selling a home: Does Solar Power help Sell Homes? - 06/13/12 12:30 PM
Does Solar Power help Sell Homes?
More and more homeowners are going to alternate energy sources, and solar seems to be a popular choice. It is accessible financially and unless the home is completely tree shrouded sunlight is an abundant and free commodity. The growing Prepper Community seems to embrace this concept.
The questions are:
Is the installed solar power system cost effective? Can I install a solar power system in my city? How does the solar power system work? What will a solar power system do for me? Anna Banana will probably comment on how popular solar is in the Phoenix, AZ area:) and in the south solar seems to be a … (10 comments)

selling a home: Website lead - million dollar cash buyer? Not really - NEW SCAM WARNING - 06/08/10 03:47 PM
I went into the back office section of my real estate website for St Cloud MNand found that the new buyer lead was from a person named Mr Hu Sang the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) CMEC LTD who would be relocating to Minnesota and was looking for a reliable real estate agent, found our firm and wanted to work with me to purchase his retirement home. The description of the home was very simple "I need a 2 or 4 bed room home or apartment of $500,000.00 USD - $1,000,000.00 in nice neighborhood in your location. The home will be a … (18 comments)

selling a home: Agents compete together - Drive traffic to your open house! - 06/25/08 07:31 AM
A new way to conduct open houses
The goal in holding an open house is to attract potential buyers to your listing and get interested buyers to the home. We have tried a new method for attracting more buyers in one shot, really this works!
Hold a group open! As a listing agent it only makes sense to attract the most buyers you possibly can to your open house. Here is what I have done. Look thru the local listings and find every listing that is in close proximity to yours, by working with the other listing agents in the … (3 comments)