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  Ooooops!  She changed it. Want some really good home cooking??Want family entertainment without the booze hounds??(disclaimer: I'm a frequent customer but don't have any financial interest in the place) Go North, young man! Or old man, young woman, old woman and all those family ages in between...
I don't know who put this together.  I don't even know where it comes from. BUT, it is beautiful and I wanted to use it so share my wish with you. For those who celebrate it with me:   MERRY CHRISTMAS For those who celebrate in other ways: HAPPY HOLIDAYS   "So This is Christmas" Song & Slideshow ...
A recent post by Shawn Martin ( Life Expectancies of components in your home ) got me thinking.Early on, I had agents complaining about my statements regarding home appliances (water heaters, furnaces, AC, etc) being at their end of design or useful life.   Well, I think it's important for people...
PREFACE:  I know there's good and bad in every field (including mine) so don't go there.  This is about the bad and YOU know who YOU are!Did you ever just want to slap an idiot upside the head!When I find outlets that nationally recognized safety standards say should be Ground Fault Circuit Inter...
So you're spending tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars on a home purchase, and paying the realtors 5 - 6% ($5,000 - $6,000 per $100,000) of the home's value. (Where do you think the seller gets the money to pay the realtors?)  Now it's time to find a Home Inspector and find out what they are...
Is your house haunted or are you being poisoned by carbon monoxide?orMore Stuff I didn't know I didn't know!! Back in June of 2007, when I first joined Active Rain, I posted an article I'd written some time back titled "Is it the Flu or Carbon Monoxide" based on research I had done when I had tim...

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