historic homes: Searcy AR. Hoofman home. 1936 view. 1215 East Race. - 07/26/19 12:46 PM

Recognize this home?  This photo was in the 1936 White County Centennial Edition of The Daily Citizen and White County Citizen.  It is a large 16 page edition with various pictures and it was given to me by my friend, Letain DeVore.  This picture was on a two-page spread entitled A FEW OF THE MANY ATTRACTIVE HOMES THROUGHOUT WHITE COUNTY.  Somehow this one looked familiar and it did turn out to be one that we see daily if we drive East Race St.  It is located at 1215 East Race and the view below shows it as it is today.  The … (8 comments)

historic homes: Judsonia mansion. Henson house. Survived Judsonia tornado. - 07/26/19 12:10 PM

Remember how much we LOVE the mansion in Judsonia that survived the Judsonia tornado in 1952?
Look what we have found.  This picture was in a White County Centennial Edition of The Daily Citizen and White County Citizen that was published in Searcy in August 1936!  It shows the mansion long before the tornado and shows all the beauty with trees and shrubs and flowers all around.  Streets were probably not paved but there appears to be a curb and sidewalk around the corner.  My friend, Letain DeVore, gave me this great old 16 page bit of history because she knew I'd … (4 comments)

historic homes: Two new redo's. Aren't they lovely? Center St. & Race St. Searcy AR. - 10/27/17 06:24 AM

It is well worth taking a drive (or walk!) down West Race Street and West Center Street, just a few blocks apart, to see these two lovely homes that have been redone with paint and special attention to detail.  I call the top one, located at 610 West Center, the Van Patten home.  It it still in the Van Patten family with a for sale sign in the yard.  A tree had fallen on part of it with some damage so it has now been repaired and has a fresh coat of paint.  An artist, Bobby Van Patten, grew up there … (4 comments)

historic homes: Good news! 600 W Race, Shoffner house, being restored? We hope. - 06/23/17 09:50 AM
It was another driving-by experience.  Look!!  The historic home at 600 W. Race that is known as the Shoffner House and is very old had something going on.  Trees had been trimmed, a fence taken down and the character of the old home came flying through.  There was even a man on the roof!  Looks as if is being restored!  Here's a blog about the house that I did a few months ago as an auction was being performed there.  Click here to read it and see pictures.  The property looks so historic and so alive right now that I and … (2 comments)

historic homes: Artists and houses. John E Keller. Searcy AR. Griffithville AR. - 04/21/17 08:18 AM
Super Sleuth Anita Hart Fuller shared this picture with me because she said it was the home of her childhood friend Alice Anne O'Donell who lived at Griffithville AR, a small town several miles from Searcy AR.  This one is just a photograph of the original watercolor painting done by John E Keller, a very successful artist in Searcy.   Anita had it done and presented the original painting as a gift to her friend.  The date signed by Mr. Keller is 1993. 
The question might be why?  Why did Anita commission this painting?  We have the answer to that question!  Anita … (13 comments)

historic homes: Thanks, Terri Tarkington Milligan, Searcy AR for reviving a lovely home! - 01/23/17 04:41 AM

The house is almost finished in this photograph.  ( Pardon the debris on the side of the street waiting to be carried away.)   Terri Tarkington Milligan fell in love with this older home that had fallen into tough times.  Here's the way it did look.  If you walked under those trees the house was in terrible condition.
The house is located at 909 West Arch and has the pleasing combination of native stone and brick construction.  If you'd like, google Silas Owens who has become quite famous for his work in this type construction.  I also have done another blog or … (6 comments)

historic homes: Another old home. Searcy AR. Historic? Built around 1907. - 01/09/17 10:37 AM

Another old home in Searcy AR for sale!
I remember this house.  It was one of my very first listings when I started in real estate. It was probably in the early 80's, so long ago that the on-line county data does not list the name of the owner at that time.  It looks very much the same and is on the market for a price of $89,900.  The location is 810 West Vine on a corner lot.  
What I am wondering now (and did not back then) is wheather it has any interesting history.   Now I have met many Searcy … (7 comments)

historic homes: Fancy rock work from the past. 1935 built house, Searcy AR. - 11/15/16 03:26 AM

