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You may not be familiar with Lori Ballen, Ballen Brands, or The Ballen Method - but I’m almost certain one of your respected professional peers is. Someone you know likely knows my name. Talk to your associates, your friends in real estate, and ask what they know about the Ballen name. I’m confident you’ll be intrigued. My reputation wasn’t crafted by accident, irony, chance, or luck. I earned respect (and rewards!) the hard way. Using the stepping stones I’ve spent more than a decade constructing, you, too, can build your success story in business. I share my failures (and my win/wins!) to help you succeed.
In this 18 minute video and step by step written guide, you’ll learn how to use the Facebook Carousel Ads to showcase up to 10 images. Lori Ballen, a real estate business owner in Las Vegas, and owner of a marketing company, shows you her best practices in setting up these great ads designed to g...
In this short, 6 minute video tutorial, Lori Ballen, owner of a Las Vegas Real Estate Teamand BallenBrands.com, creator of the RankLikeABoss Training Course, shows you how to use Google’s Search Console to submit a URL (new content), and to Fetch, Render, and then request indexing on new or updat...
This graph shows sales statistics for single family properties in 89102. (December 2017 was not completed yet at the time of this graph, so likely increase) Welcome to the 89102 zip code in world famous Las Vegas, Nevada. Contrary to what many people believe, Las Vegas is a residential community,...
There are many ways to generate real estate leads online. One of these is through Facebook ads. Using Facebook Lead Ads, you can offer home value estimates, listing information, reports and downloads and so forth. The user can fill out the form without ever leaving Facebook. You can integrate the...
Negative keywords are an important component of a Google AdWords campaign. You may be paying for clicks that are of no value to you. Using the searching terms section, you can see the search terms people are using to find your website. The columns will show total number of clicks, and costs. When...
Integrating IDX in your real estate website will ensure that your website can show the property listings on the websites of Multiple Listing Services (MLS).Below is a discussion about what IDX is and why it is important for real estate agents to offer it.Quick Links  What is IDX? Different Choice...
At times, Google shows MAP listings on it’s search engine results pages. These are called the local pack or “snack pack” and are fed by Google My Business Listings. Local results have come more featured recently on Google’s search engine results pack. Moving through this next year, we believe it ...
 Cold calling may be a talent and a skill that some people have, but ringing strangers on the phone in search of business isn’t an activity for which every real estate personality is suited.For decades, some of the most successful agents in the industry’s history have relied upon cold-calling tec...
Infusionsoft recently launched their brand new landing pages for lead capture. These new landing pages are simple to use, edit, and set up so you can begin marketing the pages for new leads. Below, you will find a step-by-step guide on how to create, edit, and publish your own Infusionsoft landin...
Building a team can be quite challenging for any and nearly impossible for most. A real estate team is best built organically. When the need to service business is driven to an obvious pain point, a hire should be made.If you are considering building a a team, you'll want to learn more about lead...

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