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Short Sales. Just the mere mention of the word conjures up nightmares.  Almost everyone involved with a short sale tosses and turns under the sheets at some point during the transaction.  Short sales are certainly a nightmare for the seller who never expected to be in this situation.  Short sales...
As you know, Virginia is one of the battleground states this year in the Presidential Election.  With the election one week away and the expectations of record turnout around the state and indeed the country, many Alexandria Virginia residents are asking the question: "Where Do I go to Vote?" Wha...
ATTENTION HOME SELLERS:  You are not going to like what you are about to read.  If you wish to hide your head in the sand and continue on in a state of denial, please click the following link and have fun: If you are planning on selling your home or in the midst of doing so...
I AM CONVENTIONED OUT! Oh yes! Real estate conventions provide great opportunities to learn.  You can learn from the sessions.  You can learn from the other attendees.  You learn from the speakers.  If you pay attention, you will most likely have at least one "Ah Hah!" moment at every real estat...
Among Northern Virginia communities, Old Town Alexandria is certainly one of the most popular areas for homebuyers and for people looking for old word charm amongst the convenience of modern day shopping, restaurants, and an easy commute to D.C.  Old Town Alexandria occupies the Eastern part of ...
Now that "Joe the Plumber" has become the central figure in this election season, it is time to introduce someone else, known in the Northern Virginia and D.C. area as BRIAN the REALTOR Yes, folks, that is me.  As debates go back and forth about success, taxes, spreading the wealth, politics, hea...
With the stock market plunging 8% again today and making Monday's enormous bear rally appear as but a blip on the downward spiral, I thought it would be appropriate to repost this article that I wrote back in March 2008.  It is even more applicable today. Bad economic news has dominated the news ...
You've seen them.  Those offices overflowing with plaques, frames, and fancy looking certificates and diplomas covering every square inch of wallspace.  They're designed to impress and overwhelm clients who enter the office coaxing you into believing that the man or woman on the other side of the...
Remember when you prepared to go out on a first date?  You made darn sure your clothes were ironed, your shoes polished, your teeth brushed and flossed (maybe twice), and perhaps you dabbed on a bit of cologne or perfume.  In the middle of dinner, you might have even snuck into the bathroom for a...
As a busy real estate professional and long-time Northern Virginia resident, I've been in and out of houses and neighborhoods throughout the region.  There are many communities where I'd feel safe carrying wads of cash and walking around in my pajamas on the street at 2 a.m.  However there are ot...

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