bald knob ar: Bald Knob AR 1953 girls' basketball. Tournament program. - 10/28/20 10:21 AM
1953 Bald Knob Basketball tournament girls
Here is another historic picture found in the White County Girls' Basketball Tourney program that I found on ebay.  Playing basketball was important to girls then just as it is now.  It is still a mystery why the game ceased for girls for about 20 years starting in 1959.
Enjoy this.  See if you know anyone!

bald knob ar: Searcy? Bald Knob? Depot with lots of people. 1952. Arkansas. - 10/21/19 09:03 AM

Where was it and what were they doing?
This picture has Nov. 1952 written on the back.  The front lower corner says Novak Bald Knob Ark.  The water tower has something that looks like " ...national ......Co" written on it.  Could it have been International Shoe Co.?
So, Searcy Sleuths, can you tell us where it was and what was going on?  The people seem to be dressed nicely and there is a crowd.  Perhaps someone was speaking to the group. 
There are lots and lots of light poles.  I really like the picture and think you will too.  It was loaned to … (32 comments)

bald knob ar: J Collison store Bald Knob AR since 1896 selling out - 08/02/18 10:36 AM

J Collison, established in 1896
While in downtown Bald Knob AR a few days ago I noticed the almost empty windows of the J Collison store.  There was a sign saying something like 75% off so I went in.  The store is almost empty but the remaining items were interesting,  but most interesting to me were the old fixtures.  See some of them below.
This was a lovely old stack of wood drawers.  The top part swiveled for easy access.

These flower-like bins must be ancient.  One holds nails and the yellow one apparently holds grain.
This storage unit was metal and certainly very old.
And … (5 comments)

bald knob ar: Historic homes at Bald Knob AR circa 1919 multi-view postcard. - 03/13/17 06:06 AM

This postcard shows pictures of important homes in Bald Knob AR approximately 1919.  This is the first multi-view postcard that I have seen.  We know that at least one of these homes is still standing.  Sleuths from Bald Knob should be able to give us the addresses of ones remaining.
Names that are readable are J W Roetzel, Dr. J C Cleveland, J J Campbell, J W Cranford, A P Moody, W A W Price, J W Roetzel (second time), R H Upchurch and what looks like E R Wynn.
It is an excellent glance back close to 100 years ago! 

bald knob ar: Wallace Fruit Market, Bald Knob AR, historic postcard - 02/28/17 04:35 PM

I guess I should have bought this old post card showing the Wallace Roadside Market in Bald Knob AR. I did bid on it while it was on ebay but someone else really wanted it more than I did and it is gone. But here is a picture of the front and of the address side.  Sounds as if it was an interesting place one mile west of Bald Knob on Highways 67 and 64.
Sounds also as if they had imported gifts, fruits and vegetables, souvenirs, pottery, hand-blown glass and native sorghum and honey. Also ciders and exotic foods.  Owners were … (4 comments)

bald knob ar: Bald Knob AR Market Cafe and Station. Historic post card. - 02/09/17 05:07 AM

Travel through Bald Knob AR and you can still stop and visit this Market Cafe.  This post card shows the building and the cars reveal the age of the picture.  I found it interesting that the cafe owner may have also been the owner of what was a filling station.  The building in the backgroud is called Market Station and it is also still there but it no longer says Market Station.  Here is a current picture from Google Earth showing the two buildings.
Bald Knob sleuths may be able to tell us more about the history of these two buildings and … (12 comments)

bald knob ar: Run Fox Run! Fox Motel Bald Knob AR historic photo. - 02/01/17 02:14 PM

This old post card found on ebay shows the Fox Motel in Bald Knob Arkansas and you can guess its age from the vehicles in the picture.  I'm guessing that the fox lit up and ran!  Some Sleuth will have to tell me it that was the way it worked.  I do like the way they pushed phones and TV and electric heat and the arrow definitely urges you to come stay at the FOX.  Notice Kelley's Grill way back in the background. 
We've come a long way, Baby!

bald knob ar: The new history book. Yearbooks! I love this one from Bald Knob AR. - 09/09/15 04:36 AM

This yearbook from Bald Knob AR is for sale on ebay right now.  I can't afford it but I do love the cover.  I have never seen this much creativity in a cover.  Tearin' It Up with a corner that looks as if they were ripping the page seems different and must have come from a creative art student.  I have several old books from Searcy AR and from Harding College (now University) in Searcy and a few from other cities but this is the best cover of them all.  Perhaps the buyer will be from around our area and will … (0 comments)

bald knob ar: What a picture! Bald Knob Public School. Photo for sale. - 08/03/15 10:14 PM

Isn't this a fantastic picture!  It is for sale right now on ebay.  I love the clarity, the people in the foreground, the steeple on the side.  Wonder if it was also a church?  And I wonder what the attached little structure on the end of the porch was?  And I wonder where it was located in Bald Knob?  The seller says it is postmarked 1910. 
Old pictures bring back so many memories.  Having grown up in Georgia where the climate was milder than here in Arkansas, I remember lots of buildings with no skirting around the foundation.  It was fun … (4 comments)

bald knob ar: Continued....Prettiest little filling station in Bald Knob AR... - 07/20/15 03:34 AM
I wrote a blog last week about the pleasure I receive when passing by the little old English Tudor filling station in Bald Knob.  Lots of Sleuths have responded and I now have more pictures, more knowledge, and new friends.  It is on the Historic Register, was built around 1930 and was operated by the man shown in the picture below and all comments stated how nice he was.
Here's my picture with first blog.
Look at this next picture that was provided by a Sleuth who got it from an old high school yearbook.
I understand!  It does not show much of the … (10 comments)

