mableton foreclosures: On the look out for in Mableton GA... - 09/16/19 08:38 AM
The Maven is looking for homes that need moderate to major repairs in Mableton and it's surrounding areas. If you have an unwanted home that you don't have the interest or time to repair to sell or rent out, we should talk! Cash to sellers at closing. My investors will send you an offer within 72 hours if you have the right property. - Will look at condos, townhomes, homes and estates in all of South Cobb.

mableton foreclosures: What to expect when you do a final walk before closing. - 01/21/19 02:56 PM


mableton foreclosures: DYI : Where to find free list of luxury foreclosed homes in the Atl! - 10/29/17 10:23 PM
Would you like to buy a luxury foreclosure but have no idea on how to find them. Watch this video for a list of foreclosure website for your DYI your own search. Also watch out for how you can get a custom list emailed to you based on the homes you really want to buy.

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mableton foreclosures: Moving to the Atlanta West Suburbs? Mableton/Smyrna? - 12/28/12 11:22 PM
Click Here To See More Mableton Properties & Foreclosures  Find out why over 31,000+ people call Mableton home
 Mableton Georgia is the last best kept secret when looking for a new home with a great location and affordable pricing. And before you skeptics check this area off your list, know that Mableton has quite a few gems in its schools. But I will cover that a bit later on. But it will surprise you to know just how remarkable the schools really are.
What is Mableton?
Mableton is a town, not a city. So you only pay county taxes in about … (0 comments)

mableton foreclosures: Help for underwater Bank of America mortgage holders.. up to 30k - 05/15/12 06:46 AM
 The Mableton Maven Strikes again.. This time for Bank of American Loan Holders
 If you are struggling on keeping up with payments or if your modification failed and you are looking for other options. Contact me at 404-786-0495 to discuss the available options you may qualify for. Homeowners are receiving anywhere from $2500 to $30,000 in assitance to handle their short sale files. That's right! Upto 30,000 dollars for selling their home. You don't need equity to sell!. See the fine print...
*The relocation assistance payment is calculated based on the appraised value of the homeowner's property. The total amount … (0 comments)

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mableton foreclosures: Having a good "Real Estat - ing Day".. The Market is HOT! And its not even Summer yet. - 03/17/12 09:57 AM
The Mableton Maven Strikes Again!... I was the "Atlanta Real Estate Maven" today! Having a good real estat-ing day!.. Had...4 appointments so far, 2 offers, 1 come list me call, plus 3 new buyer calls, crossed the Chattahoochee 4 times in 3 different counties to show both mine and other agents listings..about to sit down and eat something rather than string cheese and popcorn and then back out the door for 1 more listing appointment.. Clocked over 225 miles today showing withing 15 miles of Mableton believe it or not - the Market is HOT!!! Get your piece of the Real Estate … (3 comments)

mableton foreclosures: Now is the time to buy! - 03/14/12 11:39 PM
Good morning! Spring is on the way. Now is the best time to take advantage of the market in a whole new way. Interest rates are the best indicators as to what how much house you can buy. The down payment is important but studies say over the life of a 30 year mortgage, that the interest rate you pay is what will cost or save you the most money. Buying while rates are low is key to home affordability. The lower your interest rate the more house you can buy.
Another part of the market are the homes themselves. Believe or … (0 comments)

mableton foreclosures: Open House Today in Mableton Georgia from 2-5pm 61 Queen Anne Drive Mableton GA 30126 - 03/11/12 12:23 AM
Stop by and get a free list of area homes for sale! … (1 comments)

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mableton foreclosures: This week's power call with Jackye Mumphrey - What she's doing different in her market that is working! - 06/08/11 01:42 PM
I did a power call this week with with Teri Viduna to talk about what I do different in my market. I feel honored to be asked to participate as there are only about 150 agents each year that do these calls. Take a listen and let me know what you think. I would appreciate your feed back. JM Wednesday's Power Call is with Jackye Mumphrey from the Cityside office in Atlanta . Jackye has focused on the Mableton area of Atlanta and has become known for being the expert. She specializes on utilizing the Internet and building a relationship … (1 comments)

mableton foreclosures: An unsolicited testimonial from a client today.... - 05/10/11 11:49 AM

"Thanks you so much Jackye. You're a very nice, knowledgable , outgoing, kind etc. Person we really appreciate the help you have given us and we will most definitely refer clients to you. Thank you so much. Only if you knew how you help change our lives. This was a very positive experience for our family."Thanks,Tavier & Michael
These make you feel awesome as a business professiona!!!

mableton foreclosures: Are you afraid of the water or are you afraid of drowing in it? - 04/25/11 03:12 AM

Take the plunge the water is fine.
I recently took a holiday to the British West Indies for a week of R&R. I saw some of the most majestic blue and turquoise waters ever. A few days in I decided to try snorkeling. Now mind you I don't know how to swim so I was happy staying in the shallow water and looking for conch shells and seeing a bit of seaweed and small fish that swam by. The captain of my boat called us all out of the water because he was going to take us to see … (2 comments)

mableton foreclosures: What is Ad attraction and Specific Reverse Prospect Marketing - 03/30/11 05:24 AM
Jackye Mumphrey a licensed Real Estate Broker, teaches agents how to gain more business through "Ad Attraction" and " Specific Reverse Prospect Marketing" It is all too common for agents to place ads that turn off prospective buyers rather than attract them by offering what they are really looking for. Prospects do not buy homes off of the internet , but they search to find what is available and to comparatively shop before finding an agent to help them. It is the smart agent that realizes this and uses a system to capture these prospects and turn them into buyers. Specific … (0 comments)

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mableton foreclosures: Which is a better return on resale? A 40k house or a 40k car? - 02/08/11 03:23 AM
Buy investments in Mableton. … (0 comments)

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mableton foreclosures: You know you want it. - 11/30/10 07:32 PM
See more pictures of this home and others like it at . Search for free 24 hours a day and talk to no agent! … (2 comments)

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