agent: An apology that's never going to come... - 06/16/12 08:21 AM

An apology that's never going to come...

An apology that’s never going to come…

It seems like apologizing is the “in” thing these days.  Rush Limbaugh apologized to some lady that didn’t feel she was a prostitute.  George Zimmerman gave some kind of apology for killing Trayvon Martin.  And our president has been on a 3 and 1/2-year “apology tour” that’s led him to apologize to anyone and everyone that might have ever thought America did them wrong.  Ridiculous.
Won’t see me apologizing for an incident yesterday, though.  Pigs will fly, Satan will be wearing a parka … (10 comments)

agent: Drinkin' beer, smokin' weed, and those cute little baby footprints.... - 11/21/11 11:54 AM
Drinkin' beer, smokin' weed, and those cute little baby footprints....

Drinkin' beer, smokin' weed, and those cute little baby footprints....
Lately, I've been asking myself this question:  "When do I become there"?   Times have been rough around my place, and they're looking to get a bit worse before they get better.  I'm sitting here at 43- and over the last 25 years of my adult life I've looked at the situations and concerns facing others and thought "There but for the grace of God goes I".  I've donated to a number of causes, volunteered and worked food drives and at soup kitchens.  … (14 comments)

agent: Sting...or piece of ceiling to your punkin'? You decide... - 10/09/11 09:12 AM
Sting...or piece of ceiling to your punkin'?  You decide...
Sting...or piece of ceiling to your punkin'?  You decide...

Sting...or piece of ceiling to your punkin'?  You decide...
Went to show this house the other day... It had been on the market for 4 days or so- with it out there on MLS and an electronic lockbox on the door.  Folks know how much I love electronic lockboxes (insert rolling of the eyes here), but I'll leave that discussion for another time.
No, I just wonder why this place was on the market.  I don't really care what the listing … (4 comments)

agent: GOOD AGENT #1: Ken Lindsay, Preferred Real Estate, St. Cloud, FL 34769, 407-625-3438 - 08/13/11 05:16 PM
GOOD AGENT #1:  Ken Lindsay, Preferred Real Estate, St. Cloud, FL  34769, 407-625-3438
I wish I had a dollar for every time I've heard "That Realtor, x, is not a good agent".  It's funny- but I never really thought about the fact that I never really hear "That Realtor, x, is a good agent".  It makes sense, though- because there's a pretty good chance that fellow Realtors that are good agents are keeping folks from ever making it to me. I guess I could thank them for it- but that's not the best thing for the public, is it?
So, what can … (0 comments)

agent: I'm Movin' On...or Movin' Along - 07/22/11 04:59 AM

I'm Movin' On...or Movin' Along

Today's Moving Day- not a Moving Day in the sense that I'm leaving Orlando, but rather a moving day employment-wise.  A short while ago, I tendered my resignation to Daniel Coombs, broker of record at Florida Real Estate & Land Co.- and by association tendered my resignation from Orlando Rentals Property Management, LLC.

This is not a particularly joyous day.  I thought it would be, though.  I'd be staying if things were great, right?  Exactly.  And the place I'm heading is great, right?  Exactly- and I have no doubt joy will come.

More … (4 comments)

agent: "That thing that used to be a fuse box": helpful hint for agents and managers alike - 05/05/11 02:48 PM

Not all that complicated here- just the average circuit breaker box.  It may also go by the name of "that thing that used to be a fuse box".  But whatever you call it, it can be a very important part of the home for agents and property managers alike.
For agents, this is a simple matter of knowing where the thing is- and being able to read it (which, if a recent story is true, 47% of Detroit can't- but that's another blog unto itself).  Hopefully, you will arrive a bit ahead of your prospects if they're not with … (4 comments)

agent: Are you the one that went #2? - 04/19/11 10:54 AM
"All I ever really needed to know I learned in kindergarten", Robert Fulghum once said.  Play fair.  Don't hit people.  Put things back where you found them.  Clean up your own mess....and flush.  So why have some showing agents forget these things?
In addition to the common-sense rules that Fulghum wrote about (which also included the "don't take things that aren't yours" idea that he sort-of plagiarized from God), I'd add a few items:
If you turn it on, turn it off.
If you open it, close it.
If you unlock it, lock it.
If you move it, move it back.
....and prior … (2 comments)

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