barbara s duncan: Truman Baker sign. Searcy AR. Old historic sign. - 06/13/19 12:13 PM

Truman Baker Sign
At first, all you see in this sign is a car license plate saying Truman Baker.  It is pretty historic because Truman Baker has been gone a long time and so has the Truman Baker car dealership in Searcy AR.  Their best location, in case you are new to Searcy, was where Walgreen's is now.  Right there on that corner of Race and Main for years and years.
This sign, however, is quite creative when you think about it.  Look at the second line, Race Street.  It has speed lines on it and is printed in italics which makes it … (0 comments)

barbara s duncan: Searcy AR Lions, Cliff Wiggs, handmade carved artwork. - 06/10/19 02:13 PM

A Surprise Gift
An unexpected package arrived at my office today.  The address was from a friend that I met through this activerain blog and developed into his listing a property with me and getting it successfully sold.  He actually carved this lion clock himself!  He grew up in Searcy AR and loves the Searcy Lions.  
On the bottom it says "Hand made by Cliff Wiggs 2019."  He did this himself, inserted the clock which came with the correct time and a note saying that it can be reset and a new battery can be installed by prying the clock gently out of … (5 comments)

barbara s duncan: Remember black velvet paintings? Here's one. Coolidge GA. Odell Dillard - 06/03/19 06:28 AM

Black Velvet art work
How many remember when drawings or paintings were often done on black velvet paper?  Seems as if I mostly remember them being used to do bull fighting pictures.  I think there may have been lots of ones done in Mexico.  In fact, google pulls this up regarding the paintings. "Ciudad Juárez, Mexico was a center of velvet painting in the 1970s. A displaced Georgia farmboy, Doyle Harden, was the pioneer who created an enormous factory, where velvets were turned out by the thousands by artists sitting in studios. ... Edgar Leeteg has been called "the father of American black velvet kitsch".
This was … (8 comments)

barbara s duncan: Mesmerized! By the man in the bucket. Tree trimming. - 05/26/19 09:51 AM

I don't remember ever using that word before.  But it came to me as I watched out the window for approximately two hours as four guys trimmed and topped trees in our front yard.  I was unable to get away from the window as the bucket was moved all around the tree with controlled chain-saw drops from the trees.  See that tiny light fixture on top of the pillar at the driveway?  The company was skilled enough to not drop a single limb so that it would hit that fixture.
This picture was taken as they were almost completed.  As the limbs … (8 comments)

barbara s duncan: Yarnell's Ball Team. Who, what, when and where? Help wanted. - 05/02/19 11:48 AM

Happy Team of Youngsters.
A friend just sent this picture  to see if perhaps I knew who the folks were.  It reminds me of the old training we had for writing reports.  Who?  What?  When?  Where?  All of these were important.  So who were these delightful boys who had probably just finished a game of softball or baseball.
When was this.  Possibly a year could be given.
What they were doing is rather interesting.  What are those things on the table?  Are those minature trees on the table?  And what is that in the hand of the man in the striped shirt?
And finally, where … (10 comments)

barbara s duncan: Worth repeating blog. Fun. The voice will repeat what you write! - 04/28/19 06:59 AM
Here's a blog that I wrote in 2010 that has had a lot of views.  40,283 views as of a few minutes ago.  Someone just commented on it and I went back to check it out.  I did have to smile again when I visited it.  It really is fun!  Here is the old blog.  Try it.  I am sure it is nothing compared to what can be done today but it is still up there with nice faces to watch speaking your words.
I wrote a blog about a spooky voice saying to me, "Have a nice dinner.  I will call you tomorrow."  … (1 comments)

barbara s duncan: Searcy AR Public School 1908 view. Historic post card. - 04/26/19 07:33 AM

