barbara s duncan: Remember Ben Franklin, parking meters, and old Searcy AR from 50's. - 08/04/21 07:48 AM

Remember Ben Franklin?
This old postcard on ebay brings back memories.  There in the middle of the block stands the Ben Franklin store and then somewhere around the block was the Sterling's store.  Were they both what we called "Dime" stores back then?   I believe the store to the left of Ben Franklin's was a shoe store and there's Security Bank on the corner.  Cars were colorful then vs. ones today.
The old parking meters do bring back memories.  Wasn't there a job for a person to go around and mark how long a vehicle had been parked?  You could get a ticket!
Now … (4 comments)

barbara s duncan: Stark! Description for Booth Rd building. Beautiful. Searcy AR. - 07/31/21 12:02 PM

Stark!  Beautifully unadorned building in Searcy AR.
Driving along Booth Road might lead you past this building and you can't help staring and admiring it.  It can only be described as STARK. Extremely simple. Sternly plain. It is always perfectly maintained with the property mowed but it has no landscaping
So I did a little sleuthing.  I found that it was moved onto the property from the pumping station. Our "pumping station" is located on Highway 267 in Searcy but there is reportedly one in Georgetown also.  The person who moved it had been transferred to our town to work at the pumping … (1 comments)

barbara s duncan: How inappropriate of me? Or timely? A Murder in Searcy. New book. - 07/21/21 06:57 AM

It could be considered inappropriate of me to have just a week ago put up a picture of the popular Dr. Porter Rodgers and his prized bull. Here it is.  Click to pull it up.  Someone commented that he was the one who murdered his wife. Just a few days after that blog came out this new book was brought to my attention.
It is a long, highly researched book about the murder.  It is written by Mike S Allen and Deana Hamby Nall.  It will definitely be a best-seller in Searcy AR.  The crime was such that people remember what they … (7 comments)

barbara s duncan: Dr. Rodgers with prized animal. Historic picture. Searcy AR - 07/15/21 10:15 AM

THE CATTLEMAN MAGAZINE a photo by Roger B. Letz
That is the information on the back of the above photo. Searcy residents know the man in the picture, Dr. Porter Rodgers, a popular physician in Searcy AR.  He had cattle land and it looks as if he enjoyed his cattle and posed fully dressed up in suit and tie for this photo.  We can only guess at the date but it would have been some years ago because Dr. Rodgers has been passed on for several years.
But the picture was impressive and was loaned to me by Sherry Quattlebaum Person and is … (2 comments)

barbara s duncan: Bog's Treasure. Near Searcy AR? Never found. WOW! 10 miles N of town. - 07/13/21 09:09 AM
Way back when Searcy probably looked this way......or perhaps didn't exist......
I'd never heard of it before but while reading the Democrat Gazette a few days ago and finding an article by Steve Straessle (July 10) where he was reviewing a new book called "Chasing the Thrill: Obsession, Death, and Glory in America's Most Extraordinary Treasure Hunt" by Daniel Barbarisi, I discovered something new. 
He mentioned other treasure hunts and called up one called the Bog's Treasure which was lost about 10 miles North of Searcy AR!  So what did I do?  I googled it!  Here's what Google revealed.
A wealthy Mississippi cotton planter … (3 comments)

barbara s duncan: Another one bites the dust. 405 W Center. Searcy AR. Gone. - 07/07/21 11:48 AM

Driving by W. Center St., Searcy AR....OOPS!  Vacant lot!  What's missing?  Oh, another one of my favorite old houses is gone!!
This was always one of my favorite houses from the outside view.  I loved the porch, the roof, the whole look of it.  It was built in 1945 and it came on the market for the first time in my long real estate career a few weeks ago.  I did a preview and I could see that it really was in terrible shape inside.  The price was low so it sold quickly.  Now the once lovely old home is gone! 
The … (5 comments)

barbara s duncan: Free publicity never hurts! Arkansas Business whispers about listing. - 07/07/21 08:32 AM
I have listed an underground house!  It's my first and possibly the first for our MLS in years and years.....if ever.  Arkansas Business, a popular publication in Arkansas, asked for a few details from the owner, and published this delightful article this week.  We need a buyer!  Some say it would be excellent for a person who wants to get away from it all!