A closeup view of fancy rock work from the past.
Upon visiting this house in Searcy AR today I was once again so amazed to see this rock work from the past.  The house was built in 1935.  Imagine the time it took to make these nice long lines in the mortar defining each rock.  The rock, also, is different.  It does not look like a rock but more like a sponge.  Is it a different kind?
My "once again" refers to the house.  It was one of the first houses that I ever listed.  I was new in real estate and the … (12 comments)

historic homes: The Oliver house, 605 N Spring, Searcy AR, new owner! - 08/04/16 05:57 AM

                                                     The Oliver House
How nice it would be to have a house named after you even though it has
changed hands several times during the years.  This one at 605 N Spring
Street in Searcy AR has just changed hands again but is still recognized as
The Oliver House. The court house says this house was built in 1895!  That is pretty old!  I received a call from the new owners and am so pleased
to report that the new owners love history, are researching the history of
this house and are going to live in it!  I told the new … (8 comments)

historic homes: Little mystery house in Searcy AR. Where was it? - 01/11/16 02:22 AM

This tiny pen and ink drawing is not very good but does show an old house in Searcy AR that was old and boarded even when the drawing was made in 1976.  It was requested by my mother-in-law Wyndelene Duncan and it was found in her things when she died. Quite frankly, I did not remember doing it.  Miss Winnie was a saver and a record keeper.  So with the little drawing she had saved this info on a card.
"Robert Taylor Judge property.  Owned by Louis D and Mattie Judge Wyette (daughter and son-in-law) of Robert Taylor Judge from ? to … (3 comments)

historic homes: A mixture of OLD and NEW! Tea at 611 W Center Searcy AR - 09/27/15 07:16 AM

The invitation came through email, something that would never have been dreamed about when this house was built.  The house is called the Kerr-Booth house and is located at the corner of Pecan and Center at 611 W Center.  It is Queen Anne style and  was built in 1890.  So I drove up not in a horse and carriage but in my car that I don't even have to put a key in to start. 
The owners were gracefully lending their historic home (It is on the National Register of Historic Sites.) for the location for a farewell tea honoring the director … (2 comments)

historic homes: Sister houses on W Academy Searcy AR. Dutcher and Bloom 1929 owners. - 06/24/15 11:25 AM

The Dutcher House - 702 W Academy
The Bloom House - 708 W Academy
A new property has come on the market and it is right beside one that is also for sale.  Both are historic treasures in Searcy AR.  The listing agent provided information about this newest property on the market and it is worth sharing for its historic value.  Right now Searcy is trying to raise funds to redo the Rialto and this information fits right in.
In 1929 a local carpenter named Dutcher paired with Bloom, a businessman, to build two houses in the heart of Searcy.  Bloom owned the Grand … (17 comments)

historic homes: History for sale. Less than $12,000 for a big house with lots of character. - 07/16/14 01:48 AM

What a house and what a bargain!  This property is located in Wilbur Mills's home town of Kensett AR, a little town that still has trains going through it frequently.  Kensett is just a few miles from Searcy AR.
It was built, according to the courthouse, in 1936 and has 4 bedrooms, 1.5 baths and 2126 sq. ft.
Sure, it needs work.  Lots of work but buying it and redoing it would keep history alive and well in White County.  For photos of the house and the inside go to my website,  BarbaraSDuncan.com, or to the listing agent's website, MarkLercher.com.  … (3 comments)

historic homes: Campbell Chrisp Grayson house in Bald Knob is for sale. Historic mansion in Arkansas. - 02/09/14 09:57 AM

