barbara s duncan: The Three Stooges live on in Rose Bud AR. Curly, Larry and Moe. - 05/25/24 01:58 PM

Mistaken Identity
I stumbled upon these three guys in an antique shop and stared and stared.  I thought the one with the bangs was a Beatle.  Then the owner said they were the three stooges from way back.  A little research tells me that their heyday was in the 1930s and 1940s.  So I didn't remember them but I definitely remember the Beatles!  The shop has a long name.  Daisy & The Dandelion Vintage Market in Rose Bud, Arkansas and it was a delight to visit including the Rock House, Barn & Warehouse on the property.
So I was in a reminiscing mood … (7 comments)

barbara s duncan: Rediscovered treasure. Civil War powder horn. Turkey caller. - 05/13/24 12:17 PM
Here is what has been tucked away in my bookcase for years and years.  It is in a shadow box and had things sorta covering it.  I thought, "WOW!  I forgot this and it has real meaning after all these years!"
Here is a close-up of what is in the frame.
And here is a closer close-up with the writing almost readable.  My daughter inherited this from her dad's family, her Aunt Roma Henry if I remember correctly.  She lived in Fort Smith and loved antiques.  Her name is at the top of the note card. Poor me.  I can't remember whether it … (13 comments)

barbara s duncan: A little history about a house "just sold." 1310 W Arch. Searcy AR - 05/04/24 06:57 AM

I borrowed this picture which was on MLS saying that it has just sold. I did a blog about this house several years ago regarding its history and its changes.  Look at these older pictures.

All right,  the house today is at the corner of Arch and Olive and that is not a sidewalk in front but the street.  It was occupied by Tetie and Dick Hart (Dick Hart was at one time Chief of Police in Searcy) and Bridgit Hart says, "In the 50's Tetie Hart remodeled the house and lowered the front porch.  There is a well under the back … (5 comments)

barbara s duncan: Searcy needs this? Remember Roseann Motel? A possibly 1960's menu ebay. - 04/12/24 07:55 AM

Few can remember this.....
The Roseann Motel-Restaurant in Searcy AR. was a popular spot and this menu opens and prices the food.  Hamburger 35 cents, coffee 10 cents and it goes on and on with those cheap, cheap prices of food.  It is now for sale on ebay.  If the Historical Society does not have a copy, it should have one. It can be found for just a few days by clicking on and search for Roseann Menu and it should pull up.  It does not have a date but the seller says the 1960s.  No signs of the building remain … (1 comments)

barbara s duncan: Thank you. Nice surprise from White County Historical Society. 2024 - 04/03/24 01:31 PM

Blogging appreciation from WCHS!  Thanks!
Searcy has noticed my blog!  I have written 2008 blogs since about the year 2008.  Activerain is a wonderful blog site and somehow lots of history has gone into my blog.  It was a surprise to receive this certificate of appreciation at the last meeting of the White County Historical Society.  The WCHS does a great job of making all of us in White County and Searcy AR more aware of the importance of history!!
Thank you, WCHS!!

barbara s duncan: Very well dressed ladies. Holmes in center. Holmes Rd Searcy AR - 04/03/24 07:45 AM

Dressed with class. Over 100 years ago?
This is an old, old picture but it shows how styles change through the years and how the men and women copied the styles.  Women evidently liked the ruffled collar and the fancy sleeves.  Note two bracelets alike, two necklaces alike, slim waists and pins!  Pins used to be worn and were stylish but how many do you see today? And how about that large bow at the back of one's head!!
The lady in the middle, Gertrude,  ended up in Searcy AR. She married an Arkansas guy named Ballard Holmes and  lived on our now … (2 comments)

barbara s duncan: Gone. A farmhouse! Once in the country! Country Club Rd. Belmont Est. - 03/25/24 11:33 AM
Lovely history.
This charming house had its space on Country Club Road.  Land, barns, storage.  It was a typical outside-of-town farm, owned and operated by the same family for so many years.  Here is the remaining chimney. The house is gone.
And here are a few of the typical farm buildings that the farm included and are still there.  They bring back good memories! Drive by!

