Well, there's a bill on the ballot today called Proposition A. It's a measure allocating funds to parks and preserves in Phoenix. Although I am typically never for giving money to the government, this is one of the few things I am all for. Parks are a tricky thing because they really don't have a...
Armls ( posted a new bulletin for agents visting its site recently about how neighborhoods can combat the Mosquito epidemic that has been sweeping the Valley as a result of the Foreclosed homes with standing, untreated pools.  You know the type...The kind that turn green (sometimes ...
I was in the office the other day when I overheard a colleague say something profound.  He was on the phone with someone else when he said "Our job is not so much about Real Estate as it is about managing expectations."  The moment he said it, it made perfect sense.  80% of my job is managing exp...
After reading the Wall Street Journal's "The Housing Crisis is Over" by Cyril Moulle-Berteaux, the whole real estate community is excited at the prospect of being over the worst of the crash.  All the economic indicators point to a market that has bottomed out and is on track to be on the way bac...
  Did you ever get the "my younger sibling has it so much easier than I had it?".  I know I did.  I remember having a 7:30 bedtime, never being allowed to eat anything with sugar in it, having to stand in the corner for "time out", and not having cable!  Yes, I know that sounds terrible, but it w...
So I have this preforeclosure listing in the West Valley for $120,000.00.  It's a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, 1461 square foot, brand new single family home.  Located in a great, developing area, here's an amazing opportunity to pick up a nearly new home for next to nothing. This home features upgrade...
I have been performing Short Sales for the past six months or so.  While I am now understanding the process required to perform a successful short sale, I am still unclear about the incentives to perform a short sale as opposed to just letting a property foreclose.  Is it really just about the cr...
So Neil Diamond is coming to town in October.  I feel like I am the only person under 30 who is actually excited about this.  Is it not okay to be a 26 year old Neil Diamond fan?  Who can honestly say that they do not like the song Sweet Caroline?  I mean, come on, "Ba, Ba, Ba, Good times never s...

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