barbara s duncan: Good Searcy AR memories. Betty Mason Martin revisits. - 08/12/22 08:02 AM

Searcy AR Revisit
The lady on the right above is Betty Mason Martin and she lived in Searcy way back in about 1947.  Her memories of Searcy are quite favorable except for one so she just paid us a visit.  She now lives in Virginia, drove to Arkansas, and had a visit with old friends from her childhood.  Mary Kay VanPatten James is shown with her in the above picture.
The bad memory is of her father's death.  Her father, Lester Mason, was superintendent of Searcy Public Schools.  Her mother, 
Alice, was a teacher of music and was choir director at a local church.  … (2 comments)

barbara s duncan: Searcy girl. Maude Crawford book. Girl's State. 1956. Who was she? - 07/31/22 01:25 PM

Anyone recognize the Searcy girl in the picture of Maud Crawford serving tea at Arkansas Girls State?  My friend and great Searcy Sleuth has found this picture in the newspaper or on line and knew the girl.  Here's what Anita wrote about it.
"Arkansan and author, Beth Brickell, has published another book "Solving the Puzzle of the Disappearance of Maud Crawford" - and recently the Arkansas Democrat Gazette  published excerpts.  Searcy Sleuth, Anita Fuller, who attended Girl's State in l953, recognized a Searcy classmate in the photo, and Jo Ann Cooper verified:  Dorothy Anderson Maple.  JoAnn attended Girls State with Dorothy in … (2 comments)

barbara s duncan: Searcy Beethoven Club? What happened to it? Pat Pryor once leader. - 07/25/22 08:28 AM

Searcy Beethoven Club.  
A friend of mine loaned me some interesting folders that she had found at an estate sale.  The folders were all about Searcy Beethoven Club history.  The club operated in Searcy AR and articles date back to at the least the 1950's and possibly earlier.  Lots of pictures showed that it met in member homes or churches or various places.  Assuming you know the husband's name, you may recognize some ladies because if I remember "way back then" we ladies had no identity except for the husband's name.  Seems as if I wrote a blog about that one time. … (3 comments)

barbara s duncan: The way it used to be. Getting a suntan. Searcy AR. Hot weather. - 07/21/22 12:35 PM
Because it is so hot these old pictures are interesting.
Wonder what the temperature was?  This old picture dates back to about 1950's and shows how things used to be.  If you wanted a suntan, this is the way you got it.....out in the hot sun showing your bodies.  Later on, there was the electric suntan booth which could be used inside.  Still later on, and probably most popular right now is the spray-on tan.  I was always so envious of girls who tanned well because I didn't. 
And here's another picture of how it used to be.  Possibly the same girls in … (5 comments)

barbara s duncan: Spring St Searcy AR. Postcard 1933. Historic picture. Downtown. - 07/08/22 11:24 AM

Spring Street, Looking North, Searcy ARK
To really appreciate this old card and this blog you need to enlarge the picture and see the small details.  Ads on the buildings told me something I didn't know.  The barber shop had baths!  Go to the barber shop and get yourself a shave, haircut AND a bath!!  In Searcy Arkansas!
One is for an optician and I can't tell what else is on that wall. Then there is something about "car."  Car dealer?  Street car?  Coke sign is there for sure.
Then there are the vehicles parked on the sides of the street with one looking … (6 comments)

barbara s duncan: Bill Reames Art Exhibit. Searcy Art Gallery. 300 E Race. Art student 1979. - 06/22/22 09:47 AM
From this drawing in 1979....
to this exhibited art work at Searcy Art Gallery, 300 East Race St.
I was teaching Art in 1979 at Searcy High School.  One of my most talented students was a young man named Bill Reames.  He loved art and did lots of illustrations in the year books. 
The 1979 yearbook said, "Bill Reames has been drawing for as long as he can remember but the true interest began in the 7th grade.  Bill started making up comic book characters modeled after D. C. and Marvel characters.  Since then Bill has won first and second place in the … (3 comments)

barbara s duncan: Where was the party? Searcy AR Rendezvous? Mayfair? School? Legion Hut? - 06/20/22 11:12 AM

