real estate: Property Values Will Increase, Just Wait and See.. - 03/10/09 05:32 PM
Yes, that's right, we are in a cycle. An ever changing cycle. Markets will be down and poverty may be high. This is what can happen in a cycle. It will change. It's Getting Better All The Time!!
Better and Better. We are feeling a big pinch, no doubt. I know that history will tell us that this is also a great time of opportunity. We own our own property. If you still own a home, hang on to it. Do not allow this cycle to consume you. We are a free country. What makes us free? Property...That's right. Private Property. … (3 comments)

real estate: How Long Have You Been In the Business? - 10/10/08 01:15 PM
A common question. I recently met some new realtors and was asked this question. My answer, since 1991 when I started working for Great Western Financial. At that time, a huge S & L on the West Coast. I was put through rigorous training in processing, underwriting and operations. I am grateful for that foundation of training and mentoring experience that I was put through.
That company is out of business and largely became Washington Mutual today and may be out, as we speak, now. Bottom line, it was not enough for the realtor that I met. She said, "Oh, that's … (2 comments)

real estate: Hope for Homeowners from FHA May Get You Out of Foreclosure, But Your Forced to Share the House with the Government. - 10/10/08 05:18 AM
Yes, it appears that this new program may help desperate homeowners to move out of foreclosure, but if you agree to the program, you have to sign a note promising FHA that they will receive 50% of the equity gained in the house. It just doesn't feel right to me.
Sharing equity with the government is taking away our private property ownership rights. Now the government is going to have ownership interest in private property. Does this sound like a free country to you anymore?
The deal is good for lenders and the government, not for the American People. So you … (3 comments)

real estate: A New Kind Of Mortgage Fraud? - 10/05/08 07:08 AM
On Friday, I am getting final conditions together on a purchase loan file. The credit report was expired on September 10th so the lender wanted an updated one. (I am doing some contract processing on the side for another mortgage company).
I order a new credit report and the fico scores go down 32 points. I review the report and see a Judgment for an installment loan with GMAC for $7100.00. This was not on the original credit report that was pulled in June. The date on the judgment is 12/07. Why wasn't this on the report pulled in June?
Apparently … (6 comments)

real estate: Shutting the Door on the American Dream- New FICO Requirements will oust marginal credit buyers - 02/25/08 04:01 AM
     Okay with this economy, especially in Michigan where I am, most people do not have 20% down. If they do they are cash buyers or seniors or move up buyers. Many people with a credit score less than 620 do not have allot of savings. March 3rd is the date that just about all of the Mortgage Insurance Companies have said, "NO MORE LIMITED DOWN PAYMENT PROGRAMS WITH A CREDIT SCORE LESS THAN 620, THEY WILL NOW REQUIRE 20% DOWN-PAYMENT".
      Let's just think about this for a minute. Today, I have a 1st Time Buyer, young guy, recently divorced, with … (3 comments)


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