barbara s duncan: Hotel Adrian Heber Springs AR Fireproof Built 1908 Gone by 1916 - 01/31/24 11:30 AM
Old Old Hotel.  Fireproof
Hotel Adrian, Heber Springs, Ark. Did you ever hear of it?
Neither had I but here's an old postcard that seems to prove that there was one.  Let's read what the nearly worn-out card says.  The first picture shows the building and two rooms inside with this written on it.  "Hotel Adrian, Heber Springs, Ark.  New, fireproof building.  Hot and cold running water, suites with bath, steam heat, and all modern up-to-date conveniences.  For any information address T. V. Metzger."
The back of the card reads "Heber Springs, Ark, is famous throughout the whole country for its medicinal waters … (5 comments)

barbara s duncan: Bobby Petrino visits Searcy 2/23/12. Saved for Tyler Higgins pic! - 12/04/23 11:41 AM

Bobby Petrino is back in the news because he is back in Arkansas.  I am not a football fan so why did I save this Arkansas Democrat Gazette news article? One reason!  An adorable red headed young fan was in the picture.  Let's blow it up!
Here is the enlarged picture of Tyler getting his shirt autographed by Coach Bobby Petrino.  See the adoration in his eyes!  He loved the Arkansas Razorbacks and the coach.  He was about 10 or 11 years old with a wonderful abundance of red hair!   Wonder where this shirt is now?  It may be valuable!!
Who is the … (3 comments)

barbara s duncan: Home made Birthday card. Wyndelene Holmes Duncan caricature card - 11/16/23 11:58 AM

About 37 years ago.
My mother-in-law, Wyndelene Holmes Duncan, got this hand-done birthday card from me.  I had forgotten that I did it but it just popped up a few days ago.  We all called her Winnie but she preferred the real version of her name.  
She is also part of Searcy's history.  She grew up on Holmes Road in Searcy and that family is why the name is Holmes Road.  There is still a big old rock house on the side of the hill.  Click for the picture of it a long time ago.  
Ms. Winnie, as we called her, was a … (4 comments)

barbara s duncan: Another one bites the dust. Searcy AR very historic Blume's Eat Shop - 10/31/23 11:18 AM

Gone!  No need to drive by.  
I went to the internet and found this rather old picture but not as old as the one above.  I really like the way the rock has been put on....kinda creative.  
Through the years of blogging, I have done this eat shop at least two other times.  Let's research.  Click on the first address below. It tells about some of its history.  Read the comments and notice we had just become neighbors.
Now click on the next address.  You must read the comments on it to learn all about it's history.  It used to be on the main … (1 comments)

barbara s duncan: Mary Vesta Ford, Walt Disney Rejection letter, Searcy AR, Style Bangs! - 10/23/23 10:50 AM

1934 Kindergarten Class
Look at this class from 1934 and notice how the kids tried to be alike in hair fashion.  Bangs!  Bangs were definitely in for boys and girls!  But that is not the main reason I am doing this blog.  I have done another blog about the girl on the back row on the right, Mary Vesta Ford, who received an interesting rejection letter from Disney when she asked for a job. I
She lived in Searcy in a yard on Center Street that held a gorilla!  The original blog can be reached by clicking the link below.  Most important thing … (2 comments)

barbara s duncan: Picture in paper? Yes! Clip it! Save it! 20 yrs! Loved memory! - 10/10/23 12:04 PM
The way it used to be!
This might be better than today's travels.  Almost 20 years ago this picture was in the Searcy Daily Citizen, turned in by us and welcomed and encouraged by the newspaper.  We all loved having our picture in the paper, clipping it, and saving it for eternity.  NOW, folks put on facebook that they are NOW vacationing in some far-off location.  Sounds as if they are spreading the word that their home may be empty.  Welcome to thieves??  Seems to me like we did better 20 years ago!
I just wrote a blog about newspapers and how much … (1 comments)

barbara s duncan: Lovely building. Harding University. Is it still there? - 10/01/23 12:47 PM

