barbara s duncan: Judsonia mansion. Henson house. Survived Judsonia tornado. - 07/26/19 12:10 PM

Remember how much we LOVE the mansion in Judsonia that survived the Judsonia tornado in 1952?
Look what we have found.  This picture was in a White County Centennial Edition of The Daily Citizen and White County Citizen that was published in Searcy in August 1936!  It shows the mansion long before the tornado and shows all the beauty with trees and shrubs and flowers all around.  Streets were probably not paved but there appears to be a curb and sidewalk around the corner.  My friend, Letain DeVore, gave me this great old 16 page bit of history because she knew I'd … (4 comments)

barbara s duncan: Soldier sign. Humor with traveling dog. House for sale. - 06/19/19 06:28 PM

For sale by owner sign
This sign has been a source of interest and humor.  At first this was just a big sign attached to a tree and folks wondered what it was going to say.
Then the sign as you see above appeared.  It is unusual, for sure, and we are all eager to assist our service members.  As a REALTOR I don't usually feature a for sale by owner, but I am putting this online with the permission of the seller.
Here's the thing that has won us all over.  THE DOG!  While driving by we noticed a dog near the sign.  … (7 comments)

barbara s duncan: Johnny Cash, Dyess AR, home visited. Wilson AR. Good trip. - 05/19/19 02:39 PM

Johnny Cash's childhood home
We traveled for miles and miles.  Not a lot of traffic but lots and lots of farmland on either side of the road.  Neither of us had been in this part of the country before.  We were leaving Searcy AR and going to Dyess AR to visit the restored home of the Cash family.  Valerie was taking a day off to tour history with this old mom.
We traveled through several scenic small towns.  It made me think again about my blog, "The larger the tree, the older the house."  The main street (now the highway) would run through … (4 comments)

barbara s duncan: 1954 Mrs. Joe Knox Kindergarten class. Searcy AR - 01/23/19 11:41 AM

See anyone you know?
These beautiful kids attended Mrs. Joe Knox's kindergarten class in 1954.  In 1967 they were graduating from Searcy High School and this congratulations page must have come from Mrs. Knox because it was in the advertising section.  1967 is important to me because that is when I arrived in Searcy.  After so many years, I can see some of the kids in this picture that I know as adults.  See if you can find a future Arkansas First Lady in this group!
Style?  Plaids were in!  Girls wore dresses and they had short hair.  And I love the two … (0 comments)

barbara s duncan: Bee Rock, Searcy AR climbing spot, Scenic, Dangerous? - 11/04/18 07:40 AM

Bee Rock, Searcy ARK
Tempted?  Yes, I am tempted to try to buy this old post card that is on ebay right now.  I have never seen a postcard featuring  Bee Rock in Searcy, Arkansas.  Yes, I have heard of Bee Rock, and I remember warning my kids NOT to go to that spot and try climbing rocks.  I have, unfortunately, heard of deaths and accidents happening at Bee Rock so perhaps it is time to discuss Bee Rock on this blog or on facebook.  Can you, Searcy Sleuths, provide more information about this place just outside Searcy AR?  Let's hear about … (11 comments)

barbara s duncan: Visit to top of Empire State Building. Old picture post card, Searcy family. - 06/16/18 06:41 AM

Here is a great old post card showing a Searcy AR family visiting the world's tallest building.  As they climbed to the top, the photo guy was there to snap their picture and sell it to them.  The picture had to be made prior to 1972 because that is when the Empire State Building in New York lost its prestige of being the tallest.  Doing a little googling revealed that it is now the 5th tallest in the US and the 37th tallest in the world!  
I like the styles of the folks in the picture.   For dress-ups back then women did … (10 comments)

barbara s duncan: Who had 2 and 7? Phone numbers in Searcy AR. Trivia question? - 06/05/18 09:54 AM

