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Orlando Property Manager Dennis Burgess is a residential property manager and licensed Florida Realtor who is currently working with AmeriTeam Property Management in Orlando, FL. In this blog and a few others he authors, Dennis seeks to provide advice and counsel to fellow property managers, Realtors and the general public- as well as offer a bit of perspective on "day in the life"-type things when warranted!



Sex offenders welcome?  Not here. Sex offenders welcome?  Not here. No sex offenders here I wanted to make sure folks were clear about where I stood on this.  I want both tenant prospects and owner prospects alike to know that I won't rent to a sex offender- period. There are a number of things t...
Pedestrian Tales From the Middle of the Road, #29 Yet another avoidable Central Florida death.  This one occurred under the watch of Brevard County Sheriff Jack Parker. May God bless Daignault's family and the pedestrian's family. Troopers: Pedestrian hit, killed in Brevard County Florida Highway...
"Not in there- my mom has strep...." "Not in there- my mom has strep...."      I've never had strep throat.  I speak about it from time to time, though.  I guess it comes from my odd sense of humor that finds it pretty dang funny that I can have epilepsy, narcolepsy, sleep apnea and a peripheral ...
Wordless Wednesday...sort of Wordless Wednesday...sort of Some may have seen the photo above in a post of mine from years past, but many may not have seen it. For the "haves" and "have nots" alike, I've used it again- as it's a very special photo for me on this special day. Most will recognize th...
HARP me this, HAMP me that... Underwater owners still singin' the blues... Some things just don't seem right- never have, probably never will. One of those things is how some folks enjoy laying up in their homes without paying a dime for as long as their luck holds- while those choosing the path ...
Aurora's no Columbine, Sanford no Selma Aurora's no Columbine, Sanford no Selma Like many Americans, I was at a loss for words when I first heard the news out of Aurora, Colorado last week.  The news that the opening-night excitement of one of this year's blockbuster films had been trumped by an ...
When no signs is a good sign When no signs is a good sign We hear a lot of phrases with regard to "signs". "....looking for a sign", "I've seen the signs" and "I see no sign of..." being but a few. We're always looking for signs- but when is it good not to find any signs? We'll bounce from the li...
Pedestrian Tales From the Middle of the Road, #28 Wow.  This isn't the first of these apparent "suicide by automobile" incidents, and I'm sure it won't be the last.  My brother-in-law actually witnessed one of these a few years ago:  a lady stood on the shoulder smoking a cigarette, and she step...
Pedestrian Tales From the Middle of the Road, #27 Here's another installment from my popular series documenting some of our Orlando area's most preventable of tragedies.  This one falls under the jurisdiction of Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd.  As frequent visitors know, I believe pedestrians sh...
Help Elect Dennis Burgess, ORRA Board of Directors 2013 http://youtu.be/7BzpbVH5EDY     I have humbly announced my candidacy for a position on our Orlando Regional Realtor Association (ORRA)'s Board of Directors for the coming year, 2013.  If eligible, I respectfully request your vote for me- so...

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