On ebay right now is this great post card showing Searcy AR Public School.  The card is dated 1908 and that means it is VERY old.  I started thinking (actually assuming) it might be Searcy HIGH School but it says Public School Searcy ARK. Possibly it was the entire school for Searcy at that time?
I may have put this picture up before because when I looked on my bulletin board, I saw a card just like it that I already have.  But it deserves another view and if you'd like a copy, hurry to ebay and buy it.  They must be … (4 comments)

barbara s duncan: 702 E Race St Searcy AR as it was. Duncans Car Lot. - 04/17/19 11:31 AM
Duncans Car Lot
A few years back, this is the way 702 East Race Street appeared.  It was the home of Duncans Used Cars and also the Chrysler Plymouth dealership.  The small sign in the background says Duncans Used Cars and my husband says that it also said, "What ole Po Dunc says it is, it is!" 
An interesting part of the picture is the house on the left which has been gone for a long time.  Also interesting is seeing all those cars in the far background.  They must have been across Vine Street, which runs parallel with Race. I also believe … (4 comments)

barbara s duncan: Girls in short skirts Searcy Jr High 1973. Title IX came along! Great!! - 04/11/19 01:31 PM

Searcy Junior High Student Council
1972 and 1973 picture from yearbook
This great picture tells a lot.  Look at the boys and girls and their dress.  Kids have always been fashion conscious and at this time mini-skirts were the rage for girls.  And look how short the skirts were.....and skirts were required to be worn by girls in Searcy schools.  If the weather was below a certain degree, probably way below freezing, girls could wear pants but as soon as it warmed back up they had to wear dresses or skirts again.  And speaking from my experience with a daughter at this age, … (6 comments)

barbara s duncan: American Legion Hut Searcy AR today. On National Historic Register. - 04/05/19 07:22 AM

Searcy AR
American Legion Hut
You drive by this almost daily and think nothing about it but is one of Searcy's oldest and most historic buildings.  It is on Race Street across from the White County Courthouse.  It was constructed in 1939 with native fieldstone with funding support from Works Progress Administration (WPA).  It was placed on the U. S. National Register of Historic Places in 1991.
What you don't see and if you are like me, you may have never seen the back of the building.  I took a picture and here it is.  It almost appears to be an add-on but only … (5 comments)

barbara s duncan: The standoff. Man vs Bull. Who wins? Searcy AR photo - 04/03/19 05:03 PM

Fearless man vs. bull.
This photo reminded me so much of the Fearless Girl statue facing down the Wall Street bull in Manhatten.
So what is going on?  A disabled bull who needs food and therapy is being approached by the bull's owner in Searcy AR and the bull's owner wants to be sure the bull is not pretending to be down and charges.  Bull's owner has brought food and encouraged words of love and affection.
What happens next?  Darned if that bull didn't start recuperating and after months and months of being unwell and hardly able to get around, he is up and … (2 comments)

barbara s duncan: Young Searcy boy. Captivating hand-tinted picture of Jody Taylor. - 03/22/19 11:12 AM

Captivating, isn't it?
At times you see something that just grabs you.  That is the way I was with this old portrait of a Searcy boy who passed away a few months ago.  At the very bottom right it looks as if it is noted as 7 years old and then above that it definitely says Mitchell- E Smith......possibly the person who took the picture and then did a bit of  hand-tinting for embellishment?
The handsome young boy was Jody Taylor  and his daughter let me borrow this picture for this blog.  It was not framed and appears to have had some neglected … (6 comments)

barbara s duncan: Yep, another one gone. 1307 E Market, Searcy AR bit the dust. - 03/19/19 11:19 AM
Even this heavy piece of equipment looks tired.  It has just helped remove another Searcy AR house.
The property at 1307 E Market St. IS no longer.  Well, perhaps the property IS but the house that sat on the property is gone.  We knew it was coming because it was going further and further downhill. I took the picture below just a few days before a friend sent me the one above.  I remember when it  was on the market and sold in 1987 and it was lovely.  Because I used to drive by it every day when I went to our … (0 comments)

barbara s duncan: A treasure! Searcy folks in Legion Hut Searcy AR. Historic photo. - 03/18/19 10:55 AM

