What do you know now that you wish you knew before you got into real estate? Before I get into real estate business, I thought about a lot of things I need to do and should posses to become successful. Those thoughts are still valid and are as follow: My Advice on Knowledge, Skills, Education, Pl...
          Multi_Tasking vs. Single_Tasking Productivity                 This is a response and comment to Chapter 5 of “The ONE Thing (book written by Jay Papasan and Gary Keller)”. See
How Much Should I Offer for REO Properties?   Each foreclosure sale is different and requires a lot of details to be handled when buying a foreclosed (REO) property. Depending on many factors such as location, sub-division, local market, supply & demand, condition, time of the year, multi-offer v...
        Revolving and Installment Types of Credit and their impacts on your credit score          There are two basic types of credits: Open-ended (Revolving) and Closed-ended (Installment). Each type has different effect on the credit score. They make up 10% of your credit score: Open-ended Cred...
If you are buying a house soon, don't open a new charge card Example of how opening a new charge card before and during applying for a mortgage loan can hurt you. Let’s say you are in the market to purchase a home sometime soon. You currently have two credit cards MC and Visa for 10 years and 8 y...
30-Day One Dollar Late Fee Cost Additional $4,300 to buy a Car In today’s tough economic times, where every person is being evaluated by a number (Credit Score), having a good Credit Score is an essential to enjoy an appropriate standard of living. You need to have a good credit just to rent an ...
Keep the Ratio of Amount Owed to Credit Line (AO/CL) Less than 30% The Ratio of Amount Owed to the Credit Line accounts for 30% of your Credit Score. This Ratio measures how you manage your finances and plan for crises. Amount Owed here is not about the dollar amount you are borrowing, it is abou...
How Long Do I have to Wait to be qualified to get a Mortgage Loan      1.      Derogatory events such Foreclosures, Short Sales, Deed in Lieu of and Bankruptcy will have a major negative impact on your credit score and usually decreases your credit score about 200-300 Points. Depending on how ol...
1% Increase in Interest Rate will decrease your Buying Power by 11.22% Monthly Mortgage Payments are directly impacted by the Interest Rates. It means the higher interest rate, the higher monthly mortgage payment (Principal + Interest) and vice versa. I have created the following Table, Called it...
   List of Do’s and Don’ts After Being Approved a Mortgage Loan   OK, you found your dream home and have a contract on it, got approved for the loan, waiting to close the deal. You are happy and believe you will own the house shortly and nothing can ruin your dream. Correct? Not Quiet, read the r...

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