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Orlando Property Manager Dennis Burgess is a residential property manager and licensed Florida Realtor who is currently working with AmeriTeam Property Management in Orlando, FL. In this blog and a few others he authors, Dennis seeks to provide advice and counsel to fellow property managers, Realtors and the general public- as well as offer a bit of perspective on "day in the life"-type things when warranted!



"Not guilty" verdict? Expose the false accusers.I've never met Agostinho Rodrigues. I've read that he's a pretty dang good soccer coach, though- and in catching up on some reading today I've seen how the former Edgewater (Orlando) coach's trial has wrapped up. The verdict? Agostinho Rodrigues was...
Had to re-blog this good information from Pam.  While on Guam, a good number of Typhoons and Super Typhoons came our way- one so powerful and scary that it hit the island with winds that could send an average garbage dumpster bouncing along like a tumbleweed on Little House on the Prairie. A tumb...
It seems that just when you think you have a handle on the ol' SEO thing, up pops something else that will help you be even more successful and/or increase your exposure.  I read a great post of Rebekah Radice's last night that I'm still sorting through- one that tells how to expand the "'net awa...
Dang...My subscriptions are too good-lookin'. OK, I have to point something out here:  My subscriptions are too good-lookin'. It wasn't my intent to have a subscriptions list slanted towards beautiful women- but you really can't help it, you know? ActiveRain just seems to have some attractive wom...
Lease Only, Find Tenant Only or Tenant Placement: Don't work for free!Each of the brokerages I've worked with over the past 10 years has offered, at a minimum, two types of service options from which a client may choose:"Full service" property management, which is an ongoing relationship between ...
  I'm bookmark and re-posting this.  Why?  Because I never had a clue any of these classes existed.  I'll surely be signing up for a a number of them- as I always have questions such as "What good does it do to post to groups?", "What good do links do?", etc. The Help/FAQ below is good in taking...
What the heck is a Beard Papa? That's the question I was asking myself last week.  Based on fellow ActiveRainer Jeremy Wrenn's suggestion, I have been looking to join a Business Networking International (BNI) group.  I looked up the place where the meeting was to be held, and the directions said ...
Honesty Begins At Home They say that "charity begins at home".  I believe that, and know many others that feel the same.  It's nice to have a kind heart and want to save the world- but you have to first get your own house in order.  And how about this one:  If you don't know how to swim, don't ju...
Day #31:  30 Day Challenge, Music-Style...Ziggy Stardust and a wrap-up Day #31?  Yes, it's true- a 30 Day Challenge with a Day #31.  I've gone with this extra day to both finish out the alphabet with the letter Z and offer a list of my 30 days of songs (in the unlikely event that someone in the w...
Had to take the opportunity to re-post the following from The Regan Team.  Early on in my real estate walk, I didn't look at PMI as an option- for all intents and purposes, they were the option.  Just as there are many colas yet only one is a Coca-cola and there are other issues yet only one kind...

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