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What a surprising look there is in the new apartments being built by Harding University in Searcy Arkansas.  All the other buildings on campus are the staid and trustworthy look of red brick.  Now we are getting YELLOW buildings with a new look. Look at this big impressive yellow building. Notice...
I love old pictures.  Way back then, having your picture taken was something rare unless you were rich and I was not and knew no one who was. This picture below is actually only 3" x 4" in real size but the scanner makes it big and easy to see. It shows the way clothes were hung out to dry. It sh...
This is a blog that I wrote last year.  Driving by each day has been interesting. But I came home a few days ago and it was obvious that everything in my house had been without power.....for hours.  Hubby had evidently been right about things going out.  See the results of the battle below. Kinda...
  Florida has always been a vacationer's paradise.  Wonder if they still have boats with glass bottoms so you can see what's in the water.  This old picture shows a boatload of visitors.  It was in a little folder frame and I'm guessing that as soon as you got off the boat you could buy the souv...
A drive to work a few days ago was interrupted by this disturbing site. Heavy winds early in the morning had broken the limb off a tree and the limb had fallen and taken a big swat at the chimney of this beautiful old home on Market Street in Searcy AR.  Sleuths may remember it as the old Methodi...
We call her Anita Tart Hart Fuller because she has a sharp tongue and it rhymes with Hart, her maiden name. She just tartly chews us out when we do it and still loves and forgives us. She was the happiest and most blessed child in Searcy Arkansas as she grew up. She has been on many blogs on this...
While touring Pioneer Village in Searcy AR I saw this picture hanging in the old depot building.  I remembered that no one seemed to be able to remember when the Krogers store was in downtown Searcy on Spring Street.  The picture says it was on Spring Street and it names the people in the pictur...
Seeing this turkey strutting around with all this color reminded me of the song that says, "Just because you think you're so pretty.  Just because you think you're so hot.  Just because you think you've got something that no body else has got." This turkey DOES have something no one else has........
As a child I wanted to go to the "Dime Store."  Perhaps it was called a five and 10 cent store but to me and my kin it was the Dime Store.  I could go in there with one dime and find many items that would please me.  In Arkansas we now have the famous Crystal Bridges Art Museum in Bentonville AR....
Shoot fire!  We know you don't do this!  You don't let yourself show up in the MLS pictures!  We definitely can't put our signs in the picture!  But is there a rule against having yourself in the picture?? This young man from our office swears he has never had more attention with an MLS picture....

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