underwater mortgages: Help for those whose properties are UPSIDE DOWN!! - 08/30/11 05:52 AM
Bella Homes, LLC is the result of a collaboration of some of the best legal minds in the nation and is founded upon the fundamental principle that families, not banks, should own homes. We proudly stand out as an ethical and legitimate alternative to those less credible companies whose predatory tactics do nothing but exploit the homeowner' financial predicament.We are committed to helping troubled homeowners remain in their homes and secure them for long time use. Our program, which addresses a number of financial crises, is compliant with both state and federal law, is endorsed by the legal community and … (4 comments)


Aziz Sattar

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Providing comments, news and views of the current foreclosure landscape. Providing a degree of help for those property owners who have found themselves in a hardship because of the downturn of the economy. Representing a company that is creating a place for those who are upside down in their mortgages to find relief. No shortsale or loan modification is needed.



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