bald knob ar: How long since you saw a ditch full of cattails? - 07/17/15 11:13 AM
When my kids were little they would have waded into this ditch and brought me a few cattails home for me to put in a big vase on the floor.  I loved them.....the kids too of course!
I have not seen a decent bunch of cattails in years and years but there in Bald Knob AR a few days ago I found this patch.  I almost parked my car to go gather a few but decided I did not have permission and I could be arrested.  But I did take a picture. 
I must admit that I also found them an easy subject … (5 comments)

bald knob ar: The prettiest little filling station in Arkansas. Bald Knob. - 07/16/15 04:17 AM
Each time I drive through Bald Knob Arkansas I admire this property.  It must have once been a filling station but who ever heard of an English Tudor filling station?
The building is brick with Tudor trim.  It even has a curved outside doorway that probably led to the outdoor bathrooms.  Doors probably rolled up to let mechanics work on vehicles. 
Today I stopped long enough to snap a picture from across the street.  If anyone sees this blog and can give us history regarding this building that would be great.  Truth to tell, I could not even find the proper address … (13 comments)

bald knob ar: Strawberry field in Bald Knob. Picking strawberries used to be jobs for everyone in Searcy AR area. - 04/16/13 09:52 PM

Look at the size of this strawberry farm!
My understanding is that young people from White County Arkansas used to spend their summer months in strawberry fields such as this one picking the berries and making a little spending money.
Since I grew up in Georgia working in tobacco fields of this size, I can't testify that I worked in strawberry fields.  It seems to be agreed, however, that the crops of yesterday were the McDonald's of today.  Young people now find jobs in the fast food sectors instead of the fields like this one.  They work in air-conditioned comfort! 

bald knob ar: Surprise!! Great old card picture from Bald Knob AR that I had never seen! 300 Block Center St. historic homes. - 08/05/12 01:40 AM
We have made a great new friend in James Whitlow, who does not even live in our area but collects cards from lots of areas and shares with us!
Here's the latest.  He sent me this one from Bald Knob AR.  Probably Bald Knob had not named streets then but I recognized the tall two story house as one that has just sold and is now up for resale. It's number is 301 Center Street and the court house says it was built in 1917.
I love the picket fences and the wood sidewalks.  At first I thought I'd have … (22 comments)

bald knob ar: Oh!!!! Please say it isn't so!! Bald Knob AR bank modernized..... - 02/04/12 09:37 AM
I closed a property with long-time Bald Knob Arkansas citizens.  During chat time, I showed them this wonderful picture of the bank in Bald Knob at an earlier time.

  They said, "Oh, yes, and it is still there. But it doesn't look the same."  I asked them to direct me to it and they did.
Here is what I found.  : (

Modernized....Changed....No longer recognizable.....
That's why I say, "Please tell me this isn't the same place!"

bald knob ar: Wonder if they had the same architect way back then. Old banks in White County AR. - 01/08/12 09:28 AM

Great picture, isn't it!!  This old picture of the Bald Knob State Bank with an approximate date of 1910 shows how lovely the building was.  Evidently the fashion was to have a corner entry. 
I started comparing.  Here's a picture of the Kensett Bank, now closed.  Look how similar.

And let's add another one.  It is still open and thriving.  McRae Arkansas has this fantastic old bank built around 1900 so says the county records.

I did a blog on this bank once before and loved the bullet proof glass that is still inside.  Here's a review.


bald knob ar: Arkansas used to have the best strawberries in the world. Lots of pickers were required. - 05/09/11 03:09 PM
Strawberries are ripe right now around Searcy Arkansas.  Driving from Searcy Arkansas to Bald Knob Arkansas (which used to be called the strawberry capital of the world) along the old highway will possibly find lots of people with freshly-picked strawberries for sale.
They're pretty expensive this year, probably about $4 a quart.  Folks who have a wild desire for strawberries are going to have to pay dearly.
An old family diary indicated that the teenage girl and two of her friends were going to McRae to stay at the home of a family and pick berries.  They stayed a few days and didn't … (19 comments)

bald knob ar: Have you always wanted an old house with charm, wood floors, and a big yard with pecan trees? - 01/28/11 01:15 PM
If you drool when you drive by Victorian homes, look at this one.  It is a HUD foreclosure property in the little town of Bald Knob.  The courthouse says it was built in 1947 but I don't believe that.  An old-timer in Bald Knob says it dates back to the 20's, he thinks.  The storage building in the back yard, he says, was an old dairy barn. 

It has the charm of hardwood floors, tall windows, a bay room that would be excellent for piano playing space.  Definitely, it takes us back to another era.  Note the pecan tree!!  … (17 comments)

bald knob ar: Bald Knob Arkansas revisited. Good use of an old filling station. - 12/28/10 12:21 PM
Bald Knob is a small town approximately 12 miles from Searcy Arkansas, the White County seat.  Bald Knob grows on you.  Despite the funny name, the town is a treasure with good places to eat, an appreciation for history, and friendly folks.
I bought this old card.

It shows the Market Cafe.  The Market Cafe is still in existence with a loyal clientele.  Look behind the cafe. See that Market Station filling station?  It's still there also.

But now it has a new service.  It's the Bald Knob Fire Department!  Bald Knob appreciated the old rock architecture and put … (35 comments)

bald knob ar: What does it mean to live on the wrong side of the tracks? - 08/07/08 12:18 AM

This is the Bald Knob, Arkansas, White County, train depot taken a long time ago.  Bald Knob, in the last few years, obtained a grant and they used it to restore the old depot.  It is used as a museum for train items and it may still be used as a depot too because trains come through Bald Knob all the time.
But back to my question.  You and I have always heard about "the wrong side of the tracks."  She or he lives on the wrong side of the tracks.....and sometimes that was a snub.  At least I always thought it … (17 comments)

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