honesty: Your car is no Cloak of Invisibility! - 03/13/14 11:57 AM
Your car is no Cloak of Invisibility!

Your car is no Cloak of Invisibility!
Saw a guy picking his nose today.  Well, "picking" is a mild term for what he was doing, actually- "digging" would be probably be more appropriate.  And he was doing it in his car while sitting next to me at a traffic light.
I wanted to roll down my window and dispel the myths he was laboring under- that his car was some sort of Cloak of Invisibilty, that folks couldn't see him through the ol' windshield and everything- but I resisted.
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honesty: 300,000 points... and another campaign - 09/10/13 04:38 AM
300,000 points... and another campaign

300,000 points... and another campaign
Hard to believe I've arrived at 300,000 points here on ActiveRain.  I say that it's hard to believe, but I guess it's like anything else: if you hang around long enough and put forth a decent amount of effort, good things will happen.
It's also hard to believe that another campaign season here in Orlando Realtorland is coming to a close in a couple of weeks.  I'm in the running for a seat on our association's Board of Directors- and with what some have called the "best slate of … (3 comments)

honesty: Honesty Matters - 01/20/12 01:26 PM

Honesty Matters

....or at least, it should.
Honesty is important in all aspects of our lives.  While there are surely dishonest folks in any industry or walk of life, the real estate/property management world is one that's taken a pretty good beating over the past few years- and in many cases it's justifiably so.
We still practice in a field where honesty matters, though- and my somewhat pollyanna view of life still leads me to trust that there are more folks sharing that sentiment than not.
Honesty Matters


honesty: Honesty Begins At Home - 08/22/11 10:42 AM
Honesty Begins At Home
They say that "charity begins at home".  I believe that, and know many others that feel the same.  It's nice to have a kind heart and want to save the world- but you have to first get your own house in order.  And how about this one:  If you don't know how to swim, don't jump in the pool and try to save someone else that doesn't know how to swim.
Honesty is important, too, you know- and as with charity, it should begin at home...or with homes.
Sellers:  Be honest with yourselves.  Don't waste an agent's … (4 comments)

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