don thompson: Anyone remember Party Line? KWCB radio? Searcy AR - 07/12/19 10:53 AM

Anyone remember radio as a big item in Searcy, AR?  
Anyone remember the radio show, "Party Line?"
This delightful calendar from 1957 has shown up for sale on ebay and my friend and Searcy Sleuth Supreme , Don Thompson, did research on the radio station.  Here is what he seems to have found.  He put quite a few question marks in his write-up because he is not sure of the accuracy of what he pulled up.  He moved away from Searcy before all of these things took place so he is hoping that some of you other Searcy Sleuths can tell us more … (8 comments)

don thompson: Boy's and The Dangerous Things They Can Do - 01/30/17 06:25 AM
 I am copying a blog that was put up by my friend, Don Thompson, who is one of our supreme Searcy Sleuths.  So what you see below is written by Don.   Please do not try to make one of these!!!  Even Don says don't do that.   
Growing up in Searcy in the forties gave boys plenty of opportunities to do dangerous things.
My friend and frequent blog contributor, Harold Sullivan, reminded me of that recently. He had found a firecracker gun he made as a teen in Searcy. We lived 3 houses apart in 1943.

Firecrackers were readily … (9 comments)

don thompson: Searcy AR home and old car (1956) but where was the location? - 11/25/16 02:44 PM

I know I have seen this house before but I can't remember where it was located.  Searcy Sleuths, do you remember?  I found this old picture at an estate sale on West Park Avenue in Searcy.  That is the area where so many homes have been removed for Harding's expansions.  So perhaps it was in that area and is no longer there?  One of the Super Sleuths, Don Thompson, knows how to pull up court house information showing how things "used to be."
It is a great picture, though, with an old car that Sleuths will remember the make and year. Bring … (9 comments)

don thompson: 1899 Searcy Daily Citizen gets new home. Don Thompson Searcy Sleuth. - 09/14/16 05:35 AM

1899 Searcy Daily Citizen finds a new home.
Just a few days ago I ran a blog about what I should do with an old (and I mean REALLY old) newspaper that I had found.  Here's the blog.  Click to read it.  I found an old frame that held a limited edition print by Charles Fogle and put the newspaper right on top of the print.
My Searcy Super Sleuth friend, Don Thompson, said he wanted to house it for a few years so he and another Super Sleuth friend, Anita Hart Fuller, came over for lunch and Don swore he'd be good … (7 comments)

don thompson: A tribute blog to our good friend Don Thompson. Ingenious squirrel trap. - 08/13/13 06:02 AM
We all know and love Don Thompson, our blog buddy, and one who can solve all problems.
Don was born with the ability to make anything and come up with solutions.
A search of my blogs will show him finding the answer to any question that we have had.
When I saw this I immediately thought of Don!
Evidently, someone had a problem with squirrels getting into the house. 

Problem solved?  Well, we don't know whether it worked but it was a good idea, worthy of our Don!
P. S.  Don also has a good sense of humor!

don thompson: Is he in or is he out? Of the red wagon, I mean. Don Thompson as a kid. - 04/03/13 10:07 AM
We did a blog yesterday showing an old house, worn out but still standing.  It brought back a lot of memories.
Don Thompson, Super Sleuth who grew up in Searcy, sent a picture of himself as a kid visiting at a house similar to the one we pictured.
I looked at it and thought he was behind the wagon.
I looked again and saw he was actually IN the wagon.
It is a puzzler, almost.  Is he in or is he out.  Which do you see first?
He is standing so securely and the wagon looks as it it could tip.

don thompson: Sophomore Class Searcy High School, AR. Teacher Lois Thornton. Thanks Don Thompson. - 12/10/12 08:44 AM

Blog buddy Don Thompson bought an old yearbook from ebay that shows the classes in Searcy AR in 1920.  This one is of the Sophomore Class and gives the class roll.  What was significant to him was that one of these lovely young women, second from left middle row, was Lois Thornton who because his teacher at Searcy High when he was a student many years later.  The name of the yearbook was The Reveille.  Somewhere, sometime later it became the Lion.
Here's the closeup of Lois.  She influenced many student's lives.


