linkedin: Just how big are Superman's feet? And how big is his... - 02/22/12 03:40 AM
Just how big are Superman's feet?  And how big is his...

Just how big are Superman's feet?  And how big is his...
Um...they're some big ol' feet!  NBA All-Star Weekend is upon us (shouldn't all weekends start on Wednesday?), and I signed up a while back to do some work during the events.  Got in for a preview of things last night, and one of the attractions allows you to stand in the All-Star's footprints.  The biggest of them all?  Our own Dwight Howard's...
Superman wears Size 18's
I know what some of you might be thinking- and I've been … (6 comments)

linkedin: So how many MORE racists does ESPN have? - 02/18/12 11:15 AM

So how many more racists does ESPN have?
OK, cue the music..."duh, duh, duh...duh, duh, duh". Or is that "dumb, dumb, dumb...dumb, dumb, dumb"? Another day, another racist slur from the ESPN airwaves, another apology that makes everything better....
I love ESPN- let's get that out in the open. I love the Sports Reporters, Outside The Lines, SportsCenters of all type...and love it when GameDay makes their way to Tuscaloosa to highlight one of the games my 14-time National Champion Alabama Crimson Tide is playing.
But I'm no big fan of racism- and the pattern of racist comment/apology ESPN seems to find acceptable … (2 comments)

linkedin: Orlando Property Manager Dennis now a woman named Patty?!?! - 02/18/12 04:58 AM
Orlando Property Manager Dennis now a woman named Patty?!?!
Well, that's sort of true.  Our Orlando Regional Realtor Association (ORRA) distributes a weekly update/newsletter that's aptly called Orlando Realtor Online.
Once each month, the newsletter includes a "Dear Abby"- type column from Patty The Property Manager.  This is written by a member of our association's Property Management Subcommittee- and deals with any number of topics that might be of concern to property managers whether expert or novice.
I serve on the Property Management Subcommittee, and I volunteered to write the following column.  I'm privileged that it was chosen for inclusion in the publication. 

linkedin: "I knock your head off your neck..." and other encouragin' words - 02/17/12 10:38 AM

"I knock your head off your neck..." and other encouragin' words
I was on my way to church the other night, and pulled alongside an older-model Chevy Caprice.  The car was a classic, no doubt, and was most likely bought at a police surplus sale of some sort.  Those spray paint-covered-over "POLICE" letters sure are eye-catching!
But more so than the coupe's appearance, it was it's sound that drew my attention.  The gentleman surely loved his tunes- and seemed to believe the rest of Orlando would love them, too.  I beg to differ with his latter line of thinking, though- as … (4 comments)

linkedin: Thank you, God...Owen Johnson has a ride - 02/13/12 11:48 AM
 Thank you, God...Owen Johnson has a ride

 Thank you, God...Owen Johnson has a ride
...and Thank You Cox Enterprises, Greg Greenbaum and Atlantic Aviation.  And a hearty, Conservative Thank You to The Talkmaster, Neal Boortz.
I'll add just a small bit of commentary here- as the notes from this morning's Neal Boortz Show say just about all there is to say.  What the show notes don't say, the photo of a smiling Owen Johnson surely does:  a sweet, innocent little boy that just wants to breathe.  He just wants to breathe....
I've never met Neal Boortz, but I listen to … (2 comments)

linkedin: Pedestrian Tales From The Middle of the Road, #15 - 02/10/12 12:59 PM
Pedestrian Tales From The Middle of the Road, #15
I'm breaking my rule a bit here- and reporting this Pedestrian Tales From The Middle of the Road that 1) involves an injury to one riding a bike versus a pedestrian, and 2) (as of last I heard) doesn't involve a death.
But rules are made to be broken.  This piece of traffic news may very well be more important than some of the posts I've done on deaths- it's surely one to make any parent cringe or get their dander up.
Think about it...were it not for … (4 comments)

linkedin: Honesty Matters - 01/20/12 01:26 PM

Honesty Matters

....or at least, it should.
Honesty is important in all aspects of our lives.  While there are surely dishonest folks in any industry or walk of life, the real estate/property management world is one that's taken a pretty good beating over the past few years- and in many cases it's justifiably so.
We still practice in a field where honesty matters, though- and my somewhat pollyanna view of life still leads me to trust that there are more folks sharing that sentiment than not.
Honesty Matters


linkedin: I'm overwhelmed with social media! How much time should I spend on it? - 09/07/11 09:01 AM
I'm overwhelmed with social media!  How much time should I spend on it?
How does that Bryan do it?  Social Media King, that guy is!  Proud to feature this as my 1st Dennis Burgess' Re-blog of the Day.  It's also a pretty good partner to my most recent post about our local District 12 Realtor Rally and its big-time video blog folks, Frank Garay and Brian Stevens.
Hi, Bryan:  Thank you for the timely and informative post- surely the 1st Dennis Burgess' Re-blog of the Day.  Dang...the fact that I can't recall whether I've commented on this without an in-depth analysis … (9 comments)

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