It's for sale!  Bald Knob mansion is ready for new owner.
The Bald Knob Banner, whose owner is also the owner of this house, says it is up for sale.  He gives this information about the house.  It was built in 1899 by the Jacob Campbell family and reportedly Charles Thompson was the architect.  It is Romanesque Revival in style with touches of Colonial Revival influences.  It is 4000 sq. ft. with brick that was built on the site with walls that are 4 bricks thick and it has a basement.
Here's a blog that I did of this house … (4 comments)

historic homes: Another rock house, still standing and looking great in Searcy AR. Built 1935. - 01/08/14 11:25 PM
Lots of changes are made in a growing city, which is what our Searcy AR is.
It is a pleasure to drive by a house that is largely unchanged and in apparent great condition.  That is the situation if you drive by 410 E Park.  Roger Dobbins sent me a photograph of this house and says his grandparents, Elbert and Annie Melton built it.  The courthouse records say it was built in 1935.

He doesn't say what year this picture was made.  Look at the size of the tree that was cut down on the right and look at those … (9 comments)

historic homes: She sure holds her age well! 105 years old Cape Cod house in Searcy AR. - 08/11/13 11:20 AM
Why would I use my valuable blog space to tell about another agent's listing?
Seems strange, doesn't it?
But this house deserves attention.  I had no idea it was built in 1907!  Having it on the market has brought out that information.  That is over 100 years old and it still looks great.
The location is 905 W Arch and it has been carefully maintained throughout the years.  The courthouse says it has an effective age of 23!

It is not a Southern Style house.  It is more like the houses from "up North."  It has had several addtions but … (12 comments)

historic homes: 1700 W. Pleasure, Searcy AR. Soon to be gone? Torn down? I hope not. - 06/05/13 11:15 AM

You are driving into Searcy from Hwy 36 West and you can take Pleasure Street or Beebe Capps Expressway.  Choose W Pleasure Street and you'll promptly see this lovely ranch house.
It has been meticulously maintained since it was built in 1960.  And it was built with wood....lots of wood.  Wood floors, wood walls, wood ceilings.  Wood that came from Doniphan Mills.  It has as much  class and beauty as any of the original ranch style homes in Searcy Arkansas.  It should be put on some kind of protective pedestal.
BUT......there was a hearing this week to try to get … (12 comments)

historic homes: The T. A. Yarnell house that was once in Searcy AR....and Mr. Yarnell in the yard. - 05/12/13 06:55 AM
We have featured an old house on this blog before and a former Searcian commented about the house.  Thomas Headlee wrote this comment.
Thomas Headlee I was told many nice architectural pieces were saved from this house....staircase for one. I think some of the iron fencing was moved to 400 block of W. Arch...Mr Petty's office. I could be mistaken. My great grandfather's house was just east of here....T. A. Yarnell.

    So we begged him for a picture of the T. A. Yarnell house.  He has sent this one and wrote a nice note for history.   This … (17 comments)

historic homes: Save your gas. Don't drive by. It's gone. Another big house in Searcy AR had to go. - 04/11/13 10:14 PM
A few weeks ago I wrote a blog about a once-grand house having a fire and that it was probably beyond saving.
I was right.  It is gone.  Remember this one.

Here is the Mr. Google view.....bless him for saving some of these old pictures for years.  It takes him a good while to do a follow-up drive by so if we go by and do a double-take because a house is gone, just visit him and take a last look.

This house was uniquely grand from the Spring Street front or the Moore Street side.  Our sleuths did … (6 comments)

historic homes: A glimpse of the past on Foster Chapel Road, Searcy AR. - 04/02/13 12:20 AM
Don't get me wrong!
I am not pleading for saving a historic home or feeling nostalgic remembering days long gone.
But while driving in the country, this house had to catch my eye.  It is so simple, so worn out, so forlorn sitting out in the middle of a cowpasture.  It reminds me so much of houses that I used to see in South Georgia where I grew up.
There's an old barn-type structure behind this house and a huge tree in the back yard. 
It is truly a glimpse of a past but probably best saved with … (11 comments)

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