barbara s duncan real estate: Wash day 1958. The way it was before automatic washing machines. - 02/24/18 07:37 AM

I remember days like this.
My mother was "tickled to death" when she was finally able to have a washing machine like this one.  It was still work to wash all the clothes and hang them on the line to dry but not nearly as hard as it was when she used an old iron pot over a fire to boil the dirty clothes.  And PULL THE WATER UP OUT OF THE WELL!
This great photograph was loaned to me by Sherry Quattlebaum Person.  Her father was Ivan Quattlebaum and he collected lots of things, including photographs.  This photo could possibly have been … (7 comments)

barbara s duncan real estate: Fun before cell phones took over the kids! Goat and wagon with twins. - 08/25/17 11:53 AM

Another wonderful old picture that shows what kids could and would do to have fun before present-day cell phones took lots of these old fun things away.  Our kids today just want to be on their cell phones and seem to care only about the phone for entertainment.  The picture is another one obtained from an estate sale in Searcy AR and one that I wish would be reclaimed by the family members.  
The back of this post card says Uncle Gilbert and Uncle Wilbert, Mama Delia's twin brothers. 
I love the old wagon, the way the twins are dressed in what … (3 comments)

barbara s duncan real estate: U. S. Post Office. Batesville AR and old theater. 1955. - 08/03/16 05:17 AM

An antique shop had reduced the price of this old picture to $2 and that is within my price range. I like it because it makes me think of theaters and old streets and old cars.  See the old theater in the background with a big sign beside the building saying "Untamed."  Was that a picture show way back then?  In Searcy AR we are having our old Rialto Theater redone so I wonder if Batesville still has this theater.
Our Searcy Sleuths can date this thing by the age of the cars but the picture had a date of 1955!  … (2 comments)

barbara s duncan real estate: Beautiful family but she should have lived now, not then. - 06/12/16 07:47 AM

This lovely picture taken at some photographer's studio is a good image of the 50's.....somewhere around there anyway.  The proud parents stand with their two boys.  The boys, especially the smaller one, is probably wearing a home made outfit.  Note the pants with a very high hem for letting them out as he grew taller.  Also note the shirt with mismatched checks and a big wide collar and rolled up sleeves.    The seamstress was not expert.  And he has on two toned shoes.
The older son is more polished and probably was old enough to dictate what he would wear.  He loved … (4 comments)

barbara s duncan real estate: Looking back. Junior Class Officers. Searcy AR 1950. - 06/02/16 05:57 AM

I love this picture and it brings back lots of memories.....and questions.  I remember the rolled up jeans for the boys.  (Girls too but they didn't let girls wear pants to school.)  I do not remember the multi-colored patterned socks that these guys have on.  Crewcut hair?  Yep?  And I do love that one guy's wavey hair.  For girls the style was a skirt, a sweater with a little short scarf around the neck and the saddle oxford shoes and socks. 
This picture is in the 1950 Searcy Lion's Diary yearbook and kinda captivated me for some reason.  Can you Sleuths … (4 comments)

barbara s duncan real estate: Phyllis Alexander is eggs'traordinary artist! Searcy AR. - 09/22/15 10:14 AM

I love this little fellow and treasure this egg.  It is a painting on an egg, ostrich egg I think, and I bought it years ago at a now-forgotten fund raising event.  It was painted by Phyllis Alexander, Searcy AR artist with a tremendous following.
When touring properties, I always express pleasure when I see a Phyllis Alexander.  This one is an example of her excellent watercolor portraits that are found in our area.
Now, what has happened?   She, being my neighbor, being a fantastically creative artist, and being the owner of several back-yard chickens, has brought me a gift!
REAL EGGS … (9 comments)

barbara s duncan real estate: Interesting ads from 1930. Searcy AR. Mayfair Hotel & Searcy Bank. - 04/27/15 09:54 AM
What do we do now?  Pay our bills online?  What a convenience but what did folks in 1930 find very convenient?  This old ad from the 1930 Gallowegian yearbook shows the newest and best.  Look at this ad.  The big deal was Bank By Mail!  Send your checks by mail and we will credit them to your account and return a receipt promptly!!  That's a big brag but how our world has changed!
The second ad in this old 1930 Gallowegian was also interesting.  It concerned the still existing Mayfair Hotel in downtown Searcy.  It had 65 rooms!  Modern rooms!  I had … (6 comments)

barbara s duncan real estate: An original Valentine's Day card. Worth keeping! 1981 by Pugh. - 02/28/15 10:12 PM

