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You may not be familiar with Lori Ballen, Ballen Brands, or The Ballen Method - but I’m almost certain one of your respected professional peers is. Someone you know likely knows my name. Talk to your associates, your friends in real estate, and ask what they know about the Ballen name. I’m confident you’ll be intrigued. My reputation wasn’t crafted by accident, irony, chance, or luck. I earned respect (and rewards!) the hard way. Using the stepping stones I’ve spent more than a decade constructing, you, too, can build your success story in business. I share my failures (and my win/wins!) to help you succeed.
Also referred to as the seller financing or creative financing, Owner Will Carry Financing is an agreement where a buyer finances the acquisition of property through finance advanced by the seller.How Does Owner Will Carry Financing Work?Types of Owner FinancingBenefits of Owner FinancingShortcom...
Old school SEO taught us to publish first and often. The goal was to create so much content that something was bound to stick, even if it was crap.Today, things have changed. Thank God.In order to rank on the search engines today, which still has MASSIVE value, in spite of the arguments had by so...
CONTACT: Lori Ballen Ballen Events 702-602-6137 events@ballenbrands.com BallenEvents.com Lori Ballen Presents: Blog Like Ballen! A Hands-On Training Event in Las Vegas, NV Lori Ballen is a real estate agent with Keller Williams and has been teaching her online marketing strategies for many years ...
CONTACT: Lori Ballen Ballen Events 702-602-6137 events@ballenbrands.com BallenEvents.com Lori Ballen Presents: Value Up! A Webinar on Generating Seller Leads OnlineLori Ballen, a real estate agent with Keller Williams Las Vegas, a digital marketing strategist, trainer, presenter, and CEO of the m...
In this guide, I'll show you how to build simple IDX pages that drive organic search engine traffic. Buyers go to Google often and search phrases like "homes for sale in las vegas with a pool" or "gated communities in henderson".  IDX pages are among the highest performing lead generation strateg...
Table of Contents: What is a Long tail Keyword? Why Use Long tail Keywords Long Tail SEO Keyword Research  – How to Find Long Tail Keywords Finding Long Tail Keywords through Competitive Research Long Tail Keyword tools There are numerous situations in life when size just doesn’t matter. There a...
This article will do everything from break down a real estate agent website and what it should have before and after it’s built, what’s important to Google and to the customer, and which vendors are providing the best real estate agent website this year. Now, you can find the best real estate web...
SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization.SEO is used as description for a person, someone that does search engine optimization as a job, and as a verb "I'm going to search engine optimize this website. It's the act of optimizing websites, pages, content, videos and so forth in a way that ...
Congratulations. You either ARE a real estate agent looking to grow your business, or you are wanting to become a real estate agent who is successful. You are already ahead of many others because you are clearly interested in becoming the best or you wouldn’t have clicked through to this article....
The Canyons Village is a 750-acre gated community is designed around the 18-hole championship Tournament Players Club golf course, which hosts the annual Shriners Open tournament. The Canyons is just minutes away from many shopping choices, dining, South Coast Casino, JW Marriott Resort Casino, a...

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