elvin figg davenport: Interesting picture. Dogs, church building, railroad tracks, East Pleasure, Searcy AR. - 04/09/18 05:08 PM

Here's a neat picture of two dogs.  Back in 1955 in Searcy AR there was probably no license law that required dogs to be kept in their own yard.  These two appear to be tired from roaming all over the place and are now crossing the railroad track to get home.
This photo is from Elvin Davenport's picture collection, loaned us by Sherry Quattlebaum Person.  He roamed the area taking pictures of lots of things.  At first I could not figure out where this was but doing a close-up with a magnifying glass, I saw the entry brick wall at the rock house.  … (11 comments)

elvin figg davenport: Dressed up ladies. Searcy AR? Who were they? Elvin Davenport pics. - 03/31/18 03:27 PM

Who were they?
I'm curious.  This is another one of Elvin Davenport's pictures.  As we have repeated several times, Elvin walked or rode his bike all around the city of Searcy and the surrounding towns way back in the 50's and 60's.  He carried his camera and snapped pictures all the time.  Sherry Quattlebaum Person has loaned them to us for this blog.
So does anyone know who these ladies were?  Was one of them perhaps his mother or grandmother?  We understand he was an only child and the lovely house where he grew up was close to downtown Searcy and has now … (4 comments)

elvin figg davenport: Kensett AR depot. Another Elvin Davenport photograph. Historic photo. - 03/26/18 05:59 PM

We have shown several Elvin Davenport old photographs, loaned by Sherry Quattlebaum Person, on this blog.  Reportedly, he roamed the countryside on his bike with his camera handy and loved taking pictures of trains.  These two say Kensett on the depots even though you have to enlarge them to read the sign.
My question is why the depots look slightly different?  Did Kensett have two depots?  Is this the same train track?  Folks also say that Elvin got so close to the trains that he had to quickly get out of the way and therefore lots of the photos are slightly blurred.
Perhaps … (10 comments)

elvin figg davenport: Spring Park in Searcy AR to where? Possibly Main Street. - 03/15/18 12:21 PM

Spring Park in Searcy AR??
Yes, we do think so.  This is another of the Davenport photos loaned to us by Sherry Person and taken years ago by Elvin Davenport, a young man who rode around the countryside and citysides and took pictures with his camera.  This appears to be looking East across Main Street from Spring Park.  But we are not sure and Searcy Sleuths are invited to chime in.  We also wonder if the big house shown is the same as this one below.
Vernon, ole Po Dunk, Duncan had his first car lot across from Spring Park along Main Street.  … (8 comments)

elvin figg davenport: Girls on bicycles. Searcy AR? Historic photo. - 03/15/18 12:19 PM
Girls ride bikes on the sidewalk is Searcy AR?
We have shown several other pictures taken by Elvin Davenport as he roamed around Searcy and surrounding towns on his bike in the approximate 50's and 60's.  Reportedly, the first two girls shown here are Clydell Neal and Mary Kay VanPatten.  The question now is whether this is a Searcy street or was the photo taken in some other location.  Seary Sleuths should be able to tell us or Mary Kay VanPatten James will remember and give us a report.  Thanks, Sherry Person, for sharing Elvin's pictures.

elvin figg davenport: Old photo of yards, shotgun houses, chicken pen. Interesting. - 03/03/18 10:20 AM

1965 photo of yard and small houses.
Here's another interesting picture loaned by Sherry Person from her dad's collection.  Her dad, Ivan Quattlebaum, was a history lover and saved everything.  These pictures, we have found, are from a collection of snapshots possibly taken by a long-ago resident named Elvin Figg Davenport.  He was the only son of Judge W. D. Davenport and his wife Margaret.  Searcy old-timers remember Elvin as a young man who roamed the Searcy, Kensett, Judsonia and other areas on his bicycle while carrying his camera.  He loved trains!  We probably will be posting more of his pictures of … (13 comments)

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