There is now a street called Seabiscuit going to the back of the farm where a new subdivision is being built.  The new properties will be within walking distance to Searcy Country Club. 
The city has come out … (3 comments)

barbara s duncan: Silver Moon Club. Newport AR. Elvis Presley poster. Rock n Roll Hwy. - 03/17/24 10:48 AM

Did you ever hear of the Silver Moon?  Did you go there?
It was in Newport AR and it hosted soon-to-be-famous stars like Elvis Presley, Fats Domino, Louis Armstrong, Conway Twitty, Sonny Burgess and many others. The club had alcohol, gambling, and live bands and could seat 800.
I found this poster in a drawer in my house and I think Hubby was a patron back in the 50's.  Not me.  I didn't live in Arkansas.  He was familiar with the area and now there is a rock-n-roll highway that remembers it and other night clubs along the highway. 
I found this picture of … (3 comments)

barbara s duncan: Yearbooks? Worthless? I love them! We have 8 Judsonia AR ones! 1980s - 02/15/24 06:40 AM

Have you ever noticed that a yearbook may be called "Panther" or some name but you have a hard time finding the city that it is from?  Here are our Panthers but it was a search to find that they are from Judsonia AR. (Remember the city that was destroyed in 1952 by a tornado.)
So what are they good for? They are historic for sure! Looking through them reminds you of your favorite or least favorite teachers, students that you had crushes on or hated, hair styles, clothing styles, sports events, school events of all kinds!  And these are from kindergarten … (1 comments)

barbara s duncan: Head dress made of feathers. You could own one! Sale tomorrow. - 02/08/24 03:23 PM
Is this lovely!
I had never seen one until this was discovered in a saver's house.  He collected all sorts of items that are now offered to the public at a sale this weekend.  I believe there are three of them to be offered.  The estate sale is at 104 Lynn Street, Judsonia AR starting in the morning.  Other offerings are shown on
I am amazed at the complexity of construction!

barbara s duncan: Jack's Saloon postcard. Were there others? These are 216 Central - 02/02/24 11:37 AM
This newly discovered postcard is interesting and I have done a blog about this similar one below.  So I am wondering if some business person went around putting up little saloons.  Click here for the blog of the one below.  The gentleman above seems more like the saloon type and the gentleman below looks more like the business type who would start the franchise.
Let us know if you have any info on Jack's Saloons!

barbara s duncan: Remember? Bridge collapse. Heber Springs AR. October 1989. - 01/28/24 11:59 AM

Old Swinging Bridge
In October this old bridge collapsed.  It is at Heber Springs AR and had been closed to traffic in 1972, built in 1912, and could be visited as a walking bridge.  The report sounds as if several visitors were on the bridge and some youths started swinging it and it suddenly collapsed and folks were dropped into the water below.  Five died.  This picture was loaned to me and has ended up belonging to the Historical Society.
I wish some news source would give us a brand new report about this tragedy.  How about that, Searcy Citizen?

barbara s duncan: Long haired lady. Styled as today. Ancient photograph. Mary Burton. - 01/22/24 11:17 AM
What a picture!  
Have you noticed how all the girls now want long hair, usually parted in the middle and hanging down over the chest?  Evidently, it was a style many years ago also.  I have loads of old pictures and came across this stunning photograph.
Condition is not the greatest.  On the back it gives the name of Mary Burton and is a post card, never mailed.  It seems to have been the favorite way to get a portrait.  Another thing I notice is that the photographs are often taken in front of some hanging item in the background as you see … (4 comments)

barbara s duncan: Long career, no see! House in Searcy with atrium, rare. - 01/15/24 08:14 AM

