wonderful reasons: Chocolate Decadence & Champagne Dreams - The 2010 Holly Ball - 10/27/10 09:32 AM

Chocolate Decadence & Champagne Dreams  - Holly Ball 2010
Holly Ball is the annual gala event to raise money for the CentraCare Health Foundation Hospice Fund, which benefits the St. Cloud Hospital Hopsice. Over the past 30 years, Holly Ball has raised more than $2 million which directly helps people with end-of-life care.
The theme for Holly Ball 2010 is Chocolate Decadence & Champagne Dreams. This year's Holly Ball will be held Saturday, December 18th from 6:30 p.m. -12:30 a.m. at the St. Cloud Civic Center. You can buy tickets for the Holly Ball 2010 securely online here.
The sponsor reception event starts at 5:30 p.m. … (5 comments)

wonderful reasons: Molitor's Haunted Acres & The House of Spirits Thursday, Oct 21, 2010 - Sunday, Oct 31, 2010 in Sauk Rapids MN - 10/25/10 06:25 AM
Molitor's Haunted Acres Thursday, Oct 21, 2010 - Sunday, Oct 31, 2010
Molitor's Traut Haven, Sauk Rapids"Have you ever sensed a presence where the slightest touch sends shivers down your spine?" You will at Molitor's Haunted Acres!Molitor's Truat Haven turns into Molitor's Haunted Acres every year at this time. The experience starts off with the Wagon of Doom hayride. Feel the goosebumps as you enter the dark and musty Mine Shaft, The Corn Trail, The Maze of Misery, a 100- year-old Haunted House (that is said to really be haunted) and The House of Spirits!
I have been on the Wagon of Doom … (2 comments)

wonderful reasons: Central Minnesota Halloween events: Boo Bash, Great Country Pumpkin Party, Halloween Awakening, Halloween Historia and Trick-or-Treating in Saint Cloud MN - 10/25/10 04:47 AM

Central Minnesota Halloween events: Boo Bash, Great Country Pumpkin Party, Halloween Awakening, Halloween Historia and Trick-or-Treating in Saint Cloud MN
Boo Bash Thursday, Oct 28, 2010 from 4:00 to 6:30pm
The St. Cloud Downtown Councilalong with Downtown St. Cloud businesses are hosting a free and safe trick or treating experience for kids! Stop by and join the hundreds of families visiting the friendly downtown Saint Cloud MN businesses handing out goodies and sweets to kids in their Halloween costumes!
Boo Bash will also feature a pet parade! Bring your pet in costume and join the parade or bring your bike, wagon or on foot … (0 comments)

wonderful reasons: Whew - 100 Local Posts in 100 days - Part 3 - 10/01/10 01:14 PM
WHEW! 100 local Posts in 100 days - I did it!!! Part 1
Whew - Part 2 - ActiveRain Choked!
Whew - Part 3 - Because 100 is a lot of wonderful reasons!

wonderful reasons: Whew - Part 2 - ActiveRain Choked! Apparently my post can not be over 65,000 words! Egad... - 10/01/10 01:02 PM
WHEW! 100 local Posts in 100 days - I did it!!! Part 1
Whew - Part 2 - ActiveRain Choked!
Still not done check out Whew - Part 3 - Because 100 is a lot of wonderful reasons! for the rest of the list of 100 wonderful reasons to love St. Cloud Minnesota!
By the way did I mention I can help you get a home there! Call me :)

wonderful reasons: WHEW! 100 local posts in 100 days - I DID IT!!! - 10/01/10 12:10 PM
It has been a very fun and educational ride.
The best part of this exercise in blogging is the connections I have made through others here on ActiveRain. I also realized that one of the largest compliments that you can receive is being mentioned with a link in another ActiveRainers blog. I am honored that I have received this huge compliment from 3 professionals that I respect and admire.
Anna Banana - http://activerain.com/blogsview/1759741/-like-me-facebook-page-tips-how-to-gain-exposure-for-your-facebook-page
Tish - http://activerain.com/blogsview/1838117/i-eat-challenges-for-breakfast-my-30-original-for-30-days-is-complete-look-ma-i-did-it  
Karen - http://activerain.com/blogsview/1813658/my-journey-day-16-oh-my-
Re-blogging is another huge compliment and several real estate professionals have been so kind as to honor me with their re-blog. Thank … (12 comments)

