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I received a request from my web site telling me the family was relocating from London and wanted to buy a house from me.  Only a few items get filled in on the forms and I quickly answered by email saying I'd be happy to help them relocate.  Today I have received the following email fr...
SOLD   SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD!!So very many people love the country.  Searcy AR is surrounded with lovely country areas.  Most popular is probably the area to the North and to the West.  This small house is a foreclosure property.  It had some eager persons trying to fix it up and they either ran o...
I have heard of pole barns all my life but never truly understood what they were.  Were they built of poles entirely?  Did someone cut down that many trees?  I have a new listing that probably has a pole barn.  It actually is tin on the top and sides with poles on the inside holding it up.  So th...
I have always had a slight question about photos in offices.  I have a bulletin board full of snapshots of friends and events that date way back.  If the people want to see them they can check them out at any time.I question, though, what this group thinks about family photos on the desks of the ...
A few years ago I had to visit a family that lived in a very small house.  The elderly lady who lived there was responsible for a son who was mentally handicapped.  The son would sit on the porch and swing.  The elderly lady also had a daughter and that became my connection with the family.The da...
I just posted about snakes in Africa and then I found this interesting letter that I'd written to my kids in the 80's. I'd found a customer who was moving here.  His dad had been working in Saudi for many years and they were able to make lots of money with the first $90,000 or so being tax free. ...
It has been a long career and a satisfying one and an interesting one.  During the lull for Christmas, I read old letters that I'd written to my kids.  One is from 1991 when I was managing 5 houses for missionaries in Africa.  They'd come home to visit about once a year and they were interesting ...
My real estate career has been a long one but I must admit that I learned something about my county, city and state that I didn't know;  and I didn't learn it until probably 5 or 6 years ago.  We have a monthly meeting and invite a guest to speak.  This particular meeting had a guest from the cou...
I know that all states are different with contracts but probably all law is basically the same.  In Arkansas we have a 10 page contract for making an offer.  One page is all about inspections.  It tells how the buyer has the right to hire a home inspector or do the inspection himself and make sur...
We all have the desire to be charitable and we all have our feelings about which charity is best to choose. I had one favorite charity that I'd given to for years and years on a monthly basis but when I visited this web site I found that it was rated very poorly.....i...

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