barbara s duncan real estate searcy arkansas: Judsonia AR strawberry-gathering picture from National Geographic 1946. - 08/03/14 05:58 AM
Donnie Miller, whose family grew up around Judsonia, gave me permission to post this picture from 1946.  He obtained an old National Geographic magazine which had an article in it about Arkansas and the article included this picture.

Donnie says that the lady in pink was his grandmother, Helen Hubach.  The one in overalls was Donnie's Aunt Emogene Hubach Miller.  Donnie's grandmother looks lovely and makes me wonder if she dressed up for the picture or whether she looked that good every day.  Looks as if she has on high heels and a lovely matching outfit. 
Strawberries used to … (5 comments)

barbara s duncan real estate searcy arkansas: The Pit. Searcy AR. Known for good eating in 1967. - 04/11/14 12:51 AM

This advertisement for The Pit in Searcy AR is in a 1967 yearbook.  1967 is the year that I made Searcy my home so I'm trying to remember as much as I can about The Pit.
Sleuths will set me straight if I mess up.
Seems that I remember it being on East Race Street quite a ways out from downtown Searcy. I'm thinking it was the place known for its fried chicken that you could pick up and carry home instead of frying the bird yourself.
Remembering "frying the bird myself" as I used to do reminds me of … (24 comments)

barbara s duncan real estate searcy arkansas: Little kids in wagon with sides. Historic photo possibly Searcy AR. - 03/25/14 07:08 AM
Aren't these kids adorable? 
Hubby saw this picture and made a remark about the wagon and sides that they are standing in.  He said they must have had some money because the sides for those wagons were expensive.  Perhaps he wanted them when he was a tot and couldn't afford them? 
This is just another picture bought at one of the little stores in Searcy where you are likely to find anything.  I paid 50 cents for it but the family who let it go should have considered it priceless.
They look a little like twins, don't they?


barbara s duncan real estate searcy arkansas: Baby picture from 1939. Supertex Photo Service Dallas Texas. Hope Cottage Searcy AR - 02/12/14 09:55 AM
There's a new place to shop in Searcy Arkansas.  It is called Hope Restored and is located at 509 East Race Suite 4 in the little shopping center.
When you go in to shop take a big box of things to donate because the sales benefit Hope Cottage, a home for battered women.  I was in there yesterday and found a few old photographs that had been donated.  They don't know who gave them or who the folks are but you know that I love old photos! 
Look at this jewel.  The porch has a rocking chair and the … (7 comments)

barbara s duncan real estate searcy arkansas: Searcy Sleuths! Challenge.....who is this and where was he? Dick Hart. Searcy AR a long time ago. - 11/21/13 09:33 PM
A Super Sleuth from Searcy AR dialed my phone yesterday!
HA!  Dialed?  We have forgotten what the word means. 
Buy, anyway, my phone rang and she demanded my response as to why we have had no blogs lately about her dear old town of Searcy.  I told it like it was.  I have been SO busy selling real estate and my sources of old photos has dried up and I thought that facebook has taken over the need for blogs.
She disagreed and so I found another picture to put up.  Before telling who this is, I think the Sleuths need … (21 comments)

barbara s duncan real estate searcy arkansas: For Searcy Sleuths....where was this house? 1310 W Arch and it still stands. - 02/21/13 09:35 AM
The Searcy Sleuths love a challenge.  They can find anything.  One of them ropes Mr. Google and forces him to go up and down streets of any town to find the treasure.
So I have great pictures of a house in Searcy that dates way back.  It is actually sort of historic and I have learned a lot about it in the last week or two.
But let's begin with the old pictures of it.

These are wonderful old pictures.  The third picture shows where a porch used to be and it had a dug well.  Look at those beautiful flowers....and the lady!
 So, go, … (18 comments)

barbara s duncan real estate searcy arkansas: Steve Eve's successful rocket launch to commemorate anniversary of moon landing. - 05/07/09 01:13 PM
My son-in-law has a hobby of model rocketry.  His name is Mark Canepa and he has written two books about rocketry.  He travels to rocket launches and photographs, launches his own rocket and writes for the rocketry magazines.  He published this article about a big launch that was going to take place on April 25, 2009.
He has  just sent me this link to the successful launch of the largest model rocket ever launched. It is a 36' 1600 lb 1/10 scale "miniature" Saturn V rocket launch commemorating the 40th anniversary of the first landing on the moon. 
The launch was April … (13 comments)

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