The typical investor’s mantra is “buy low, sell high.”  This holds true in the home-buying process. We all want to get the most for our money especially when buying a house. The trick is to know when to buy and when to sell. The market is getting better but still shows signs of instability.  Her...
 Finding the home of your dreams can be overwhelming to begin with, but once you found that home the real work begins. Making an offer and negotiating a price can be mindboggling. There’s a lot of work that goes into making an offer and getting what you want from the seller. It is best to know ho...
 It can be extremely hard to save for a down payment for a new home. Some people have turned to accepting gifts from friends and family.  Using gifted money for a down payment was a popular way of getting the 20% or more needed at closing. .But then the big housing bust of 2008 happened. And like...
 Simply put, an assumable mortgage allows a buyer to assume the rate, repayment period, current principal balance and other terms of the seller's existing mortgage rather than obtain a brand-new mortgage, according to James Hines, a spokesman at Wells Fargo Home Mortgage.  It should be possible t...

Barbara Puorro

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