barbara s duncan: Calculator showing its age? 14.5% interest. 1982 Calculated Industries. - 06/24/21 07:25 AM

I still use it!  But I just checked its age.
I knew it was old but didn't realize it was this old!  Check the example on how to use this calculator where it says payment.  Loan amount was to be $75,000.  Interest rate was to be 14.5%. Term was to be 30 years.  Payment? $918.41!
Then I looked at the bottom fine print and it gave the brand, Calculated Industries Inc. 1982!  It is hard to believe that interest rates actually went higher than this in the 80's.  I was a struggling real estate agent and was delighted to learn how to use … (7 comments)

barbara s duncan: Historic postcard. E Race Street, Searcy AR. 1928? Was it 402 E Race? - 06/13/21 08:33 AM
Ebay card for sale.  East Race Street, Searcy AR
This card has shown up and says it was East Race Street in Searcy AR around 1928.  Perhaps some of the Searcy Sleuths will know the exact location.  Here is my guess.  This house at 402 East Race is on the market for sale right now and one of the pictures is shown here.
Compare the lines of this home at 402 E Race and see if you think it is probably the current view of the one in the picture on the postcard. It was built, according to court house information, somewhere around … (4 comments)

barbara s duncan: Carder Buick Olds dealership souvenier knife. Searcy AR. - 05/03/21 10:44 AM

Carder Buick Olds dealership
Nice old souvenier pocket knife from the popular Carder Buick-Olds car dealership in Searcy AR. This is available right now on ebay and I have never seen one of these before.  Carder Buick was a popular dealership up until a few years ago when it closed down.   If you collect you might want to look this up.

barbara s duncan: Do dogs go out of style? Seems to be true. Cocker Spaniels and Weenie Dogs? - 04/25/21 08:07 AM
How do you like this fancy boot wipe weenie dog?  I remember having this type dog and my mother-in-law had this kind of dog and she owned this foot wipe animal.  I believe the proper name was Dachshund but everyone called them weenie dogs.  I have not seen one in a long time.   Are they out of style? 
Here's another type that seems to have disappeared.
This type used to be found in so many homes!  Cocker Spaniel they were called.  This one sits on my fireplace but we never had a live one.  This particular one was owned by an old … (8 comments)

barbara s duncan: I'm in love! Young boy's portrait that has a lot of Searcy AR history! - 02/07/21 08:08 AM

I'm in love!!
I entered an estate sale, looked over things, and saw this picture!  OMG, I fell in love with it immediately.  This picture portrays the epitome of love, trust, innocence, and anticipation.  It is quite old and must be a colorized picture of a black and white photo.  Back then color photography was not the norm.
So here is where Searcy AR history comes in.  It is signed Wm Walker, Searcy ARK.  William Walker was a successful and beloved Searcy photographer.  If he put the color on the photo, he was also an artist.  Here's his signature from the photo.
Another person … (9 comments)

barbara s duncan: Rendezvous Searcy AR Cafe Restaurant. Another view. Old postcard. - 01/24/21 06:07 AM
Roberson's Rendezvous and Missouri Pacific Bus Station, Searcy AR
Here's another good view of Searcy's famous restaurant/cafe, Rendezvous, showing the view from the corner. It seems to be an artist's rendering.  I found it on an old postcard that has already been sold on ebay.  Here's the back of the postcard.
Notice what it said on the card?  The cafe (restaurant) had a banquet room that would seat 450 people or a Blue Room for private parties.  That sounds like a big area!  Searcy Sleuths, were you at either of these party spots when the Rendezvous was operating?  We have done other blogs … (3 comments)

barbara s duncan: 1975 Searcy High Yearbook. SHS Girls Ensemble. Patterns and Dresses! - 01/19/21 10:13 AM