don thompson: How many kids will a horse hold? Great Americana picture from Don Thompson, super sleuth. - 12/02/12 01:35 AM
I love this picture!
Count the kids on the back of this horse.  Kids are crowded but I count at least six!
Looks as if it took Mom and Dad to keep the horse from departing!
This picture was contibuted by Don Thompson who says the people are his cousins from possibly Kansas. I love the dog that is in the picture and the windmill and the old truck and the old car.
And I think we should notice the dress on the lady.  She was as stylish then as we are now.  The dress did not hang evenly and right … (19 comments)

don thompson: Don Thompson visits Eureka Springs AR. Picture of the J. D. Harris house. - 09/09/12 02:21 AM
Our blog buddy, Don Thompson, does a lot of traveling.  In fact, it seems that he is gone all the time to some far-off place.  This trip, however, was not that far and it was in our home state.....Eureka Springs, AR.  Eureka is known for being full of artists.  He discovered an artist who works with metal and sent pictures back.  He has made a short blog with a picture of the house.  Even after reading this explanation of how the house was built I still can't figure it out.  Don can!  We have a favorite thing to say about Don. … (5 comments)

don thompson: The changing look of Harding University Searcy Arkansas. New apartments going up. - 05/30/12 10:55 AM
What a surprising look there is in the new apartments being built by Harding University in Searcy Arkansas.  All the other buildings on campus are the staid and trustworthy look of red brick.  Now we are getting YELLOW buildings with a new look.

Look at this big impressive yellow building.

Notice the road is closed.  That road used to be East Park Avenue.  And look at the big yellow apartment houses.

I was stunned when I first discovered the new look.  I have to admit they are very attractive and have more of a village look.  I think … (17 comments)

don thompson: Under investigation. Blogger Barbara gets visited by the Super Sleuths..... - 04/25/12 10:33 AM
I was put on the spot!
Searcy Super Sleuths came to visit.
I met them at Doc's Grill and got grilled myself!  This picture shows how serious they can be about their history.

From the right is Harold Gene Sullivan from Searcy originally but now living in Seattle.  Next is Bob Fuller, the better half of our beloved Anita "Tart" Hart Fuller who is next in the picture.  Then we find the man who can do anything, Don Thompson, and beside Don is Carolyn Sullivan.  None of them still live in Searcy but have fond memories of the OLD Searcy … (17 comments)

don thompson: In memory of Paula Windsor Peacock Thompson, Searcy AR historian. - 01/05/12 12:44 AM
I met her through this blog....She and her husband Don Thompson contributed photos, comments, and information for the blog that has become largely a pictorial of old Searcy Arkansas.  She passed away January 4, 2012 and this is a tribute to her and the many contributions she made to further the history of Searcy.
Let's begin with a picture of Paula Windsor posing after winning a camera from Family Shoe Store.  She is the tall girl on the right.  She used the camera to document some of old Searcy.

Paula was a Girl Scout and she used the camera in … (22 comments)

don thompson: Memories of East Park Avenue near Harding University....soon to be new construction in Searcy AR. - 12/05/11 12:21 PM
Some of you may remember some of the older homes on East Park near Harding University.  I actually do remember some but I had to go to Google to refresh the memories.  Here's the way the street used to look.

Harding is expanding and has eliminated a few of our memories.  I sold this little house once.

I showed this one once AFTER DARK and swore it was ridiculous to show property after dark. It had the neatest side porch that had been added when someone restored the house.

Here's another that is just memory.

And another.

don thompson: Steprock Arkansas. A scene from the area. - 09/25/09 12:42 AM
I am reblogging this for Don Thompson, one of my localism contributors who knows all about our Searcy and surrounding area.  He tells a little about Steprock.
Recently there was a postcard in the local paper showing a scene from the little farming community, Steprock, which is about 18 miles North of Searcy.

Steprock, circa 1910 A minister in a white shirt baptizes a young man as a woman watches from the riverbank near the small White County community. The number of Arkansans who practicereligion has always been high, with most identifying themselves as Christian and Protestant.The state's … (12 comments)

don thompson: Visiting a childhood home in Searcy Arkansas. You CAN go home again! - 02/20/09 12:12 PM
This blog is written by my friend Don who comments on my blogs and loves the old town of Searcy Arkansas where he grew up.  To see his picture and his very first blog visit him here.
Remember what is was like to visit a childhood home?
Nothing looked quite the same. Boundaries had changed, memorable trees were gone and replaced by others. The house may have been renovated or even torn down.

On the left is a recent picture of my house when I was 8 years old. On the right There is me standing on the … (11 comments)

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