A meeting at Searcy AR Legion Hut
Look at this historic photo that was loaned to me by the White County Historical Society for this blog.  They challenged me to name the people shown in the picture.  I contacted a few Searcy Sleuths and can identify all except the young man in the center and we also could not find the purpose of the meeting.  Perhaps someone out there can name him.
Notice the huge stones that make up the Legion Hut.  Note the curve for the fireplace.  That took some skill from the rock experts.
Now the ones in the picture are, standing … (8 comments)

barbara s duncan: AND...another one bites the dust. 607 Market, Searcy AR, gone... - 03/12/19 01:08 PM

You are driving along minding your own business in the historic part of Searcy AR and see this site.
     OOPS!  another one bit the dust!  Another house gone!
So you start wondering exactly which one it WAS that IS no longer. 
I love the way we can go on-line now and see what used to be at that site.  So I did that.  Here's the picture of the house.  It looks pretty bad here and definitely it had been going downhill for awhile but it had the prettiest trim in years past and it probably had a great history. 
I need … (7 comments)

barbara s duncan: I'm a millionaire! Over 1,000,000 points on activerain! Thank you! - 03/05/19 11:09 AM

The points just rolled over.  I watched.  I have been on activerain since about 2007 and have put up over 1700 blogs.
Now I have joined the millionaire's club!  This activerain blog site has been so much fun (still is) and I have made new friends, learned a lot, shared a lot and want to say thank you to activerain for doing such a wonderful job of making this blog site so succesful!

barbara s duncan: RE/MAX looking back. Found in treasure box! Statistics. Searcy AR ad - 03/05/19 08:09 AM

Look at this old advertisement that I put out in 1993! 
It was found amidst other treasures sent to my daughter from someone who discovered it and thought she might like to have it.  I LOVE IT!  Note there was no cell phone in this ad but there was a pager number.  Pagers are gone.  Home phones are almost all gone.  And I still work for RE/MAX.  And as Willie Nelson says, "I woke up still not dead again today."
Perhaps it needs an update.  Here goes. 
2018 -    Interest rates are around 4.25%.  Average sales price of a home in 2018 … (7 comments)

barbara s duncan: Rendezvous. Hard to spell! Great restaurant. Searcy AR. - 03/02/19 05:03 AM

The Rendezvous Cafe
Who would have believed that the old give-away match book covers from years ago when almost everyone smoked would be somewhat collectible today?  Well, evidently they are.  This one from Searcy AR's beloved Rendezvous Cafe is now on ebay with a sales price of $4.99.  It is historic in giving its phone number of 223 and saying it had 24 years of service already!
So what year might this have been?  It was probably before we had the abbreviation AR for Arkansas instead of ARK.  Zip codes started in the early 1960's.   The old Rendezvous building is still there  but … (6 comments)

barbara s duncan: Elvis? Remember him? Elvis still lives in Searcy AR in a new fashion. - 02/27/19 09:16 AM

Elvis Presley?  Who remembers Elvis?
The whole world remembers Elvis and I assume most of us LOVE Elvis Presley!  I just discovered Elvis in another way.  Quilt panels or other types of cloth panels for making memories of Elvis.  Daughter is having an estate sale in Searcy AR on March 8, 9, and 10.  She discovered a whole second building on the property that houses all kinds of fabrics, quilting supplies and even a giant quilting machine.  She will be showing lots of pictures of items for the sale at a few days before the sale.
My surprise, however, was learning that … (6 comments)

barbara s duncan: Historic downtown business Searcy AR. Williams family Economy Supply. - 02/16/19 01:34 PM

We were discussing an old business in downtown Searcy AR a few days ago.  The Lure Cafe was the subject of a blog.  Reread it HERE.  A very thoughtful and completely knowledgeable Searcy resident,  Philip Williams, told us that his dad had a store that was just about two or three doors down from The Lure Cafe.  He sent two pictures.  Here is the business front.  (I know, I know, you are fascinated by that car in the front but I don't know what kind it is.)  The business was called Economy Suppy and did plumbing, electrical and sold appliances.  Refrigerators, … (8 comments)

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