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I'm freshly home from a trip to South Carolina....well, I'm home but not fresh.  The traffic there and in my state of Arkansas makes me wonder what sort of training folks get before getting in control of a vehicle.  I was taught to look in the rear view mirror when passing and when I could see th...
 I'm not a big fan of rap mainly because I can't understand so many of the words that they are saying.  But I'm a big fan of my hometown Searcy AR and my Alma Mater Harding University in Searcy.  There's a really fun rap tune on youtube that I saw today.  Four talented young people sing in differ...
After responding to a blog about Habitat for Humanity I thought it might be a good idea to mention the USDA Rural Development Direct Loan to everyone.  I wrote the following. "Habitat for Humanity is no doubt a great idea and it does provide homes for many people.  But I worry about the lack of k...
 Atomic clocks!  My daughter decided we needed one...perhaps because we couldn't set the clocks we had and perhaps she knew we'd never heard of an atomic clock.  For the few of you who are slower than we are, an atomic clock is one that you never have to set.  It sets itself and it knows what tim...
What I learned at convention is impressive.  One of the questions presented to us by one of the speakers was "What percentage of shoppers will be shopping on the internet first in two years?"  In other words, before contacting a realtor, they'll be surfing first.  My guess was correct when I said...
Several questions have been asked about how to become an REO agent.  I looked back and came to the conclusion that I never solicited the business.  I happened to be on "phone duty" one day when a bond money REO came through.  They wanted me to check out a little house that was actually about 7 ye...
There must be a market for used water heaters and used central units.  I seem to be getting an REO a week and they have usually been occupied for a year or less and were owned by the sub-prime borrowers who had nothing to lose.The one I went to today had no water heater, no A/C compressor and lot...
The consumer seems to thing that if he goes to the auction for a foreclosure at the court house, he may get a good deal.  This is hardly ever the case.I attend them about once a month if I know something interesting is up for foreclosure. At these auctions there are usually only two to four peopl...
 We learned something very valuable back in the early 80's when we were fortunate enough to have a little broker training.  We got together and pretended we were making cold calls.  Imagine that!  Now we have to figure out if someone is on the do-not-call-list before we can call them at all!Havin...
 In the early 80's we signed up in our small town to get Multiple Listing Service and lockboxes.  The next thing that our California transplant gave us a hint about was touring listings.  He said, "Well, in California we all got together on Wednesday and had a caravan to preview all the listings ...

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