walmart: Black Friday...great day for work? - 11/20/12 03:46 PM
Black Friday...great day for work?

Black Friday...great day for work?

As most everyone knows (or at least the folks that have been lined up at our Orlando-area Best Buy stores and others for 3 days now do), there are some great deals to be had on Black Friday- and I'm sure this one will be no different.

Any talk of exposing those who played the biggest part in 4 American heroes losing their lives in Benghazi will soon be banished from our newscasts- and replaced by far-more-important stories of Grannies getting pimp-slapped by the thugs at … (10 comments)

walmart: 300 Shopping Carts and About 5 Of 'em Roll... - 05/04/12 09:07 AM
300 Shopping Carts and About 5 Of 'em Roll...

300 Shopping Carts and About 5 Of 'em Roll...
I just love Wal-Mart...  I'll go ahead and leave the positives and negatives of Wal-Mart itself for another day- and not delve into whether it's been more boom than bust for may of our nation's communities.  Rather, I'll share/rant about my trip to Wal-Mart last night.
So many carts, so many choices... Dang.  Wal-Mart's got a lot of shopping carts.  Cart Choice #1 is looking good....but a fellow patron has left some McNugget sauce smeared all over it.  Oops.  Cart Choice #2 … (12 comments)

walmart: Wal-Mart at Valentine's- for ALL of your lovin' needs! - 02/19/12 05:42 AM
 Wal-Mart at Valentine's- for all of your lovin' needs!

Wal-Mart at Valentine's- for all of your lovin' needs!
Nearly Speechless Sunday from last Sunday.  I made a last-minute trip to Wal-Mart for something (not even anything Valentine's-related), when I stumbled across this display.
Now, I'm all for Wal-Mart selling whatever the heck they can legally sell.  I'm well aware of the rather large condom displays they have in their pharmacies- and hope a number of our don't-need-to-be baby daddies will take advantage of them.
But.... come Valentine's Day time, is it really necessary to market adult pleasure/enjoyment items such as this new … (10 comments)

walmart: "Will you take me to Wal-Mart?" - 09/10/11 06:31 AM
"Will you take me to Wal-Mart?"
I learned not to use or speak in superlatives a long time ago- so I won't say this is the craziest thing that's ever happened to me during a showing.  As a matter of fact, I can think of a couple that might beat it right off the top of my head- but it's close...
I was taking some clients around to see some rental properties, and we had been at home #5 of 5 for a few minutes.  The client's father and girlfriend were on the other side of the house, and he and … (3 comments)

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