It was easy when they were small numbers.  Anita Hart Fuller, our blog source for so many things, has an old phone book with phone numbers and addresses. We thought it would be fun to see who had the first 10 phone numbers in Searcy and the locations.  We were unable to track down the numbers 2 and 7.  Perhaps you Searcy Sleuths can help us out.  Here goes.....
1.   Smith-Vaughan Merc. Co    201 W. Arch
2.   ??????
3.  White County Jail  413 N. Spruce
4.  Ivan Quattlebaum Grocery & Ivan Quattlebaum Transfer   217 W. Market 
5.  W. D. Davenport  211 W. Center  … (4 comments)

barbara s duncan: Family Shoe Store, Searcy AR, 1978 Harding Yearbook. - 05/15/18 11:20 AM

Miss the service of yesterday?
I do.  I must admit that shopping now in at least one of my favorite stores of yesteryear is a disappointment.  There is no one in the shoe department to help you find a size.  There is no one in the ladies department to help you find the proper fit for you.  There are only a few checkers to check you out if you buy an item.
So look at this picture of a shoe store downtown many years ago.  They had excellent service from helping you decide what your size was to helping you find your size, … (22 comments)

barbara s duncan: Surprise! My associate Alice Lercher is an artist! Beautiful work! - 04/25/18 07:59 AM

How can you know someone for years and years and still be surprised to find out a hidden talent that the person has?  That is exactly what has just happened to me!!
My friend and associate,  Alice Lercher, just sorta accidentally showed me some of the fun things she has drawn, cut out, and painted for the grandchildren, and I was thrilled and excited to see them.  Note the bottom picture named Riley Street for the grandchild Riley!  And when I asked who made the signpost, I was not surprised to hear that her husband and also my associate, Mark Lercher, had … (4 comments)

barbara s duncan: Young boys at swimming pool. Searcy AR pool? Larry Leon James. - 04/17/18 04:28 PM

Another delightful photo from Elvin Davenport's collection.
We don't have to guess who this young boy was as he was sitting around a pool.  Was it a Searcy AR pool?  Perhaps Larry Leon James, who has verified that this was he, will join in and tell us where it was.  Perhaps, also, he can tell us who the darkly suntanned boy on the left was.
We repeat that Elvin Davenport roamed the city and the surrounding little towns and took many pictures.  We can consider them now part of history.  I consider them historic photos of Searcy AR and wish we could round … (2 comments)

barbara s duncan: Dressed up ladies. Searcy AR? Who were they? Elvin Davenport pics. - 03/31/18 03:27 PM

Who were they?
I'm curious.  This is another one of Elvin Davenport's pictures.  As we have repeated several times, Elvin walked or rode his bike all around the city of Searcy and the surrounding towns way back in the 50's and 60's.  He carried his camera and snapped pictures all the time.  Sherry Quattlebaum Person has loaned them to us for this blog.
So does anyone know who these ladies were?  Was one of them perhaps his mother or grandmother?  We understand he was an only child and the lovely house where he grew up was close to downtown Searcy and has now … (4 comments)

barbara s duncan: Searcy AR gains a new business and a new historian! Will Walker. Yesteryear. - 03/15/18 12:41 PM

See if your situation is the same as mine.  I had 8 mm film of kids.  I had the film transferred to VHSs.  VHSs are now practically extinct so I had them transferred to CDs.  I had lots of old family photos and I had them copied for family members.....  AND I had to send them all off each time.
NOW we have a new business in town called Yesteryear, located on N Spring in downtown Searcy.  Will Walker, shown in the picture above in front of my historic postcard wall at my RE/MAX Advantage office, and his wife Amber have opened … (9 comments)

barbara s duncan: Spring Park in Searcy AR to where? Possibly Main Street. - 03/15/18 12:21 PM

Spring Park in Searcy AR??
Yes, we do think so.  This is another of the Davenport photos loaned to us by Sherry Person and taken years ago by Elvin Davenport, a young man who rode around the countryside and citysides and took pictures with his camera.  This appears to be looking East across Main Street from Spring Park.  But we are not sure and Searcy Sleuths are invited to chime in.  We also wonder if the big house shown is the same as this one below.
Vernon, ole Po Dunk, Duncan had his first car lot across from Spring Park along Main Street.  … (8 comments)

barbara s duncan: 1942 Searcy AR High School seniors. See a relative? Good pictures. - 02/08/18 05:25 AM