Graduation? Big Party?  Where?
Searcy AR had several places for parties way-back-then?  This one has lots of young people so it may be a school prom.  What I wonder is where it was being held.  The Mayfair had big rooms, I think.  So did the very popular Rendezvous Restaurant.  Roseann Motel? 
It is sorta contemporary in style except for the chairs and it appears to have a floor where they could play a slow song and the folks could dance.  Searcy Sleuths, can you give us more info.  Perhaps you are in the crowd?
Here's another get together and I am thinking that it … (2 comments)

barbara s duncan: Remembering Fred Stewart, Searcy AR cartoonist, now passed on. - 05/17/22 10:56 AM

Fred Stewart, cartoonist, did this scary, wonderful picture using pen and ink.  It has just been discovered after having been packed away for many years.  The lower one shows it framed and the top one shows the fantastic pen strokes that make up the picture.  It was done in 1972.  We wrote a blog a few years ago about his book, called "Coptoons," that he eventually wrote and you can read it by clicking here.
The book explains what happened to Fred.  In his own words, here is what he wrote about himself. 
"Fred Stewart has been involved in law enforcement since 1964 … (1 comments)

barbara s duncan: A picture of Searcy Super Sleuths. Avon vintage item. - 04/19/22 11:09 AM

This makes me think of all the Searcy experts who help me with this blog.  
It is an Avon Super Sleuth Magnifier which has a handle that screws onto the magnifying glass and is called Everest After Shave.  The after shave is still in the handle and contains alcohol!  Age is not stated but it has been in my attic for many years.  Searcy Sleuths, can you help with this vintage item? This blog is a tribute to all of you and I do like the artwork!  You are a handsome group!!

barbara s duncan: It was different. Built 1934. Spanish style? 1302 E Race. Searcy AR. - 03/25/22 10:41 AM

A different style for Searcy AR house, now gone.
This house at 1302 E. Race in Searcy AR has been taken down and I will miss it.  It was the only house in Searcy of this style.  Arches, a tower, and when it was built in 1934 it was probably considered "way out in the country."  The courthouse says it was 1460 sq. ft. of living space and that is where I found this picture.  When I drove by a day or so ago, it was being taken down.  I wish we had some history of its builder.  Searcy Sleuths?  I do … (2 comments)

barbara s duncan: Still another one bites the dust. Old depot on S Main Street goes down. - 03/19/22 10:36 AM

Remember the old depot on S Main Street in Searcy?
Most likely you will not see it when you drive by again because it is finally going down.  I hear that it has been sold and when I stopped by a few days ago it was almost gone.  Its story is rather interesting in that it was owned by a railroad but no one could find anyone at the railroad to ask about purchasing it and reviving it.
My friend, Shelly Churchwell, told me that no one had noticed that the deed had a reverter clause which said that if the railroad ever … (0 comments)

barbara s duncan: Searcy AR had a Disco Palace! 101 N Main. The building has history! - 03/16/22 11:19 AM

Disco Palace!
This is a rare photo loaned to me by Beverly McMinn and she gave me a little history about the building.  It is located at 101 N. Main in Searcy AR.  Note the famous place in the background on the left?  That looks like the Rendezvous Restaurant to me!  And here is the front of the building at that time.  The sign that says either hotel or motel is a sign pointing to the Mayfair Hotel.  I wish we could read all of it.
Corner entries were popular back then and there are several in Searcy.  Check out Quattlebaum Music.  Very … (0 comments)

barbara s duncan: Like Father, like sons! Great photo of Searcy AR automobile experts! - 03/09/22 10:21 AM

Great Picture from 1982 advertisement
Anyone who has lived in Searcy AR for many years will remember at least one of these guys and it is the best picture that I have found with the father, V. W. Duncan, on the left and known as PoDunk, and his two sons with him.  This ad was in the 1982 Searcy High School yearbook.  The sons are Montie and Rodger, and they were all car dealers at 704 East Race St. in Searcy.  The location is now the home of Four Seasons and V. W. and Montie have passed.  Their car lot was last … (5 comments)

barbara s duncan: Art that is not art. But it looks like the real thing. Searcy AR - 03/07/22 12:37 PM