Nice room, isn't it!  
Well, it does look a little like snow on the chair and the floor.  No, it is not fake snow for is REAL SNOW!  With the temperature in Searcy AR being about 13 degrees over the past hours and expected to be that for several days, one wonders who committed this crime!!  SNOW IN THE MIDDLE OF THIS HOUSE!  There is no roof over this area!
I have had a long real estate career (over 40 years) and this is the only atrium that I have seen in Searcy AR. The owner loves the house and the atrium!  … (4 comments)

barbara s duncan: Do dads still get ties for Christmas? 27 ties. Jokes. Least favorite. - 12/20/23 12:18 PM

A Least favorite gift through the years!
Jokes abound about giving dads a tie for Christmas and how they hate each one because they are so ugly.  I think that they may have now rebelled and they no longer wear ties anyhow!  All of the folks that I asked if their husband wears ties said, "NO!"   
I have inherited 27 ties.  I wondered about brand names and couldn't believe that the tag is still on one. The 4th from the left above has an attached $95 price tag on it.  Polo CR'05.  I assume it has been around since 2005.  My husband … (7 comments)

barbara s duncan: Before cell phones. Before computers. The fun for kids? Good examples. - 12/14/23 12:47 PM
Old Searcy AR fun!
What did kids do before they lived with computers and cell phones?  Stumbling upon a memory is always fun.  That happened to me today.  This wonderful aerial view of a husband-built tree house without being attached to a tree is a pleasure. 
I moved to Searcy in 1967 and lived on McRae Street.  Hubby built this tree house (as we called it) for the kids.  I bought this trampoline and it seemed to be the first one in Searcy AR based on its popularity.  Two kids are on it in this photo. The kids could drag it from … (8 comments)

barbara s duncan: A door for Christmas? Lovely antique! Left over from estate sale. - 12/13/23 08:19 AM
Beautiful old doors! Blog repeated.
Some interesting Searcy AR history has just surfaced and there are beautiful antique doors for sale.  At the corner of Market and Gum in Searcy stands Bliss Salon in an old building that the court house says was built in 1884 and was renovated a few years ago by Bliss Salon owners.  I did a blog about it and you have to stop now and go back to read the blog.  Click here, 
Those buyers loved the old doors that were either in or around it and took them home with them.  They were offered at an estate sale … (2 comments)

barbara s duncan: Tired Santa. Old Christmas decoration. Price on bottom? - 12/10/23 02:32 PM

Santa is tired!
Antique chalk decoration for Christmas.
I drag him out every Christmas and enjoy my sleeping Santa.  I bought him at a garage sale several years ago and he is a delight to have different!  I don't know how old he is but the original price is on the bottom  Let's look.
There it is!  If you are old enough to remember going to the "dime store" with parents many years ago you'd perhaps remember how items were priced on the bottom with a marker.  This was 69 cents!  What would it be today?  Seems as if we can't buy anything … (7 comments)

barbara s duncan: Artists, Photographers, Collectors! I love them all! Mayfair exhibit! - 11/17/23 12:05 PM
Photographers!  Look at this great historic picture.  It shows probably all of the employees of Wood Freeman Lumber in Searcy AR.  On the trucks it gives the phone number as 446, Searcy and looks as if E. W. 's was 3200 and O. W. 's was 5000.  Last names must be provided by Searcy Sleuths.  See why I love photographers!
Artists!  Look at this beautiful Phyllis Alexander print!  A little girl with her loving pet.  "The little dog laughed to see such sport" is written at the bottom.  Phyllis Alexander is one of Searcy's best artists and painted so many portraits of … (5 comments)

barbara s duncan: Lost? FOUND!! Vintage Revelation Western Auto glove. Wayne Tackett. - 11/15/23 10:43 AM

Old!  I think so!  Looks old, feels old with such precision in the making.  I found it in a closet in my house! 
Look at all the detail and leather.  And look at a name hand-written on it.  Do you know him?  He might have precious memories to share with us.
It is a Revelation Western Auto Store ball glove, made in Japan, so says the label.  Wouldn't it be nice to find its former owner!

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