Built in 1953, Harding College Building, Searcy AR
Lovely, isn't it?  I bought this card from ebay for 50 cents.  The back says, "A modern, air-conditioned classroom building, completed in 1953.  It contains business laboratories, lecture rooms, seminar rooms, small auditorium, and staff offices." A 1960 Harding Petit Jean has a picture of it and calls it the American Studies Building.
My question is "Is it still there on campus?"  I am a Harding College graduate and the campus has grown so large that I have not been on it in quite a while. This was a beautiful building then and I hope … (3 comments)

barbara s duncan: First National Bank through the years. Searcy AR. 1904 lovely! - 09/14/23 12:46 PM

I was given this card with three different views of First National Bank in Searcy AR.  The 1904 view is SO different.  Correct me if I am wrong but I have been told that it was located at the corner of Arch and Spruce at that time and it burned.  In this picture it looks as if it was very fancy and perhaps had the entrance on the corner.  I'd like to see a very clear picture of it at that time.
In 1954, it seems much simpler and was in a different location. I believe it was then at the corner … (3 comments)

barbara s duncan: Looks like Mom and Dad.....but not mine. Old picture. Fashion changes. - 09/11/23 11:02 AM

This tiny picture is only 3" x 3" and scanning enlarged it.
I glance at it and say, "They look so much like my mom and dad!"
Enlarging shows it is not them so I analyze and decide it is the fashion that makes me think it looks like them.  Take the lady....dresses only for women way back in the 30's. (This looks like 30's or 40's to me.) My mother would only wear pants to go pick cotton or work in the fields. Dresses were usually hand made with the style you see here. 
Then look at the man.  Overalls with lots … (4 comments)

barbara s duncan: Real Estate Memories and Personal Accolades for Letain DeVore. - 08/16/23 10:58 AM

Searcy Arkansas was fortunate to welcome a new family named DeVore to Searcy in 1974.  Van DeVore came to work with SW Bell, his wife was Letain and their children were Janet and Roger.  Letain had been selling Avon.
Did you know?  Women real estate agents were almost non-existent back then.  Letain, who has an excellent memory, remembers the 5 at the time.  She named them.  Dell Coyle, Helen Newman, Lorene Smith, Mervyl McInturff, and Thelma Mason.  Today, women agents probably outnumber the men.
Helen Newman sold the DeVores their home!
Helen, a super agent, started working on Letain to join the few women … (1 comments)

barbara s duncan: Car colors. Bill's Grill Searcy AR. 1950's. Popular cars. Noble Motel - 07/17/23 11:21 AM

Car colors!
Look around you now.  White is the dominate color for cars and trucks, or it seems that way to me.  Hubby, car dealer, indicated one time that colors on cars made the vehicle cost more.  This old 50's post card showing cars, and one truck, parked around one of Searcy's favorite eating spots, Bill's Grill, showed a great love for light green!
Beside Bill's Grill was Noble Motel.  You MUST see the beginning of the Motel and see how it started.  Click here to see the beginning and read what it was like.  Mike Noble, now deceased, tells about it and … (2 comments)

barbara s duncan: Bugger Hollow in AR? Postcard on ebay. Population 7 plus one coon dog. - 07/10/23 05:32 AM

Is it still there? Interesting!
This card is for sale on ebay.  I stumbled across it and it brought back memories.  I knew about boogers....from my parents....who told me they would get me if I wasn't a good girl.  And not a Hollow but a "Holler" so make that Booger Holler.
Located at Dover, Arkansas.  Tell us, Sleuths, if it still exists......

barbara s duncan: A jug full of memories. Art exhibit at the Historic Black House. - 05/24/23 10:18 AM
A Jug Full of Memories
The Historic Benjamin Clayton Black House is having an exhibit called Artisans and Collectors of Searcy.  Here is an item displayed by one artist named Irene Crouch.  In my long art loving background I have never seen one of these and she has three of them in her display.   I love them.  Imagine having all those trinkets and treasures that are displayed on the jug!
Terry Williams, another Searcy artist, has a wonderful display.  Others include Jim Carr, Falyn Waggoner, Gary Shelton and Barbara S Duncan.
Plan to go!  You'll be impressed!
The address is 300 E. Race.  Hours are … (3 comments)

barbara s duncan: Old! Old! A very old picture of the Searcy AR First Methodist Church. - 05/17/23 12:07 PM

