

trust deed investing: New website - 09/25/06 04:44 PM
Tonight I released the beta version of our new website about trust deed investing.
I built it through with their 5-page now website kit.  I have no doubt that it looks amateurish to all of you e-pros out there but I got it upand running within 2 hours.  I had nothing before.
I spend a lot of time on the phone and in person networking with investors and brokers to build my private money lending business.  Now I have something to show people.  It may not be perfect but you all know the old saying..."An imperfect plan today is better than a … (3 comments)

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