Searcy AR High School Girls Ensemble Picture
While thumbing through a 1975 SHS yearbook looking for something else, I saw this picture and did a double take.  WOW!  Look at all those dresses that made me remember when most mothers sewed and made clothes for the family......mostly the girls in the family.  So did moms make these dresses?
They are interesting also because of long ago when feed was sacked in lovely type material that was used for sewing outfits for the kids or for Mom. 
I also wondered if this was a one-year outfit for the girls or whether it was used for … (3 comments)

barbara s duncan: Texas ILL motel in Judsonia AR? Strange name. Hwy 64 and 67. History? - 01/19/21 08:37 AM

This old postcard is on line right now, for sale on ebay, and I may think of buying it.  Why?
I'd like to know more about its history.  What a strange name for a motel in Judsonia AR.  Was there a string of the Texas ILL motels in several states?  It definitely looks like a typical motel from probably the 1950's or 1960's.  Was it destroyed in the 1952 tornado?
Perhaps some Searcy/Judsonia sleuths can tell us more..................  

barbara s duncan: Rare book. Searcy Centennial Nov 23rd 1837 to 1937. Available at Estate Sale. - 01/18/21 08:30 AM

Rare Book.  To be found at Estate Sale.  
An estate sale is coming up this very weekend.  January 22 through January 24, 2021.  The address is 611 N Maple, Searcy AR.  This was published so long historic!  White County Historical Society take note!!!  If you don't have a copy, you might try to grab this one.  
If you attend the sale, check the home also.  It is for sale at a great low price of $125,000!

barbara s duncan: Let's Rendezvous! Good Memories of Searcy AR's favorite restaurant. - 01/17/21 12:39 PM

This is a very historic chair!  You can find it in many Searcy High School yearbooks.
We are fortunate, my daughter and I, to have been chosen to market the house and the contents of the home that has been occupied by members of the Roberson family.  What makes the Roberson family special?  THE RENDEZVOUS!  
The Rendezvous was one of the best and most popular restaurants in Searcy AR for many years.  It was started by the Roberson family and was often the chosen location for happy functions.  Click here for an early view of it.
The family says that this wrought iron chair … (10 comments)

barbara s duncan: 50 cents. Never spent. Nielsen television research. 1980's? - 01/01/21 02:23 PM

Look what was mailed to families way back then.
I saved this.  I should have spent the money.  50 cents was sent to me and many others, I assume, wanting us to keep up with our television viewing so that they could bring us more programs of our liking.  I saved the money but not the diary.  Drat.
I have a pet peeve now.....if I get a plea for money with a paid-for stamp (and a stamp now costs somewhere around 50 cents) for me to return my contribution I definitely do not give.  My thinking is that if they can throw money … (5 comments)

barbara s duncan: Coat of Many Colors missing? Dolly Parton's song? Christmas 2020 - 12/25/20 04:55 PM

                            Guess who came to Christmas? 
I suspect it was Dolly Parton's "Coat of Many Colors."
Yes, the guest walked through the door and all eyes widened!  This guest had on a coat that would attract attention anywhere!  I suspected theft....she'd found Dolly Parton's "Coat of Many Colors" and quietly walked out with it.
But no one can walk out with a coat like this without notice.....or enter a room wearing one like it without notice.  So she's innocent but the coat surely makes you think of that famous country … (0 comments)

barbara s duncan: Football for girls. Searcy AR. 1973. Valerie Smith. I don't remember this. - 11/27/20 01:49 PM

I Don't Remember This!
Look closely!  There's my daughter in this rag-tag football picture!  When did Searcy have girl's football?  I did a little research (because I do NOT remember it) and discovered that it was started in October 1973 when Harry Miller was in charge of Parks and Recreation in Searcy AR.  Harry was wonderful and was especially instrumental in trying to get sports for girls.  I remember my daughter's playing softball and she loved being on a swim team and she played tennis.....but I do not remember football.   Let's read what Harry said about the teams.  There is a touch … (5 comments)

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