wonderful reasons: The Sartell Dam & Little Rock Lake in Central Minnesota - 09/30/10 09:44 AM
Two features in the local central Minnesota area that are connected yet 5 miles apart are the Sartell Dam and Little Rock Lake. So, you may ask, what connects the two? The answer is, the Mississippi River!
The Sartell Dam is across the Mississippi River in Sartell, MN and generates hydroelectric power for the Sartell Paper Mill, owned and operated by Verso Paper. Started in 1907, and finished in 1911, the dam was originally built with wood planks, field stones and granite, as well as 25,000 barrels of concrete. Upon its completion in 1911, the dam created an elevated river level, and the … (3 comments)

wonderful reasons: Park & Ride - 09/29/10 04:13 AM
Park & Ride
I was thinking about what to say about the Park & Ride system for today's post (post number 99 of my series 100 wonderful reasons to love the Saint Cloud area) this morning. Funny thing is there is not a whole lot to really say about the set up. It is a great way to save on gas, you can get some work done while riding instead of driving and the system is really very simple.
If you work in the Twin Cities and live in one of the surrounding areas of the state you can catch a ride to work … (4 comments)

wonderful reasons: Pineview Park BMX - 2012 Olympic hopeful & BMX Racing at its finest Here in St Cloud MN - 09/28/10 10:57 AM
2012 Olympic hopefuls & BMX Racing at its finest - Pineview Park BMX Saint Cloud MN
For some strange reason one of our areas coolest features is still relatively unknown, Saint Cloud has what is considered to be one of the finest BMX race tracks and facilities in the world, Pineview Park BMX.
Pineview Park BMX Track started when the parents of two 14 year old boys decided that they really wanted to get into BMX racing. At the time, 13 years ago, the BMX racing track that was available to the 2 young men was located in Brainerd. After months of heading up … (4 comments)

wonderful reasons: HUNTING! - 09/27/10 11:37 AM
This blog is going to write itself, and could go unwritten for the most part, and here's why. There are alot of people who won't read this because of the title, unless they think it's about tracking down Buyers, and others who will read it but could probably write it better. One option I considered was putting up the title, with a request to "fill in your hunting stories in the comments ." But that wouldn't be right.
Every year at this time I reflect on what hunting means to me, and why I do the work that is needed to … (2 comments)

wonderful reasons: THE MINNESOTA MILITARY MUSEUM - 09/26/10 03:24 PM
The Minnesota Military Museum is located less than an hour north of St. Cloud in Camp Ripley, an Army National Guard Training facility. Drive through the main gate of this sprawling military post and you will soon find the museum, a smallish building with a yard full of items that don't fit in the building. Think helicopters, planes, tanks, and artillery pieces. It looks like Patton's yard sale!
Once inside we met Bea, who gave us friendly guidance, and later filled us in on all things military. The displays take you on a chronological tour of Minnesotan military history, beginning with … (4 comments)

wonderful reasons: Stearns History Museum & Reaserch Center in Saint Cloud Minnesota - 09/25/10 04:31 AM
Stearns History Museum & Reaserch Center in Saint Cloud Minnesota
Stearns History Museum offers two floors of exhibits, the Research Center, a Museum Store, and a children's playroom. It is also home to multiple local events and club meetings, everything from the book club to the Genealogy Program. The 100 acre Museum grounds are beautiful, with four miles of walking trails, woods, prairie and the ponds of Heritage Park, it is a really nice place to spend the day.
There is always something new going on at Stearns History Museum, new attractions are being added and the Fall Calendar should prove to be a lot of fun for … (10 comments)

wonderful reasons: Powder Ridge Winter Recreation Area - Skiing, Snowboarding and Snowtubing in Central Minnesota - 09/24/10 08:42 AM
Powder Ridge Winter Recreation Area - Skiing, Snowboarding and Snowtubing in Central Minnesota

Powder Ridge is the place to go in central Minnesota for down hill skiing, snowboarding and snowtubing. Powder Ridge is a full service winter recreation area offering specials, lessons, a chalet complete with a large variety of snacks and beverages, free wireless internet access, equipment rentals and a fantastic ski patrol.
Powder Ridge is lighted for night use, all of the ski, snowboard and snowtubing trails stay open after the sun sets. On a clear night the view from the top of the hill is incredible, you can see the lights … (6 comments)

wonderful reasons: Benton County Historical Society and Museum in Sauk Rapids MN - 09/22/10 11:31 AM
Benton County Historical Society and Museum - Preserving the Past and the Present for the Future...
Benton County Minnesota is centrally located in the state and is adjacent to the counties of Morrison (north), Sherburne (south), Mille Lacs (east) and Stearns (west). The Benton County History Museum is full of local information and an amazing resource for researching genealogy. The Genealogy section is prized, even a partnership has been formed between the Benton County Museum and rootsweb via ancestory.com to aid in the creation of family trees.
At the Benton County Museum you will find a wealth of information about the growth of the … (2 comments)

wonderful reasons: Pillsbury's Best - A tale of Faith & Grasshopper Chapel - 09/21/10 01:14 PM

