beebe ar: Advertising paperweight picture. Beebe AR Church. - 11/06/20 06:32 AM
Old advertising method that is new to me.
On ebay right now is this glass paperweight that was a method of advertising that I have not seen before.  The paragraph below is written on ebay regarding the item.  Perhaps someone will know its location and whether it still stands.
This is a vintage, clear glass paperweight featuring a church and probably its pastor, and the writing at the bottom edge reads, 'M.E. Church South Beebe White Co., Ark. Rev. Franklin B. Noe D'. The writing cuts off at the "D" and I can't make out the rest. This is about 4x2&1/2. I don't … (0 comments)

beebe ar: Beebe AR basketball girls in 1953 and their fans. White Co tournament. - 11/01/20 10:06 AM

1953 Beebe AR girls' basketball team
Another team who entered the White County Girls' Basketball Tournament is shown here. It was held in the High School Gymnasium at Rose Bud AR.  I found the old program on ebay and bought it.  The pictures are so interesting.  Look through and see if you know any of the folks in the picture or any of the fans.  I'll bet "Fat" Daniel was a fun person! 

beebe ar: You wanna see the 50's? Here it is. Beebe AR girl's basketball team. - 11/25/14 04:08 AM
So you think the 50's meant poodle skirts?  I grew up in the 50's and never heard of a poodle shirt.
BUT........this picture is a perfect depiction of the 50's.  It is supplied by Super Sleuth Anita Fuller from her personal collection of photos.  These girls made up the junior Beebe AR basketball team in 1951 and 1952.  Anita played for Searcy.  I asked her for a picture of Searcy's team and she had none.  None!  The yearbook did not have a single picture of girl's sports because they were unimportant.  Later on the Searcy Schools eliminated the team completely!   … (11 comments)

beebe ar: Beebe AR girl's basketball team 1935. Historic postcard. - 11/18/14 10:09 AM
I attended a very small school in Georgia and their only sports activity was basketball but it was equal, a team of boys and a team of girls.  I was on the team and loved the trips to small surrounding towns to compete.  This photograph was loaned to me by our card-collecting buddy, James Whitlow, and it shows the girl's junior basketball team at Beebe AR and reminds me of the old days when the teams wore short shorts and high-top tennis shoes.
The back of the card even names the girls!  Maybe a relative of yours will be in this … (6 comments)

beebe ar: Beebe AR close-up pictures of long ago. James Whitlow enlarged pictures. - 02/05/13 04:23 AM
We put Beebe Arkansas on this blog a few days ago and this particular photo was placed on the blog.

Our blog friend James Whitlow has the same card and he enlarged some areas.  See them below.

And he included a look at the street more like now, modern Beebe Arkansas!

Here are other Beebe AR blogs if you are interested.

beebe ar: Beebe AR, White County, old pictures reviewed. Historic Beebe. - 02/03/13 09:57 AM
Beebe Arkansas is getting a Wal-Mart supercenter.  It is under construction right now.
So perhaps we need to review Beebe.  This picture was just on ebay and sold for $43.56 and I hope someone from Beebe bought it and will treasure it.  It is over 100 years old.

Here's another one from old Beebe.  But now we have motor vehicles.

And another one.

This one shows a thriving corner with a filling station. 

Beebe Arkansas is a thriving small town in White County.  If you have not been to the historic downtown of Beebe lately, … (8 comments)

beebe ar: Juxtaposition. What a word! Now I can almost see how it can be used. - 07/02/11 07:27 AM
Driving down a street in Searcy brought me to this interesting site of an old house being torn down?  Or built up?  Partly torn down and part of the old being used again?
It was a puzzle but when I saw the juxtapositioning of the old wood and the new wood panels, I understood what the word means.  Compare the old wood inside the old walls of this house with the pressed wood new stuff.
The boards were real boards, perhaps reused if you consider the paint on some of them.  Furthermore, I'll bet that paint has lead in it!  The house was … (8 comments)

beebe ar: Architectural genius or just slinging dirt around? REO palace for birds. - 05/22/11 07:13 AM
REO (foreclosure properties) homes always offer surprises.  This particular one had the front door guarded by a bunch of flying screeching birds that didn't appreciate my trespassing near their home.  I had to see what they were so proud of.  Here's what I saw. 


I took this closeup because I was really impressed with the bird's house.  If there were babies inside they were very quiet and not visible.  Look at the layers of this house.  They appeared to have selected different colors of dirt just to have a nicely painted house.  Deliberate?  Genius birds?  It … (7 comments)

beebe ar: Did you ever drive along the two lane highways and anticipate stopping at a place like Pecan Joe's? - 12/20/10 01:02 PM
This card is for sale on ebay and shows the old Pecan Joe's in Beebe Arkansas.  There used to be so many of these colorful places alongside the smaller highways.  They'd have up signs that led up to the business and little kids (and big kids) would eagerly anticipate stopping at a "Pecan Joe's."

With today's new super highways, the Pecan Joe's didn't have a chance.  We'd fly by this place so fast we'd never see it.  And if we did see it we'd have to figure out how to get off the freeway, turn around and go back to … (23 comments)

beebe ar: Was it the same builder in Beebe Arkansas and Searcy Arkansas? - 02/26/10 01:38 PM
When I go to Beebe Arkansas, a city about 19 miles from Searcy, and drive down their old Main Street, I admire the old look of the town.  It could actually be used for an old movie because it looks so authentic. This old building reminds me of one of my favorite buildings in Searcy Arkansas.  Check out the windows.
 I can't resist giving this old picture first. 

The modern version of this building is now shown below. 

And the windows remind me so much of probably my favorite and perhaps most unchanged one in Searcy Arkansas.  … (18 comments)

beebe ar: Old Depot in Beebe AR, a town that still has a lot of character. - 02/27/09 11:39 PM
I've had to drive to Beebe a lot lately and I love driving through the old downtown.  I always wonder why they don't come to Beebe and film a movie.  It would create a perfect background for some 40's or 50's movie.  I put up some photos of old town Beebe a few weeks ago.  If you missed them go back and review them.
I love the old depot.  Here are photos of it when it was an active one and what it looks like now.  Correction:  I assume it was active then.  Perhaps the age of the cars in the … (9 comments)

beebe ar: Hard to find 4 bedroom house that is like new. Built in 2006 in Beebe AR. - 01/06/09 11:38 PM
SOLD!  SOLD!!  February 2009!
This new listing is in Beebe Arkansas, a progressive city that is growing rapidly.  The house uses every inch of space wisely so that you'll have a comfortable 4 bedrooms and two convenient baths.  The bedrooms follow the popular split bedroom floor plan with the master on one side and the other bedrooms on the opposite.
Living, kitchen and dining area are all open.  There's a built-in desk and large laundry room.  The yard is almost an acre.  Drive way is paved and you'll have a two-car garage.  Price is only $149,900!  A bargain!!
Address is 160 Pinewood Lane, … (8 comments)

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