barbarasduncan: Fancy rock work from the past. 1935 built house, Searcy AR. - 11/15/16 03:26 AM

A closeup view of fancy rock work from the past.
Upon visiting this house in Searcy AR today I was once again so amazed to see this rock work from the past.  The house was built in 1935.  Imagine the time it took to make these nice long lines in the mortar defining each rock.  The rock, also, is different.  It does not look like a rock but more like a sponge.  Is it a different kind?
My "once again" refers to the house.  It was one of the first houses that I ever listed.  I was new in real estate and the … (12 comments)

barbarasduncan: Can you advertise your competition? Town and Country Properties. Searcy AR. - 01/15/15 10:40 PM

It probably is not smart to advertise your competition.....UNLESS your competition is no longer your competition.  Thinking that the Searcy Sleuths need another challenge I'm putting up this old advertisement that was in the 1976 high school yearbook without giving the address or the owner of the property.
I love the picture!  I like the car and that driver sure looks like a dapper individual.  I even like the motto, "Happiness Adds and Multiplies as We Divide It With Others."  I also like the fashion in jeans and remember it so well.  The jeans were bell bottomed and had … (0 comments)

barbarasduncan: Help me identify these people who are part of the old sheriff's department? - 10/05/14 06:40 AM
While listing a house the other day I saw this great old picture and the owner graciously said I can put it on this blog.  The only ones that I have identified so far are Ricky Veach, former Mayor of Judsonia for many years, on the far left, Aden Woodruff in the center holding the car door open and Nancy Elbert on the right.
Perhaps the sleuths can help us put names on the other folks.  They are posed in front of the building beside the present Regions Bank.  Join in and let's put names on these people who are a … (5 comments)

barbarasduncan: It must have been a custom built house.....back in 1964. Why else would it have pink? - 08/01/13 11:35 AM
In all my 30 plus years in real estate I have not seen a wall oven like this.
I tried to figure out how to open it.  You grab hold handles with both hands and Presto!  It opens.

Did I mention that it is pink?  I can't imagine a spec house having a pink oven or a pink stovetop. So my thinking is that this was a custom built house in 1964 and it still has the original appliances.  I'd be willing to bet that those cabinets are knotty pine painted over!  And the white does match the pink … (18 comments)

barbarasduncan: I worked all night and brought home a gift for you so just leave me alone! Cat's gift. - 07/20/13 12:14 AM
Cat's are funny creatures.
They are selfish as can be but also as arrogant as they can possibly be.
They go out huntin' and instead of eating their prey they bring it home to brag about.
Here's what I found on the porch today.

Well, you can see the frog looks nice and juicy with only one or two broken limbs which could have been done as the cat gently brought it home to present to the humans who feed her boring old cat food.
And what does SHE have to say about it?

Actually, she does have a … (17 comments)

barbarasduncan: Yarnell Ice Cream Co old billfold. What approximate date was it, Sleuths? - 01/21/13 11:28 PM
I have too much stuff?  Not expensive stuff but just stuff that the family has stuck back over the years.
One of these things is this billfold given away by Yarnell Ice Cream.  It has a neat picture on the front and it has the info saying that it has a secret compartment for hiding really good stuff.  I didn't unfold that secret compartment so I may be missing something.
The picture on the front looks good and is encased with plastic.  I'd like to know what the approximate date of this billfold was.  It was actually a nice giveaway at … (8 comments)

barbarasduncan: Anita "Tart" Hart Fuller is liable to show up anytime....anywhere! - 05/12/12 03:41 AM
We call her Anita Tart Hart Fuller because she has a sharp tongue and it rhymes with Hart, her maiden name.
She just tartly chews us out when we do it and still loves and forgives us.
She was the happiest and most blessed child in Searcy Arkansas as she grew up.
She has been on many blogs on this blogsite and she comments on most of the blogs that I do.  She lets me know if I've made a mistake.  She helps find out the answers to hard questions about old Searcy AR.  She has supplied lots of photos for this … (25 comments)

barbarasduncan: What's an airplane bungalow? Google search spells it out and Searcy has an example. - 11/20/11 12:47 AM
Dorothy Warden, our historical oracle supreme, does a column in the Searcy Daily Citizen each Saturday and she  mentioned in one of her columns an airplane bungalow at the corner of Fir and Center Streets.
I hustled over to that street and saw nothing that looked like an airplane.  Sleuth Anita googled it and found this description of the house style. 
The Airplane Bungalow style dates from the early 1900s and becamevery popular in Los Angeles in the mid-teens.
The Airplane Bungalow is a residential style that grew out of theCraftsman movement. The Craftsman movement grew out of theEnglish Arts and … (20 comments)

barbarasduncan: Warning! You'd better check to see if your spouse's name is on your utility account. - 09/13/10 08:56 AM
This is actually a rant written while I'm mad and ready to vent that anger.
Most of us live in houses that possibly predate all this obsession with privacy.  We've been in the same house for 22 years and even then just transferred the electric utility account to the new address. 
Our electric company accused us of not paying the bill last month.  I have proof that I did pay.
Upon getting on the phone during working hours, going through all of the required responses, giving the proper answers down to the last four digits of the social security number, I figure the lady is … (20 comments)

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