barbara s duncan: White County Fair Week in Searcy Arkansas. They used to give away cars - 09/09/23 07:32 AM
 Celebrate!   White County Fair week! Go to this address and read a good article about the fair.  It gives a good history of the fair.
For a few years they gave away cars!!
 Rodger Duncan, standing beside the car that Duncan's car lot was giving away way back in 1964, has a Sept 12 birthday! The fair parade this year was Sept 9 down the main streets of Searcy Arkansas to begin the White County Fair.  Bands, floats, horses, queens, politicians, and a-lot-more strutted along the streets as cheering throngs waved to them from the sidelines.  Lots of candy was thrown!! 
 A friend once brought … (3 comments)

barbara s duncan: Searcy AR old postcard. Quattlebaum building. Phone 364. Then and now. - 09/08/23 12:45 PM

A mystery for Searcy Sleuths!
Ok, Sleuths.  Go no further.  Where was this building in Searcy AR.  This postcard was on ebay and I bought it for a member of the (as you can read on the truck and the sign) Quattlebaum family.  Searcy had a lot of Quattlebaums and this one was Connie Quattlebaum's building 
OK?  Ready to see the way it looks now?  Next picture, please.  It is still there and is a Beauty College.  Then the picture that follows shows the back of the card and the name of the business.  Car experts can probably tell the age by the … (3 comments)

barbara s duncan: Missing. Rodger W. Duncan. Great husband, greater golfer - 09/01/23 12:50 PM

 A Great Husband!
An even greater golfer!!
One year ago, Rodger W. Duncan, my husband, passed away.  He is still missed by not just me, but all his golfing buddies.  Find in the picture above a lot of his golfing friends, some still playing and a lot of them who are probably playing golf with him in another dimension!
Missing you, Dude!!

barbara s duncan: Something is missing! Large lot. No house. Market Searcy AR - 08/07/23 10:40 AM

WOW!  Look at that large empy lot! 
What's wrong with it!!  House missing!  Searcy Sleuths, have you driven by and missed it....just as I did?  So close the next picture and your eyes and think!  Where is this lot?
OK?  Give up? 
I had to go to the court house files to find a picture of the missing house.  The house was my kind of level....brick....and it had to have been built in the 50's or 60's because of that white wrought iron porch decor.  It was at the corner of East Market and North Moss.  SO....another one bit the dust.  And … (3 comments)

barbara s duncan: 1942 Billfold. OLD. Poll tax receipt. White Co AR tax receipt. - 06/13/23 08:32 AM

You think this looks old?
How about this one?  You can see it is ancient!
The probable date that it was in action. 1942.  Perhaps it was carried through the war.  Now we see two more interesting items.  A poll tax receipt and a receipt for paying White County AR personal property tax. Total tax was 80 cents. 
This old billfold was found at an estate sale and makes me wonder whether some gentleman carried it off to war with him.  There is a name, a Mr. Casey from Pangburn AR.  If anyone knew him perhaps we can learn more about him.  It is … (4 comments)

barbara s duncan: Second twin tin moves! Not torn down! Searcy AR Corner Oak & Pleasure - 05/29/23 12:51 PM

Something is missing!
I was contacted and told that one of our twin tins (the only one remaining at the corner of S. Oak and Pleasure) is gone.  The site looks like this.  I did a blog about the twin tins several years ago.  So STOP!  Go see this blog.
Don't they look like twins?
Now go to this blog about one of them being made beautiful.
A Searcy resident bought the twin on the North side of Pleasure and was making it beautiful.
Alas!  It is gone! It has not been demolished but moved across the street to have continued use and history.  … (1 comments)

barbara s duncan: The Spunky Junker now. Two Sisters once. Searcy AR. Junk or antiques! - 05/27/23 08:11 AM

The Spunky Junker
I walked in, sunglasses on, and heard a nice "Hello" but couldn't tell where it came from.  There were so many lovely things in this newly-opened The Spunky Junker antique store that I had to have my sunglasses revert to inside vision.  Then I could see Terre McCord behind her desk with a welcoming smile.
This location at 511 W. Pleasure has had many stores since I got to Searcy.  My favorite was Two Sisters owned by Norma Burgin and Mary Hudson.  Times were different.  At that time I needed stuff for my house.  Now I need to get rid … (2 comments)

barbara s duncan: Happy 100th Birthday! 2496 Gum Springs Rd, Searcy AR. Historic home. - 05/17/23 10:50 AM