Located in the woods of Cold Spring Minnesota is Assumption Chapel, and in Central Minnesota it is lovingly known as Grasshopper Chapel. The story of Grasshopper Chapel is a story of faith and of an answered prayer.
During the springs of 1856, '65, '73, and 1874 Cold Spring Minnesota was harmed greatly by Rocky Mountain Grasshoppers. The grasshoppers in this story should really be called Rocky Mountain Locusts, as they were said to be 3 inches in length and had a veracious appetite.
On a sunny April morning in 1876 the sky grew dark, the grasshoppers were back, and in record … (8 comments)

wonderful reasons: Take your horse camping - Sand Dunes Horse Camp on Lake Ann in Sand Dunes State Forest - 09/20/10 01:51 PM
Take your horse camping - Sand Dunes Horse Camp on Lake Ann in Sand Dunes State Forest
Sand Dunes State Forest is located in Sherburne County Orrock Township Minnesota nestled into the east side of the Sherburne National Wildlife Refuge. The land here was originally virgin prairie and when the pioneers settled the area they began to farm the land. The crops that were farmed were oats, rye, wheat, barley, potatoes and hay. The effects of the dust bowl drought during 1933 and 1934 brought an end to most of the farming in the Sand Dunes area.
During 1941 concerned citizens began experimental … (3 comments)

wonderful reasons: Sherburne National Wildlife Refuge in Sherburne County Minnesota - 09/19/10 04:44 AM

Sherburne National Wildlife Refuge in Sherburne County Minnesota is 30,700 acres established to help protect and restore the habitats in the St. Francis River Valley for migratory birds and other wildlife.
The Refuge was established in 1965 and encompasses wetlands, oak savannas and prairie habitats which are home to a vast array of wildlife. It is also one of Minnesota's Important Bird Areas (IBA). 
Settled in the 1870s the St. Francis River Basin was known as one of the finest wildlife areas in Minnesota. The small lakes supported large populations of ducks, muskrats, beaver and mink, while the marshes provided … (7 comments)

wonderful reasons: The Reformatory Wall at the Minnesota Correctional Facility in St. Cloud MN - 09/18/10 04:10 AM

The Reformatory Wall at the Minnesota Correctional Facility in Saint Cloud
The Minnesota Correctional Facility in Saint Cloud MN a level four, close-security institution. This might seem like a strange thing to include in the list of wonderful reasons to love Saint Cloud and Central MN, but it is a definite part of the landscape in our society and here in Saint Cloud. The prison provides a needed service, offers good jobs in the area and has some bragging rights based on its construction and design.
The Minnesota Correctional Facility campus is 240 acres, 40 acres of the land was originally a solid granite ledge. … (8 comments)

wonderful reasons: Falls of Our Fallen Saint Cloud Minnesota - 09/17/10 09:27 AM
The Falls of Our Fallen is a massive waterfall sitting along side of Hwy 10 close to the over pass of Hwy 23 on the east side of Saint Cloud MN. Many people drive by it everyday and do not even notice it as (thankfully) they are watching the traffic around them. However lately with the construction on the Highway I have heard more people talking about the huge waterfall and wondering what it is for, as it just seems to be sitting there between businesses along the highway.
The 2 1/2 story waterfall is named Falls of Our Fallen and it was built … (3 comments)

wonderful reasons: Sartell - St. Stephen Schools Independent School District 748 in Minnesota - 09/16/10 08:04 AM
School District 748 - Sartell & Saint Stephen Minnesota
The Sartell-St. Stephen District No. 748 "Where Excellence is the Expected Outcome for ALL Learners". 
Minnesota ISD 748 is comprised of 4 schools for the preschool-12th grade students including:
Oak Ridge Elementary School preschool - 4th grade (320) 258-3693 Pine Meadow Elementary School preschool - 4th grade (320) 253-8303 Sartell Middle School 5th - 8th grades (320) 253-2200 Sartell High School 9th - 12th grades (320) 656-0748 District 748's enrollment is approximately 3,200 students.
The Sartell-St. Stephen School District has an excellent reputation. District 748 has a 9 out of 10 rating from Great Schools. The district promotes lots of extra-curricular opportunities, … (4 comments)