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Orlando Property Manager Dennis Burgess is a residential property manager and licensed Florida Realtor who is currently working with AmeriTeam Property Management in Orlando, FL. In this blog and a few others he authors, Dennis seeks to provide advice and counsel to fellow property managers, Realtors and the general public- as well as offer a bit of perspective on "day in the life"-type things when warranted!



Can you remember the last time you wrote an unsolicited testimonial?We all live and work in a word-of-mouth world. Advertising is great (and a bunch of folks have some really nice ads and all), but there's a good chance that most folks reading this would attest that a great deal of their business...
Joplin, Joplin, Joplin...I pray for Joplin today- and for a few reasons...I pray for Joplin's survivors...that as they mourn their losses of both loved ones and possessions, they'll be cognizant of the Almighty responsible for both good and bad. I pray Joplin prays today.I pray for Joplin's missi...
    Memorial Day 2011 affords us the opportunity to pause, appreciate and educate. Today, most Americans will take but a brief pause from their picnics (if any at all) to give thanks to those that have paid the ultimate price not only in defense of our lives- but in defense of our very way of lif...
  Pleased to re-blog your post here, Jeff.  May we never, ever, ever forget the little flags and the individual salute each one of them receives and so richly deserves- for every one of these little ones represents a larger one that once draped a coffin of an American hero. I've actually re-blogg...
Hi, Michael:  It surely does feel good when things work out.  I'm pleased to re-blog this as well- as it feels good to hear folks talking about things "working out".  In these days of CNBC, MSNBC and all pounding us with signs of doom and gloom, we need to echo positive things from the mountainto...
For some reason, I doubt it.  And I hope not. Dateline Fort Pierce, FL...      
As one who always looks to do my best and play by the rules, few things in life irritate me more than when others choose not to play by the rules. One of the more blatant and egregious violations I stumble across nearly every single day deals with advertising. Whether they aren't exactly sure of ...
Dateline Port St. Lucie.....The Orangewood Christian Rams (30-1) (#11 in America) have defeated the Tampa Brooks-DeBartolo Phoenix 5-4, and will play tomorrow at 4 for the Class 2A Florida Championship.  Photos soon! Go Rams!
  The above photos are both of the U.S.S. Stark (FFG-31).  The photo on the left was taken on May 17, 1987- as she gave way a bit after absorbing two Exocet missiles fired from an Iraqi Mirage jet.  The "accidental" strike from a pilot who later claimed he thought the Stark was an Iranian oil ta...
Good post, John- and one I've re-blogged.  Bankruptcy can be a good option- but a good option one should enter into humbly.  Prior to pulling the trigger, though, I'd suggest folks get a couple of opinions from folks like yourself- and avoid simply opening the yellow pages and picking the guy wit...

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