best realtor: The changing look of Harding University Searcy Arkansas. New apartments going up. - 05/30/12 10:55 AM
What a surprising look there is in the new apartments being built by Harding University in Searcy Arkansas.  All the other buildings on campus are the staid and trustworthy look of red brick.  Now we are getting YELLOW buildings with a new look.

Look at this big impressive yellow building.

Notice the road is closed.  That road used to be East Park Avenue.  And look at the big yellow apartment houses.

I was stunned when I first discovered the new look.  I have to admit they are very attractive and have more of a village look.  I think … (17 comments)

best realtor: Look at this guy in the door!! The best captured self-portrait yet! - 05/02/12 11:12 AM

Shoot fire!  We know you don't do this!  You don't let yourself show up in the MLS pictures!  We definitely can't put our signs in the picture!  But is there a rule against having yourself in the picture??
This young man from our office swears he has never had more attention with an MLS picture.  He said he preened to the right and then to the left and kept that tummy sucked in the whole time and decided this was his best shot!
We have teased him mercilessly but he has no remorse!  Go, Stu!!  Gotta go quickly and put … (14 comments)

best realtor: How to cross a barb-wire fence. Hand-rails should be required on stairs. - 01/19/12 02:09 AM
Of interest today while driving in the country was this neat set of steps going over a barb-wire fence.  No house was nearby.  No barn.  No nothing.  But there was this way of getting over the fence.

Seems as if I can remember a few of these steps from my childhood but not as precise and well done as this one. It has a stair-rail to hold onto and a stair-rail is SO often missing in the houses we offer for sale.   I am amazed at how many houses (nice houses) have steep stairs and no rail.  Sometimes I just … (23 comments)

best realtor: Girls in short shorts revisited. One of my most viewed blogs. Searcy Arkansas - 03/22/11 03:27 AM
One  of my most viewed blogs is the one with this picture.  Just for curiosity I went back and viewed some old blogs.  This blog was done on 11/12/2008.  Only 18 comments have been made on it and they were pretty funny.  However, the clicks on this blog number 5,459!  That's a lot of clicks for a little Searcy Arkansas blog.  So the question is why this blog has been so viewed. 
Men seeking short shorts? 
The shadow of Anita, my blog buddy? 
Go back and review if you'd like or just enjoy this picture again.  As one commenter said, … (12 comments)

best realtor: Men love their cars!! Is this location in old Searcy Arkansas? 1950 Mercury. - 03/18/11 02:46 PM
Isn't this a great picture of a proud young man and his car?  Seems as if everyone in the old days wanted the picture snapped beside their vehicle.
This handsome guy was my husband's Uncle Roland Duncan, who died early, and it looks as if this would have been taken from a street in Searcy Arkansas but I can't pinpoint the street.  I also can't name the vehicle but it's a beauty.  What did you call those things that fit over the tires and were they just for beauty or did they serve a purpose?  Also note where the door handles are on … (15 comments)

best realtor: A child's photographic essay of a day on a farm. Searcy Arkansas pasture from the 70's. - 02/10/11 01:31 AM
This story was written by a very young child who was taking photography as a project in 4H and had to do a photographic story.  Unfortunately both of the barns shown here have burned due to lightning.  The photographs here have suffered a little from the scanning and definitely I needed to keep the lettering telling about the day.  If you'd like, you Searcy Sleuths can identify the people in the picture.  I'm the proud mom of the author of this fine photographic essay.


best realtor: Anyone remember this old filling station on Main street Searcy Arkansas? - 01/31/11 01:09 PM
WR Glass has occupied this building in Searcy Arkansas for many years.  They have either moved or closed their business because this old building is now empty.
It has intrigued me for years.  Look at the columns.  Are those Art Deco?  Look at the tile.  There has to be a history here that our Searcy Sleuths can uncover.  This one was down the street from the Pershing Stationwhich we've blogged about.  Was it also a filling station?  Perhaps it was a store. 
Right now it is just a small forlorn building on a busy corner but we need to explore it … (38 comments)

best realtor: 40's style. Did kids have a fashion sense then? Mystery for Searcy Sleuths. - 01/10/11 11:27 AM
The Searcy Sleuths love a challenge.  Therefore I'm giving them another one with these two pictures of a charming group of kids.
The boy has evidently found his own style.  One pant's leg is rolled higher than the other.  Speaking to the kid reveals that it was not a style.  So do you know why this was done?  My thinking is that cowboy boots were the style.  Every kid would have wanted a pair.  This little girl wore hers with lots of flair.  I don't know about you but personally I like that cap thrown way back rather than the way … (16 comments)

best realtor: Another landmark going down. More progress in Searcy Arkansas. - 12/23/10 03:47 AM
Rumor had it that the square corner of Sawmill Road and Country Club Road East in Searcy Arkansas had been sold for a HUGE amount of money. 
What's a square corner?  Well, I've heard that they go back so far that when roads were being made the old farmer would say, "You aint going through my pasture but you can go around the edge of it."  Thus the corner could be sharp and square.  In Arkansas we still have quite a few of them.
On this square corner was an old horse and his barn.  I watched him for years as I made … (25 comments)

best realtor: Did you ever drive along the two lane highways and anticipate stopping at a place like Pecan Joe's? - 12/20/10 01:02 PM
This card is for sale on ebay and shows the old Pecan Joe's in Beebe Arkansas.  There used to be so many of these colorful places alongside the smaller highways.  They'd have up signs that led up to the business and little kids (and big kids) would eagerly anticipate stopping at a "Pecan Joe's."

