Guidelines have become stricter for buying a house. But there is some pleasantly surprising news if you think the only way you can buy a house is with excellent credit and a 20% down payment. According to, veterans and active-duty military can borrow with as little as no money down ...
 Now that the house is finally yours, it’s time to make it your home by bringing in your things.  Here are a few things you should think about when making that move to a new home. 1. Change your address. This is far easier to do these days. Simply go to the USPS website to change your address. It...
 Homes are staged to make the home as attractive as possible to buyers. This can mean different things from simply a good cleaning to de-cluttering rooms to redecorating and what’s called ‘depersonalizing’ the space.  Sellers can do this on their own, but the majority of the time it is down with ...

Barbara Puorro

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