Stop and Stare
That's what I did when I saw these in the window of a building at the corner of Beebe Capps and Sawmill Road in Searcy AR.  The glare sorta hurts seeing the detail in these pieces of paper that covers the window but check it out for yourself.
Perhaps it is intended to be art.....but I think it is accidental art from paper that has been damaged.  My favorite is the center one which reminds me of a cowboy from the waist down with his guns showing!
Interesting for sure!!!

barbara s duncan: Remembering Tina Beavers Daniel, Arkansas REALTOR, old ad in the Bison - 02/21/22 09:18 AM

An estate sale visit cost me again.  I found several old bound copies of Harding's The Bison newspapers.  They were from back in the 70's and 80's.  This was an advertisement from September 13, 1985.
Click here  to see the tribute that I made for her when she passed away in 2013.  This little ad above shows her creative and humorous nature and  reminds me of how much we still miss Tina Beavers Daniel
The tribute has many pictures and you'll see lots of Searcy real estate agents in it.  Notice that in the ad she was Beavers.  Later she married Walt Daniel … (2 comments)

barbara s duncan: Sorry, but another one bites the dust. 301 E Market, Searcy AR. - 02/02/22 05:54 PM

Picture on Feb 2 2022.
  Another one bites the dust in Searcy AR? 
Picture from White County Courthouse.
Another double-take for me!  Passing by this house at 301 East Market today made me stop and stare because there was a huge machine attacking it.  I was so sad to see that it is apparently being taken down.  It looks historic and when I went to the National Register of Historic Places I found it there. It was placed on the Historic Register in 1991.  It says that Ben Lightle built the home in 1898 after moving to Searcy from Carlisle in Lonoke … (4 comments)

barbara s duncan: Claim your money! OR....give a gift to a friend free! - 02/01/22 11:03 AM

There is money waiting for some folks......but not for me YET.  Therefore, I decided a good name for this blog would be, Give a Gift for Free.  That is what I did.  This website is easy to find and search.  So I decided to search for money that might be for family members.
There was money!  My daughter's name search said she had $50 waiting for her.....and I gifted her with this information.  She claimed it....thanked me for the information. But that was not the end.  A few weeks later while I was searching, her name was there again!  And this … (4 comments)

barbara s duncan: Dot Beck Kindergarten Searcy AR 1969-1970. Know any of these folks? - 01/16/22 12:45 PM
Dot Beck had a wonderful school for kids!
Kids and parents loved the Dot Beck Kindergarten in Searcy AR.  My own son, Paul, first on the left front row, loved going there.  I seem to recognize a few others of the children but it would be nice if everyone could be named.  The second lady on back row, left, was Lorene Smith.  Lorene became a REALTOR, owned her own real estate office, and was very successful in her new profession.  Dot Beck is the first on right on back row.  
The kids are beautiful and it would be nice to see them in … (0 comments)

barbara s duncan: Searcy AR 1922 basketball boys. The Reveille picture. - 01/10/22 11:30 AM

Searcy boys look older?
I was given a treasure.  It is a 1922 Searcy High School yearbook.  The yearbooks back then were called The Reveille.  Some of the pictures in it were small but this one showed up nicely so I decided to share it.
 I do like the guy's uniforms.  Note a couple of them have funny kneepads.  The guys are identified only by their last names.  For some reason, they seem to look older than the young guys of today.
Last names were:  Sowell, Smith, Thomas, Ferrel, Butler, Adcock, Watson, Hassel, Harder, Robertson.  

barbara s duncan: Ramsey Printing Co. 601 N 8th. Searcy AR 1948. Who remembers? - 01/02/22 02:21 PM

Old Calendar by Ramsey Printing Co. Searcy AR
I found this while digging through old files looking for something else.  It is a 1948 calendar plus note pad.  Pretty nice, isn't it.  BUT!!!  Where was 801 North 8th Street in Searcy Arkansas?  It was a long time ago when phone numbers started at the number 1.  This company had phone number 170....pretty low.
Do any of our Searcy Sleuths remember this company?

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