With today's new super highways, the Pecan Joe's didn't have a chance.  We'd fly by this place so fast we'd never see it.  And if we did see it we'd have to figure out how to get off the freeway, turn around and go back to … (23 comments)

best realtor: Harding College, Searcy Arkanasas, in 1948. More buildings from the campus yearbook. - 11/22/10 02:11 PM
Yesterday's blog had views of Harding College in 1948 (now Harding University).  Here are a few more views that were in the yearbook followed by the aerial view again.  See if you can find the buildings on the aerial view if you'd like.  The pictures show a great love of shade trees and prior to our love for manicured lawns. 

This one is was called the Bell home.

Here is the swimming pool for boys at  the college.  Wonder if they had a swimming pool for girls?

This one is the gym.

And here is the aerial view … (16 comments)

best realtor: It was just a good idea then. Old house saved in Searcy Arkansas. - 11/12/10 12:02 AM
Note this lovely old house.

It's well maintained, brings back memories from a long time ago when folks sat on the porch.
Now look at the house from a little further back.

What do you see?  Yep!  Apartments.  The property was bought by a very popular builder in Searcy AR back in the late 80's or early 90's and the idea was to build apartments on the large parcel of land that is within spittin' distance of downtown Searcy AR.  The builder built apartments on either side of the house but saved the house.  It was lovely then and … (11 comments)

best realtor: From nice and friendly looking to obviously empty....Race Street Searcy Arkansas - 10/13/10 07:36 AM
In 1987 this house was for sale.  It was offered for a mere $38,500.  There are chairs on the porch, flowers in the yard, and of course the original wrought iron decorative pillars.

Fast forward to today. Race Street has grown busier and more crowded and the house has become more and more lonely even in the middle of a crowd.  Wonder how much longer it will be there? 


best realtor: East Race Street in Searcy Arkansas revisited.....almost..... - 10/04/10 01:14 AM
Reports from people who grew up in Searcy Arkansas prior to the 60's indicate that East Race was a street with big trees, impressive houses and wrap porches in many cases.  The mystery for my Searcy readers today is whether they have ever seen this house. 
Okay, I'll just go ahead and tell you.  This house sat where the Sexton's Grocery Store is today.  Reportedly, Safeway (the original grocery store who located there) offered to buy the house and the family who owned it chose to sell.
One family hated to see the beautiful house be razed so they bought … (18 comments)

best realtor: Sold. Kelso Purina building in Searcy Arkansas. Soon to be no more so admire it now. - 08/05/10 02:22 PM
The MLS gives this building a SOLD designation.  It says Kelso and I'm throwing in the Purina name because isn't that the Purina ghost sign.

This is, soon to be was, located at 515 S Main.  Now Beebe Capps is so near it that the walls shiver as traffic whizzes by.  One of the busiest McDonald's in the country is across the street.  The street to the North of it has been given permission to close so that additional land is available for construction.
This building was constructed reportedly in 1943 and has been on the market for sale for … (13 comments)

best realtor: All prim and proper and manicured and a money tree! Searcy Arkansas house. - 07/10/10 03:04 PM
Money tree!!  Shake it for monthly income on this older side by side duplex.  One apartment features 2 bedrooms, the other one bedroom.  Separate entrances.  Separate carports.  Close to downtown Searcy.  Well maintained.
That's the ad that ran with this attractive home in the early 80's.

Let's analyze.  Older house made into apartments.  They are not on separate meters.  They just have a door closed, probably, to separate one part of the house from the other.  That is not the best rental situation but the house sure looks good. Note the sidewalk in the front and we don't have very many … (9 comments)

best realtor: Uncle Sam is on your side when you purchase a house. 1986 version. - 07/07/10 02:38 PM
Most of you can't remember interest at the low rate of 12.5%.  Let's review this ad placed in a Homes for Living magazine in 1986.

Let's figure.  A $54,000 loan today at 5% would give you a payment of $289.88.  That's quite a savings.
For the payment of $562.82 you could purchase a $104,843 loan! 
And that's about what a $54,000 house would cost now! 
And the interest rates climbed on and on up!  By the end of the 80's they were around 17% or more. 
Let's figure.  A $54000 loan at 17% would be $769.86.  YIKES!!!
I'm … (11 comments)

best realtor: Punky Caldwell reblogged. C L Coyle and other band members from Searcy Arkansas. - 07/04/10 03:58 PM
We did a blog a short time ago that was a fun blog about long haired music.  A young man who turned out to be Punky Caldwell, quite well know in his day, got noticed and commented on a lot.  His daughter found the blog and sent us additional pictures.
It seems Punky died young but was quite a musician in his day.  Here is a picture of Punky and his band.

Band members were C L Coyle, Coot Brown and Bishop Horten.  They were together in the late 50's and played at "The Silver Moon" outside of Searcy. The … (11 comments)

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