I didn't throw this card away!  And I just found it tucked away in a spot where I was searching for something else.  Here's what it said inside, 
"Happy belated Valentine's Day!  I know this card is late, but it's well worth it because it has a homemade picture of mom-the-real-estate-monster on the front.  The title is 'I'm sold on you, Valentine. (ah, shucks-- isn't that sweet?!)'
Anyway, don't throw this valentine away (with all the commercial ones) because one of my sorority sisters took time out from heavy studying to make it."
I was new in real estate … (7 comments)

barbara s duncan real estate: Graduating class at Searcy AR a few years ago. - 12/01/14 09:13 AM

Look at this great group of graduating students at Searcy High School.  This would have been somewhere in the 1950's, I think.  Perhaps some of the Searcy Sleuths are in it?  Or perhaps the Sleuths know some of the students.  There are no dates on this picture and there are no names.  Sadly, we do know the building is gone but the students in front of the building made for perfect composition for this picture.
So how many students would be in our graduating class this year?

barbara s duncan real estate: Beebe AR girl's basketball team 1935. Historic postcard. - 11/18/14 10:09 AM
I attended a very small school in Georgia and their only sports activity was basketball but it was equal, a team of boys and a team of girls.  I was on the team and loved the trips to small surrounding towns to compete.  This photograph was loaned to me by our card-collecting buddy, James Whitlow, and it shows the girl's junior basketball team at Beebe AR and reminds me of the old days when the teams wore short shorts and high-top tennis shoes.
The back of the card even names the girls!  Maybe a relative of yours will be in this … (6 comments)

barbara s duncan real estate: Gill Hotel existed where the Mayfair is now. What happened to it? - 11/09/14 02:14 AM
My friend on the internet is James Whitlow, who collects pictures and postcards and has shared the cards that he has with Searcy or surrounding areas information on them.  He has emailed me another one.  It is the Gill Hotel that was once located where our historic Mayfair Hotel is now.

It is hard to believe that this was in Sarcy AR because it looks almost like a lake behind it and it appears to be on an incline. 
However, Muncy's history of Searcy says this about the hotel, "The Gill House experienced a fire four days after Searcy greeted … (9 comments)

barbara s duncan real estate: Star Cars. Searcy AR. Moye-Davis Motor Co. - 10/23/14 12:32 AM

We find here lots of unanswered questions.
What was a Star Car?  A brand?  And was it a cheaper brand?
What's a Four or Six?  Making it a "get there" car.
Who and where was Moye-Davis Motor Co.  Imagine Searcy with the phone numbers so little that you could remember them all.  And no address was needed to find where you wanted to go.
And who of … (14 comments)

barbara s duncan real estate: Halloween costume? Outer space creature? Mysterious photo! Happy Halloween! - 10/25/13 01:08 AM
Study this photo that was contributed by a friend.
At first I thought it was someone in a costume at the edge of the woods.
Then I thought it might be a space alien with four eyes, four arms and four legs captured trying to sabotage the pipes in the foreground.

