sale: Market Pulse: Orlando-area Market Report December 2011 - 12/17/11 07:14 AM
Market Pulse:  Orlando-area Market Report December 2011
Market Pulse:   Orlando-area Market Report December 2011
I enjoy reading these reports every month.  A lot of them are boring as heck- but there always seems to be a few little nuggets of interesting information that leave me glad that I took the time to pore through everything.
Things I'm taking away from this current report...
Total inventory up 42 homes from September-October, up 163 from October-November...these are the first back-to-back inventory increases in inventory since the May-July of 2010 time period.  Interesting- but the increase in number is still … (0 comments)

sale: Orange County, FL Foreclosure Info, 12/7/11 - 12/09/11 04:13 PM

Orange County, FL Foreclosure Info, 12/7/11

One of the guests at my recent Governmental Affairs Committee meeting was Lydia Gardner, Clerk of the Circuit and County Courts for Orange County, FL.  She was invited to speak to us about what many folks fear is some pent-up shadow inventory of pending foreclosures.  
The following is a graphical representation of the county's foreclosure filings over the past few years. It's quite a "trendy" chart- and Lydia expects her courtrooms will see an upward trend once again as 2012 begins. Bank of America, for example, filed 11- yes, 11 Orange County … (4 comments)

sale: Ashes to ashes, apartments to condos- and back? - 11/06/11 07:05 AM
Ashes to ashes, apartments to condos...and back?
The following is a link to an article that ran in our Orlando Sentinel this past Monday- a spooky article, and one they fittingly ran on Halloween.,0,2874562.story
This article discusses a local condo community called The Element.  I managed a couple of units in this community for a Canadian investor- and I can tell you I'm only half-way shocked at the goings-on laid out here.  Even on the front end of things back then, the hoops I/we had to jump through in trying to market and lease his places couldn't have been … (7 comments)

sale: Localism Challenge, Day #21: Inventory's shrinking- it's time to make your move - 09/21/11 08:23 AM
Localism Challenge, Day #21:  Inventory's shrinking, prices rising- it's time to make your move
Localism Challenge, Day #21:  Inventory's shrinking, prices rising- it's time to make your move
A recent column from the Orlando Sentinel's Mary Shanklin points out some encouraging signs for our local real estate market here in Orlando.  Schools are open- and Economics 101 is in session:  inventory is shrinking and prices are rising.
When the median sales price in July exceeded the previous year's median by 6 percent, it was the first time in four years that the local housing market had managed a year-over-year gain … (2 comments)

sale: Pride of Ownership...and the lack of it - 08/21/11 07:46 AM
Pride of Ownership...and the lack of it
It's a funny thing- but "pride of ownership" is a term I've used for well over 20 years.  I started using it back in my Navy days, long before anything to do with real estate ever crossed my mind. 
Surprising?  Shouldn't be- for "pride of ownership" is something we can and should take in all facets of our lives.  But without any license at all, one can survey the landscape of the world we live in today and know that "pride of ownership" is becoming a commodity more precious than gold- and that the … (2 comments)

sale: UNreasonable Accommodations - 07/19/11 12:06 PM
UNreasonable Accommodations
Looks/sounds like a typo, right?  Wrong.  A number of thoughts have been bouncing around my head lately (most of them smart, I trust!), and I've kept returning to the line of thinking that while we should continue to make great efforts in reasonable accomodations, it's time to take a stand (both at work and in life) against UNreasonable accommodations.
Foreclosure?  It's OK.  We understand- The Man kept you down and you lost your job.  It's tough to get another one.  Here's a free pass.
Short-sale?  It's OK.  We feel your pain- The Man is keeping the economy down.  It's … (0 comments)

sale: The message and the messenger - 04/14/11 12:42 PM
The message and the messenger have always been a tough couple to split.  I've heard tell that no divorces are easy- but this is one that's especially tough on folks.
I was in church the other day, and my mind began to wander.  That's not a particularly good thing to do- as fellowship and shaking hands is good, but the main reason one attends services is to hear the Lord's Word in the form of a pastor's message.
But I've been a little fired-up at my pastor lately.  I'm wanting to start a veteran's ministry, and the church is not very enthused about … (2 comments)

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