home buying: Barbara's Blog - Down Payment Info - 06/29/15 05:45 AM
Guidelines have become stricter for buying a house. But there is some pleasantly surprising news if you think the only way you can buy a house is with excellent credit and a 20% down payment.
According to bankrate.com, veterans and active-duty military can borrow with as little as no money down and rolling a funding fee into loans guaranteed through the Veterans Administration. The funding fee varies according to whether or not you’re a veteran, served in the National Guard or in regular military.
These loans are usually restricted to members of the military and family members. Similarly, the Navy Federal Credit Union … (1 comments)

home buying: Barbara's Blog - 11 Things to do Before Moving to a New Home - 06/16/15 12:34 AM
Now that the house is finally yours, it’s time to make it your home by bringing in your things.  Here are a few things you should think about when making that move to a new home.
1. Change your address. This is far easier to do these days. Simply go to the USPS website to change your address. It’s a good idea to do it as early as possible so you won’t miss any mail.
2. Update your contact info.  Remember to change your address with all your financial institutions, schools, work and of course friends and family.  The post Office will forward … (2 comments)

home buying: Barbara's Blog - Is The Home Seller's Staging Hiding something From You? - 06/08/15 06:57 AM
Homes are staged to make the home as attractive as possible to buyers. This can mean different things from simply a good cleaning to de-cluttering rooms to redecorating and what’s called ‘depersonalizing’ the space.  Sellers can do this on their own, but the majority of the time it is down with the assistance of a realtor or in some cases a professional decorator or stager.
Staging can help the buyer see the potential of the home as well as visualize themselves in that space. But staging can also distract buyers’ attention from little flaws in the home.
Now technically there is … (2 comments)

home buying: Barbara's Blog - When to Buy, When to Sell - 05/27/15 05:02 AM
The typical investor’s mantra is “buy low, sell high.”  This holds true in the home-buying process. We all want to get the most for our money especially when buying a house. The trick is to know when to buy and when to sell. The market is getting better but still shows signs of instability.  Here three ways that can potentially help with the decision of when to buy and when to sell.
Don't try to time the market
I’ve talked about this before.  When the market dropped, we witnessed a huge historical drop in home prices and interest rates. There was a period … (1 comments)

home buying: Barbara's Blog - Three Important Responsibilities Home Owners Have - 04/15/15 06:17 AM
Ah! Home ownership, the American dream. At least for those who want it. There is definitely a level of freedom when you own your own home, but there are still some very real responsibilities to making home ownership work. Three are:
Financial responsibilities
First and foremost, you need to make timely payments to your lender. This helps you build great credit, credit you can use to help with projects around the house – like remodelling – or buying furniture or other large items at lower interest rates.
Try not to get overextended; your total debt really shouldn’t be more than 40 percent of … (0 comments)

home buying: Barbara's Blog - How CMAs are Helpful - 03/12/15 04:49 AM
CMA stands for competitive or comparative market analysis. It’s basically a generalized look at the local market that can be used by both a buyer and seller.  A buyer can use this report to research what houses are selling for in a specific area and make an offer on a home.  A seller would use the report to help them price the house in a competitive market.
The information in a CMA is gathered from multiple listing services.  Because different realtors use different types of software, the information in a CM A can vary from realtor to realtor.  But in general … (0 comments)

home buying: Barbara's Blog - 3 Fast Ways to Prequalify Homebuyers - 03/02/15 01:59 AM
Here are 3 ways you can prequalify homebuyers to maximize earnings
1. Make sure you're talking to the decision-maker
It’s a good idea to make sure you are meeting with all parties involved in the buying process. If a buyer is married it would be great to talk to both spouses so you won’t have to repeat yourself. More importantly to make sure all parties involved are on the same page. You’d hate to have one spouse on board just to have the deal fall through because the other spouse decides it isn’t the right deal for them.
2. … (2 comments)

home buying: Barbara's Blog - Navigating the Home Buying Process - 01/24/15 11:42 PM
You’ve made the decision to buy a house, but as a first time home buyer you’re not quite sure of the process.   There is a lot more to it than just finding the perfect house. You should have a clear sense of the process from timeline to closing.  Knowing this and working with the right realtor can make the process fun and seamless.
The first step, that surprisingly many people don’t know, is to have money to buy a house. Not just a mortgage but money for a down payment.  This along with talking to a mortgage lender is the … (3 comments)

home buying: Barbara's Blog - Few things to keep in mind before buying a condo - 09/17/14 02:55 AM
A condominium is a reasonable lower cost home buying option. Condominium living is like a mini society where the owners are not just responsible for the upkeep of their own units, but for the entire complex.
Just as with any major purchase, there are some things you need to consider before making the decision to buy a condo. Here are some points to consider before investing in a condo.
1.     Location: Probably the most important thing to consider (besides price) is the location. Everyone has their reasons why certain locations are more important than others. Some people prefer a home … (0 comments)

home buying: Barbara's Blog - The Best Way to Buy Your First Home - 09/09/14 04:29 AM
According to The J.D. Power 2014 Home Buyer/Seller Satisfaction Study, first-time homebuyers need clear communication and want to be walked through the purchase process every step of the way. The more seamless the experience, the less overwhelmed they're likely to be.
If you're thinking about or in the process of buying a home, you want to be satisfied with your agent  but especially the home you choose to buy. Your agent should help build your confidence by educating you and working in your best interest.
Here’s what you can do to insure an easy home buying experience:
Shop around for an … (0 comments)

home buying: Barbara's Blog - What a Good Agent can Do for You - 08/15/14 06:14 AM
You already know the less stressful way to sell your home is through a real estate professional, but you may not realize how much your agent really does for you.
A real estate agent is licensed and regulated by the state to sell real estate. But many agents offer above standard services to their clients.
What does that really mean?
It means the agent you choose have the most up-to-date professional advice and services, anything from providing detailed information to work with you on pricing your home, to helping stage your home prior to putting it on the market, to … (0 comments)

home buying: Barbara's Blog - 6 Signs of a Neighborhood on the Rise - 08/07/14 02:30 AM
It can never be said enough – Location, Location, Location. The neighborhood is just as important as the house itself. This is why it’s no surprise that what’s known as transitional areas are overlooked by buyers.
Transitional areas, also known as an area of revitalization, are usually depressed areas (properties not maintained well by owners, visible crime and a lack of ownership pride) that for some reason start experiencing a change for the better.  These reasons can range from investors flipping houses in the neighborhood, economic upswings, neighborhood watch programs, and owners taking back their streets.
Purchasing a home in a … (2 comments)

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