Happy 100th Birthday.....
We don't know the exact day of birth.  We do know that it takes a good while for a house to be completely born.  So therefore we go to the courthouse records and see what has been recorded.  This house was born in 1922 says the courthouse.  It is located at 2496 Gum Springs Rd in Searcy AR  And it has that wonderful look of a plantation style house with porches, a porch swing, columns, and a metal fence in front.
It is on the market for sale right now.  Four bedrooms, four baths, 3152 sq. ft. of living space … (0 comments)

barbara s duncan: Country style beauty on Speer Lane, Bald Knob AR. MLS 23010887 - 05/08/23 11:37 AM

Everyone's Dream House for sale right now.
Who doesn't love a wrap around porch, a two story country style house, a tall chimney for a lovely fireplace, a two car garage, and an attached pary house? It includes a workshop that was used as an RV and used car business.  Note that long concrete path leads to the shop.  It is located on Speer Lane in Bald Knob just off Bald Knob Lake Road.  Lots of pictures are available with up to 32 available acres.
Give me your email and I'll send you the whole listing or you could find it on Zillow. 

barbara s duncan: Berryhill Park, Pinky Berryhill, Searcy AR, American Legion Team 1951 - 05/04/23 01:24 PM
1951 American Legion Post Searcy AR Team.
Perhaps you can provide names.  The article does not supply the names.
This article was published in the Three Rivers Edition of the Arkansas Democrat- Gazette newspaper on July 31, 2005.  It was saved and loaned to me by Super Sleuth Anita Fuller when she saw what I had discovered at an estate sale.  This uniform was saved by some family.......dirty!  It was well-worn and needed washing, which I did although I wondered if it would survive!   It did!  It is a good historic find.
Here you see the front saying Armstrong Caldwell Post 106.  The 1951 … (2 comments)

barbara s duncan: HELP! Portrait on silk scarf. 1951. Soldier picture. Korean War? Japan? - 04/11/23 10:02 AM
Never before have I seen one of these and every person that I ask says the same.  Found at an estate sale, borrowed for this blog!  It appears to be an oil painting of a soldier done on a very thin scarf.  Size is about 14" x 14".
Here's the overview.  It has lots of folds because it has been folded and stored since 1951!
Here is the back side of the painting.
And here is a close-up of the person in the painting.
Handsome, wasn't he!
Here is the signature.  Yokosuka Japan 1951 K.Takano  Was that the name of the artist?  The posed person?  The … (7 comments)

barbara s duncan: M.D. Faith photos. Downtown Searcy AR. Shaklee. Parking meters. Rialto - 04/10/23 10:40 AM
We have shown several pictures in the last few weeks that were taken by REALTOR  M. D. Faith in Searcy AR.  The pictures were taken around 1979 or 1980.  Here are four more, pretty close neighbors.  For greater detail, enlarge them.
Here is our court house again but one thing is strange in this picture.  In the distance on the right is a sign saying Shaklee Center.  Is that what was being sold many years ago to help your health?  And there was a store downtown?  Also note parking meters!  Young people today have probably never seen one.
And now we see the … (6 comments)

barbara s duncan: GO! Hurry! Sowell's Furniture, Searcy AR, celebrating their 85th!! - 03/31/23 11:00 AM
Sowell's Furniture is celebrating their 85th year of business in Searcy AR.  I visited it today and came away SO impressed.  The furniture is lovely and the art work is especially lovely and the cookie was delicious.  But the things that were so interesting were historic items as I show a little of here. Their location is 207 W Arch in downtown Searcy.  
First and second pictures show the antique elevator.....still in use!  Absolutely amazing and unchanged!

