michigan mortgage broker: Will the Real Loan Officer Please Stand-Up? - 04/16/09 06:53 AM
I have to write about this nutty last 2 days! I get an email from a Loan Officer that knows me from my Loan Processing Service and asks me to call another loan officer about a file. So, I contact the Loan Officer #2, that says that she has an FHA loan that needs help. Loan Officer #1 asks me to call the Real Estate Agent.
I call the agent and she says she needs a Clear to Close on this file ASAP. She sends me the Purchase Agreement and the contract was signed at the beginning of March. I call … (0 comments)

michigan mortgage broker: Property Values Will Increase, Just Wait and See.. - 03/10/09 05:32 PM
Yes, that's right, we are in a cycle. An ever changing cycle. Markets will be down and poverty may be high. This is what can happen in a cycle. It will change. It's Getting Better All The Time!!
Better and Better. We are feeling a big pinch, no doubt. I know that history will tell us that this is also a great time of opportunity. We own our own property. If you still own a home, hang on to it. Do not allow this cycle to consume you. We are a free country. What makes us free? Property...That's right. Private Property. … (3 comments)

michigan mortgage broker: Dear Diary, My Passion is Mortgages, But I had to Surrender My License... - 01/30/09 05:51 AM
Dear Diary, My passion is Mortgages. Today is Friday and I have never had such a roller coaster week. I am filled with joy and sadness all at the same time. Wednesday I had to Surrender my Mortgage Broker License. I was crying as I put the envelope into the mailbox at the drive-thru post office. I hesitated, even with three cars behind me. It took everything inside of me to let it go...My stomach ached soo bad...
I had to do it. My company has always been just myself as an originator. I applied for my license when I became … (17 comments)

michigan mortgage broker: Shutting the Door on the American Dream- New FICO Requirements will oust marginal credit buyers - 02/25/08 04:01 AM
     Okay with this economy, especially in Michigan where I am, most people do not have 20% down. If they do they are cash buyers or seniors or move up buyers. Many people with a credit score less than 620 do not have allot of savings. March 3rd is the date that just about all of the Mortgage Insurance Companies have said, "NO MORE LIMITED DOWN PAYMENT PROGRAMS WITH A CREDIT SCORE LESS THAN 620, THEY WILL NOW REQUIRE 20% DOWN-PAYMENT".
      Let's just think about this for a minute. Today, I have a 1st Time Buyer, young guy, recently divorced, with … (3 comments)


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