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Orlando Property Manager Dennis Burgess is a residential property manager and licensed Florida Realtor who is currently working with AmeriTeam Property Management in Orlando, FL. In this blog and a few others he authors, Dennis seeks to provide advice and counsel to fellow property managers, Realtors and the general public- as well as offer a bit of perspective on "day in the life"-type things when warranted!



Localism Challenge, Day #30:  13-time National Champion Crimson Tide goes Gator-huntin'  (courtesy, Birmingham News) Localism Challenge, Day #30:  13-time National Champion Crimson Tide goes Gator-huntin' This was a struggle... but I've made it to the end of the Localism Challenge. I've written a...
Localism Challenge, Day #29:  Step Up for Down Syndrome 2011 Not much need for explainin' here, folks.  Have you ever met a person with Down Syndrome?  If you have, chances are they've brightened your day. It's tough to call Down Syndrome an affliction when the folks are so dang happy- but it ma...
Be honest: "loan modification" is still foreclosureOK, here we go.... There may very well be some feathers ruffled by this post- and if some are, so be it. Why my lack of concern for others and the ruffled or unruffled state of their feathers? Simple: the obligation we have towards protecting the...
Localism Challenge, Day #28:  Big Frog® Custom T-Shirts & More Our company had a team-building event yesterday.  We left work in the middle of the day (shut the place down from 11-2)- and spent time at a place called Olde Towne in the nearby Kissimmee area. A big part of out exercise involved tea...
Localism Challenge, Day #27: Homes For Our TroopsWe can't ever do enough for our troops- period. Whether American soldier, sailor, airman or Marine, the young men and women serving, fighting- and sometimes dying- for us is the best and bravest the world has ever seen. Repeated, the folks our pres...
"Spin your digits"...and check your doors I had a few showings today- all with traditional lockboxes.  My prospects from one of my showings had left, and I went through the condo once again.  I got in the habit of doing this a long time ago- after I caught a guy red-handed going back through a pl...
Localism Challenge, Day #26:  Foreclosure from the lenders' perspective I speak with a ton of folks- as most of you likely do.  Buyers, sellers, owners, lessees, lessors, renters, landlords...- call them what you will.  One common thread between them is that they have some idea of what a foreclos...
Localism Challenge, Day #25:  Winter Park Farmer's Market, Winter Park Honey Localism Challenge, Day #25:  Winter Park Farmer's Market, Winter Park Honey What to use for my Localism Challenge post today?  Hmmm... it's my birthday- so I'm going with 2 things:  one being places I feel are very impo...
Localism Challenge, Day #24: Farewell, Kelly FitzpatrickUse this...don't use this. Use this.. I've gone back and forth for most of the day over whether to go wth this as the subject of this localism post. Arguments against doing so...It's a news story I'm commenting on and some may feel it's a la...
Can you lose something you never really had?The feeling of loss is a real tail-kicker. Everyone's loss is different, but everyone's is the same. There are a few different kinds of butt-kickin's- but when the kickin' hits home, it's still the only tail-kickin' in the world that matters to you.My t...

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