Old, old picture of the Methodist Church.
While digging through my treasures, I found this picture of the Searcy Methodist Church.  Look at the mud in the road in front and the long fence in front of it.  I have forgotten wheather that was a house or another church in the background. Perhaps someone will remember and be able to tell us.  There was also no date but Google says it dates back to 1877 and is located at 304 N. Main St.

barbara s duncan: Letona AR hotel. Just sold. Old picture. Now picture. Historic home. - 04/21/23 07:50 AM

Hotel in distance from Depot, still standing.  Just sold again.
Letona Arkansas is a little distance from Searcy AR and has been a popular small town for a long time.  The main reason for the first picture above was to publicize the MFNA depot.  A hotel shows behind it!  Of course, with a train coming through the town, passengers possibly needed a place to stay for a night or two.  That hotel still stands!!
It was listed and just sold again.  It was on the market for 178 days and closed on 4/20/23.  The courthouse says it was built in 1860!!  The MLS … (4 comments)

barbara s duncan: Methodist Episcopal Church, Searcy AR, postcard. Fences. When? - 03/21/23 11:02 AM

Methodist Episcopal Church!  Was there a split?
I think we have run this picture before but the card appeared on ebay for sale and I took the picture again.  I could read, this time, the fine print where it says Methodist Episcopal Church.  I had never noticed that before.  So, Searcy Methodist Sleuths, did the church go separate directions?  Did the beautiful Episcopal church in Searcy break away from the Methodist?  Go here to the older blog that has a much larger picture of the church!  I do love the larger picture!  Could some of the lines across it be electric … (3 comments)

barbara s duncan: Fashion. Belts. Worn by lovely Searcy AR lady. 70's perhaps. - 03/19/23 01:02 PM

Remember when fancy belts for women were popular?
The lovely Searcy lady who wore these belts died in 1999. I obtained them from an estate sale that was held at her home near downtown Searcy AR.  They are not very big around (remember when ideal waist size was 25") so she was a slim and graceful lady.  This fashion was popular in  1970's or 1980's If I remember correctly.
She had an important friend, the mother of Cher! Click for blog.  Cher's mother lived in Searcy for awhile.  She called herself by the name Georgia Holt..  Georgia was born Jackie Jean Crouch near … (9 comments)

barbara s duncan: Pastime Pool hall, Searcy AR, Historic photo, Spruce St downtown. - 02/27/23 01:00 PM

Taking a picture of a picture is not ideal. So I am sorry the picture is not quite straight.  But......
While visiting a historic location on Spruce Street in downtown Searcy AR I found this picture of "how things used to be" at the location. It "used to be" a pool hall so I took this picture of the picture.  It was called Pastime Pool Hall.  In the picture are 4 men that some may remember.  One is Tom Killough (owner of the business), another is Tom Head, another is Lloyd Welch, and last Elvin Hilger.  The pool and snooker tables are … (3 comments)

barbara s duncan: Unforgettable chimney, over 100 years old, still operating, pawn shop - 01/22/23 09:54 AM
Another M. D. Faith real estate photo from around 1979. Searcy AR
 As I began two other blogs,  M. D. Faith was one of the early real estate brokers in Searcy AR.  He and his wife have both passed and their home on Pleasure Street has just sold.  An estate sale was held and I dropped by.  There was an envelop with negatives in it from pictures made by him for his real estate sales or for his pleasure.  I have a friend who was able to print the pictures from the negatives (I returned the negatives to the heirs) and this … (3 comments)

barbara s duncan: Rialto, Cumberland Presbyterian, old abstract office, downtown Searcy. - 01/09/23 01:13 PM

Another historic picture of the Rialto and downtown Searcy
As I stated in another blog, M. D. Faith was one of the early real estate brokers in Searcy AR.  He and his wife have both passed and their home on Pleasure Street has just sold.  An estate sale was held and I dropped by.  There was an envelop with negatives in it from pictures made by him for his real estate sales or for his pleasure.  I have a friend who was able to print the pictures from the negatives (I returned the negatives to the heirs) and this is one of … (4 comments)

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