mortgage broker: Will the Real Loan Officer Please Stand-Up? - 04/16/09 06:53 AM
I have to write about this nutty last 2 days! I get an email from a Loan Officer that knows me from my Loan Processing Service and asks me to call another loan officer about a file. So, I contact the Loan Officer #2, that says that she has an FHA loan that needs help. Loan Officer #1 asks me to call the Real Estate Agent.
I call the agent and she says she needs a Clear to Close on this file ASAP. She sends me the Purchase Agreement and the contract was signed at the beginning of March. I call … (0 comments)

mortgage broker: Dear Diary, My Passion is Mortgages, But I had to Surrender My License... - 01/30/09 05:51 AM
Dear Diary, My passion is Mortgages. Today is Friday and I have never had such a roller coaster week. I am filled with joy and sadness all at the same time. Wednesday I had to Surrender my Mortgage Broker License. I was crying as I put the envelope into the mailbox at the drive-thru post office. I hesitated, even with three cars behind me. It took everything inside of me to let it go...My stomach ached soo bad...
I had to do it. My company has always been just myself as an originator. I applied for my license when I became … (17 comments)

mortgage broker: Did you Ever Dissect a FROG? - 10/19/08 06:14 AM
I was having a conversation with my 4 year old daughter this morning about FROGS. I remember dissecting frogs in high school. I kinda of feel like I am in this process now with my mortgage company.
We were talking about frogs because Animal Planet's Jeff Corwin will have a special called THE VANISHING FROG that premieres Nov. 20 at 8.p.m on the Animal Planet channel. Poor frogs are dying from a fungus that is threatening the species to extinction.
When we started dissecting frogs in high school, I had a very hard time with the task when it was first introduced. … (2 comments)

mortgage broker: How Long Have You Been In the Business? - 10/10/08 01:15 PM
A common question. I recently met some new realtors and was asked this question. My answer, since 1991 when I started working for Great Western Financial. At that time, a huge S & L on the West Coast. I was put through rigorous training in processing, underwriting and operations. I am grateful for that foundation of training and mentoring experience that I was put through.
That company is out of business and largely became Washington Mutual today and may be out, as we speak, now. Bottom line, it was not enough for the realtor that I met. She said, "Oh, that's … (2 comments)

mortgage broker: "And By The Way, Welcome To The Party" - 10/06/08 03:34 PM
Yes, I am a Kid Rock Fan. I like the theme and he keeps me upbeat. I like this song the most because when it comes to closings, this is usually the song that I hear in my head. I do this ahead of time, in perceiving the event to happen.  It is taking all of my rock songs and positive thinking to keep myself upbeat these days.
This week alone I have had 2 buyers and 1 client in process to refi, that the "economy is in such turmoil that I should wait to see if I can still do … (1 comments)

mortgage broker: It's a Buyers Market, What Can Sellers Do To Be Unique With Financing - 09/04/08 12:28 PM
I have been busy tonight researching down payment assistance. Other than the standard 3% or 6% contributions, I am considering Seller Financing. We used to be able to have Sellers carry back Second Mortgages. Fannie and Freddie frown on this, unless it is a Community Second.
Community Seconds are provided by churches, non-profits, and employers. The non-profits are apparently becoming restricted and/or cancelled in October. The employer assisted programs are interesting, I need to do more research.
What I have been looking for is whether Seller Seconds are allowed with any lenders out there. This product really needs to make a comeback! … (1 comments)

mortgage broker: Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae Eliminate Declining Market Reductions to LTV - 05/30/08 04:56 AM
Yesterday was a big day! Freddie Mac jumped on board with Fannie Mae and is also eliminating the Automatic Reduction in Loan To Value (Downpayment requirements for purchases) effective June 1st. If your property was located in a Declining Market prior to June 1st, Lenders were requiring additional down payment of 5% on all programs and products.
So next week, this nonsense ends!! Hooray, it has been difficult to explain to borrowers that they needed additional money for down payment because they are buying a home that is located in a market that is losing value. Foreclosures and long term listings … (6 comments)

mortgage broker: Attention Seasoned Realtors and Professionals: Please help me with ad content, what works best? - 02/28/08 01:27 AM
I am moving forward with a Grocery Store Marketing program. The ad will run from May to October, it is a 2ft x 2ft size ad that will be above a very large bulletin type of board. The board will feature a store map, coupons and specials items on sale and other local newsletters, etc. I will have a bin to put take away materials in too.
 This is pretty inexpensive so I thought the exposure of 28,000 families per week was cost effective. I am a mortgage broker in Michigan. It is a declining market and refinance business has been close … (5 comments)


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