I have done you a big favor. 
  I made a copy of this wonderful old picture of the Searcy High School 1942 class that was loaned to me by Sherry Person and then cut it in quarters so that you can read the names!  And you surely will want to see if any of your relatives are in the pictures.  Sherry's uncle was (and still is because he is still around) Jack Spaulding and she may have this photo because of family connections.  He ran a successful moving company for many years here in Searcy AR.  He is a charmer now … (5 comments)

barbara s duncan: Two new redo's. Aren't they lovely? Center St. & Race St. Searcy AR. - 10/27/17 06:24 AM

It is well worth taking a drive (or walk!) down West Race Street and West Center Street, just a few blocks apart, to see these two lovely homes that have been redone with paint and special attention to detail.  I call the top one, located at 610 West Center, the Van Patten home.  It it still in the Van Patten family with a for sale sign in the yard.  A tree had fallen on part of it with some damage so it has now been repaired and has a fresh coat of paint.  An artist, Bobby Van Patten, grew up there … (4 comments)

barbara s duncan: Please explain....when did Truman Baker Chevrolet look like this? - 08/22/17 07:18 AM

Found in my pile of photos!
This old picture of Truman Baker Chevrolet shows that they had a real business in trucks.  And I can't remember right now where it came from so I need help with this photo.  Did the business stretch from one block to another?  Where is the Main Street corner?  It is for sure a very interesting picture of Searcy Arkansas when the town was smaller.  So, Sleuths, help me out here.  

barbara s duncan: Mail out 1993. New RE/MAX agent. Searcy AR. How things change! - 07/02/17 01:41 PM

Time does fly when you are having fun!
I found this old 1993 mailout that I did when I became an "Above the Crowd!" RE/MAX agent.  I think it showed a lot of history.  Note how it was when I began in 1979.  Curlies and double knits were in and interest rates shot up to 17% and above.  In 1993 the interest rates were as low as 6.95%!
What about now?  Who would have thought interest rates would be between 3% and 4%?  Who would have thought that most of the shopping for houses would be on the internet?    Who would … (6 comments)

barbara s duncan: Judsonia, AR. 1908. Dirt streets, downtown picture postcard. - 05/27/17 06:15 AM

We can look at this photo and think about how things have changed for the better in the last 100 years.  Imagine traveling those mud streets of Judsonia AR.  
This is an old postcard that is on ebay right now.  Price is pretty high so I will not be buying but it would be good for Judsonia to have it in their historic collection.  A one cent stamp delivered it to Indianapolis, Indiana to a Mr. Robert Storm and I like the last sentence which says, "Whats the matter with you dead or married?"  
Postcards, when they become enlarged by scanning, … (3 comments)

barbara s duncan: A different ad. Wallace Spencer's 5th grade. 1969 McRae Searcy AR - 05/05/17 10:39 AM
I love looking at the ads in the old yearbooks.  I came across this one and don't remember seeing any others like this one.  It says,"Congratulations, to the Graduating Class of 1969 from the Graduating Class of 1976."  Wallace Spencer's 5th grade class at McRae Elementary School in Searcy AR sponsored the ad.  
My understanding is that the ads are paid for by businesses or individuals who insert them so I can't help wondering whether the teacher paid for it or whether the kids went out and raised money for it. It is an interesting look at history.  The girls all … (5 comments)

barbara s duncan: Wheat Motel Searcy AR. Old Postcard. Hwy 64-67 ByPass. - 04/25/17 12:18 PM

This old postcard shows the Wheat Motel in Searcy AR.  I do not remember this motel at all so some of you Sleuths will have to tell me where it was.  The address was Hwy 64-67 Bypass in Searcy AR but where was that many years ago?  It looks as if it had carports?
The back of the card brags that it had air-conditioning and panel ray heat, free T.V., room phones, free coffee, tile showers.  "Just plain old-fashioned comfort."   Pat & Mary Wheat, Owners & Operators.  Call CH 5-4661.
It was never mailed.  Who can tell us about it?  And about … (12 comments)

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