random thoughts: I miss The Star-Spangled Banner - 04/16/11 05:09 PM
This used to be national anthem time...I don't know if I'm getting old, or if I'm more sensitive than most, or more sentimental than most...or a combination of all of them- but I long for the days when there were a lot less distractions in our lives.  I miss the days when folks wrote letters, when families ate dinner together and prayed together.  And I long for the Star-Spangled Banner to end my day.Some things are surely easier today than they were 20 years ago, 30 years ago or 40 years ago- and some are tougher.  It's tougher to raise children … (14 comments)

random thoughts: Wednesday thanks- more than A Few Good Men - 04/13/11 03:46 PM
"A Few Good Men" is a really good movie- but it's just that, a movie. Tom Cruise is one great actor, Kevin Bacon's proven to be more than the one-movie wonder many thought after "Footloose", and Jack Nicholson is surely one of the greatest actors of our time and made "You can't handle the truth!" a great companion to "Heeeeeeeeeere's Johnny!" in silver screen history.
More than a few good men rest below- taken last July on a quick trip back to D.C. for a friend's Navy retirement. Arlington National Cemetery is a special place- one I use no cliche in calling … (4 comments)

random thoughts: Let's save some lives, Orlando - 04/11/11 12:45 PM
     Yesterday's Orlando Sentinel delivered news of more misery that could've been avoided.  One life lost, two more families that'll never forget Saturday morning.  My fear, however, is that many in our community have frozen in their tracks with no clue as to how this problem can be solved.  Others may be stumped, but here's my idea:  let's enforce our pedestrian traffic laws and save some lives, Orlando.
     Drive down nearly any street in town, and you'll see them- those making personal choices to disobey the law and cross outside of our sidewalks.  It doesn't matter if the nearest one is … (1 comments)

random thoughts: Houseble? Did an "April Fool's" get me? - 04/08/11 10:07 PM
What's a "Houseble"?  Do I need a "Houseble"?  How do you even pronounce "Houseble"? House-ble? House-a-ble?  In perusing the blogs a bit ago, I stumbled across the 4/1 posting from ActiveRain regarding the name change from ActiveRain to Houseble.  The 1st has been just over a week ago, but as many of you know that's often an eternity in this business.  
Soooooo....what happened to "Houseble"?  I guess there's a reason for everything, but it seems like this site remans ActiveRain.  
Looks like you got me, ActiveRain....err...Houseble.  The April Fool's joke's on me...

random thoughts: What is an offer? It depends. - 04/07/11 12:16 PM
What is an offer?  Such a simple question- but one that seems to have a number of different answers.  So which one is correct?  The answer may well be "It depends".
In managing a number of properties over the years, I've given the pitiful-sounding "it depends" answer more times than I'll ever be able to count.  The response has bounced off the tip of my tongue many a time in dealing with my owners- with the "Do we have a lot of interest in my home?" question being a prime example.
The "interest" question is tough to answer, as you don't … (4 comments)

random thoughts: Rent check might bounce? Bad property manager! - 03/04/11 03:19 AM
     Quick question:  When was the last time you disappointed yourself?  A few weeks ago, I wrote my pastor a quick note to express bit of disappointment in a few things, but nothing major.  I even felt odd in voicing the least bit of criticism- as I love my church, love the pastor and love everyone I've been fortunate enough to fellowship with.  I've come to expect a great deal from my church, though- and with higher expectations comes a greater opportunity for disappointment.  That's not always a bad thing, though, because those rarely disappointed are those that have simply set … (2 comments)

random thoughts: Same sky, different world - 02/22/11 02:44 PM
     It's been a fairly nice evening here in central Florida.  My fiancee and her daughter are on the last couple of days of a mexican cruise, and I've been home and dog-sitting her 2 little poodles (who I just might be a bit fond of).  Part of the dog-sitting involves taking some time and walking the girls, and tonight's was nothing but pleasant.  It was good to take a bit of a stroll, the cool Florida evening under a cloudless sky was hard to beat.  And mostly, it was good to get away fromthe day's news- protests in Libya, … (1 comments)

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