Third picture is upstairs and shows the antique flooring!
You can go upstairs and see the ceiling decor that is still there!
All the furniture is different … (2 comments)

barbara s duncan: Brand new! Shiny! Tag still on it! Fire hydrant, new subdivision! - 03/28/23 11:10 AM

Isn't this thing as pretty as a new toy!!  It is new....but not a toy.  In July 2021 we wrote a blog about a new subdivision starting in Searcy AR on Country Club Road. Here is what the blog said.  Go here if you want to see the sign.
Welcome to a new subdivision coming to Searcy AR.  
This sign has just gone up at the Corner of Sawmill Road and Country Club Road on the West side of Searcy AR.  The land has been in the Phillips family for many years and is now to be turned into a subdivision by … (2 comments)

barbara s duncan: Caricature birthday. Paul Smith. Valerie Smith. Funny 1985 card. . - 03/14/23 11:20 AM

Too-tight mom refuses to pay for a birthday card and just makes one herself. 
My kids had grown up and were living in California.  I was an art teacher and had been to caricature classes in Georgia and felt I could just make a card myself.  
This was in approximately 1985 and it was saved by Paul. (Bet he would not have saved a bought one.) It recently resurfaced and I thought it was pretty funny.  Note the length of the telephone line!  There were no cell phones then.  
Here's another caricature that I did and it will tell you how to do them.  … (4 comments)

barbara s duncan: Chit, Chat and Chew brick wall! Amazing hand painted sign. Searcy AR - 03/04/23 12:03 PM

I had lunch at Searcy Arkansas's Chit, Chat and Chew restaurant.  Is is on Race Street on the street with the historic Rialto Theater.  There are two separate entry doors.  I sat myself down and looked around and was amazed to see this large brick wall with a Coco Cola sign painted on it.  It was once an outside wall, I am guessing.  The person who served my food was extremely nice and said that folks had said he should just get rid of it, paint over it, and it was not worth keeping.  I agreed with him that it was … (6 comments)

barbara s duncan: Crooked pencil. Carder Buick Olds, Searcy AR, Advertisement. - 02/23/23 08:14 AM
This is a curved pencil that shows a good sense of humor.  Evidently Carder Buick (Automobile dealers in Searcy AR and I wish I knew the date it was done!) gave them away for advertising.  This side reads  "The Only Curve You Will Receive At Carder Buick - Olds- Opel Kadett Co."  Now read the back side.
See Straight Talking PAUL A.  CROOK  Cook. 
That seems pretty funny to me today.  Mr. Cook has passed away and I'll bet he gave them permission to put these pencils out.  Can't you just see him laughing as he gave his friend a pencil!!  Since he is … (4 comments)

barbara s duncan: Boy Scout members had cards! Membership cards. Do they still? 1949 - 02/09/23 08:22 AM

Boy Scout Card!
Just found.  My husband's Boy Scout card from December 1949 to December 1950.  They spelled his name wrong.  Rodger had a "d" in it but they spelled it Roger.  So it went for his whole life.
Someone tell they still have these?  This one was very small and came in the little envelope as shown in the first picture.  I imagine it made the young guys feel important to get such a pretty card.  He definitely saved it and throughout our long marriage, I had never seen it!!  Now it's an antique!

barbara s duncan: Happy Anniversary special gift for friends. Historic photos. Searcy AR - 01/29/23 11:42 AM

Lovely Happy Anniversary Card.
I am calling it a card but it is really about 20" x 28".  The photographs date back to around  1945 when he was fresh out of service and they were married.  In 1995 they had their 50th anniversary and that is probably when this gift card was made.  It is very attractive with the photos surrounded with the black lines that make them really stand out and then glued to the poster board.
There is no date on the card and no formal signatures so we will not call names.  The card was left in a house and … (4 comments)

barbara s duncan: Another one bites the dust. Searcy AR, 710 West Arch. - 01/18/23 12:48 PM

710 W Arch, Searcy AR.....a few days ago.  
710 W. Arch as it was yesterday, Jan. 17 2023.  It is being demolished as this picture shows.  It was in terrible condition so it probably had to come down.  The court house gives construction date as 1935.  An interesting thing about this house is that it was an old frame house and someone took the time and spent the money to rock around it.
Notice the back of the house now, the old wood siding, and the rocks that have been pulled off and piled in the yard.  It is sad to see the … (5 comments)

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