But then you explore a little more closely and you see swinging lines that reveal the true identify of the thing!
It is the world's largest spider out there getting ready for Halloween!
Happy Halloween!!

barbara s duncan real estate: Bill collectors and friends are having a tough time finding the person they need. - 03/28/10 02:08 AM
Our landline rings.  Husband answers and they ask for Barbara Duncan. 
I pick it up.  "Is this Barbara Duncan?  I am calling to collect an unpaid debt.  I need to tell you that anything you say can be used against you."
I listen to see what else she has to say. 
Then I ask her very politely, "Well, what are you calling about?"
She says it is an account with some bank or finance company or credit card company.  I can't remember the exact words.
I have to say to her, "Ma'am, I don't have an account with that company.  You have the … (26 comments)

barbara s duncan real estate: Would you call this catnapping? I am feeling guilty.....Help me please.... - 11/27/09 01:30 PM
My cat, made famous by a blog that included Raven and Nutsy, has disappeared.
My cat, who just came up to our house and made her home on our back porch 7 years ago, has gone.
My cat either found a better place to live and ran away or she has been done in by something larger than she was.  We miss her.  My husband even admits that he misses her.  In fact, he was the one who told me to come see what was on our porch that day 7 years ago.  A cat and two kittens!!  He said, "If … (27 comments)

barbara s duncan real estate: Barbara Duncan, superstar real estate agent, meets Robert Wadlow, the gentle giant - 11/22/09 03:57 AM
On a trip to St. Augustine Florida last week, which took me away from activerain for a few days, decisions had to be made on what to visit.  We decided to visit the Ripley's Believe it or Not Museum even though I had doubts about its interest to me.
Was I wrong!!
The trip through the museum was so much fun!  Here I'm staring up at the likeness of Robert Wadlow, the now celebrated "gentle giant."
He was 8' 11" and wore a size 37 shoe and was once billed as the world's tallest man. I think there may be taller … (17 comments)

barbara s duncan real estate: I can't do it. #$!@$%#$ I have tried and I just can't give them away. Ladies only, please. - 11/21/09 03:35 AM
It's another year of Winter weather.
Drag out the old Winter clothes and put up the Summer ones.
I have done that. 
Now eliminate the ones that you no longer wear!!  OK, I can handle that.....
How about this nice green pant suit.  Man, I look good in that!  (Well, perhaps I "looked" good in it.)  It is tailored.  Pleated pants that go to the waist. The jacket is long enough to cover any widened hip flaws.  I'll think about giving this away because it is lined and hot and my office is TOO hot.
Okay, here's another lovely suit.  The jacket … (12 comments)

barbara s duncan real estate: He loved this woman and this child! A Searcy love story. - 10/25/09 01:09 PM
This man lost his mother when he was very young and started supporting himself at the age of 15 or 16.  His education was limited but he was gifted with street-smarts.
He fell in love and talked this girl into marrying him. He had to break up a courtship that she already had going on but he was a born salesman. 
Here she is with a classic beauty that is timeless.  Look at her slim figure and flat tummy.  He looks like a gospel singer with natural waves allowed to grow long on the top and plastered with Vitalis.
And look at the … (18 comments)

barbara s duncan real estate: The evolution of a charming house into a thriving business in Searcy Arkansas. - 10/23/09 12:39 PM
This picture of 916 E Race shows it as it was when Race Street was a quiet little street with residential properties still on it.  The builder/draftsman who drew it up had saved pictures and floorplans of some of his creations.  His wife was throwing them away and I, being a saver, kept them.  I had to do a lot of driving around to find some of them. 
The house was added onto and turned into a business by Helen Holder who had a drapery business.  Back when folks loved heavy window treatments, she did a fantastic business. 
Then it changed … (21 comments)

barbara s duncan real estate: This is Arkansas. It is a good picture of country enjoyment. - 10/20/09 01:12 AM
I used to drive my kids to a place called Slippery Rock Ford and they'd wade in the water on the slippery rocks.  This little bridge was a favorite.  It gets underwater at times but evidently it holds up pretty darned good.  In fact, the water looks a bit high for wading at the time of this picture. 
A friend sent me these pictures of his little Volks at the bridge.  He and his wife had gone for a drive and ended up here.  They are great pictures showing some of the beauty of our state.  The Volks, however, shows a little reluctance to … (18 comments)

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