historic homes: For Searcy Sleuths....where was this house? 1310 W Arch and it still stands. - 02/21/13 09:35 AM
The Searcy Sleuths love a challenge.  They can find anything.  One of them ropes Mr. Google and forces him to go up and down streets of any town to find the treasure.
So I have great pictures of a house in Searcy that dates way back.  It is actually sort of historic and I have learned a lot about it in the last week or two.
But let's begin with the old pictures of it.

These are wonderful old pictures.  The third picture shows where a porch used to be and it had a dug well.  Look at those beautiful flowers....and the lady!
 So, go, … (18 comments)

historic homes: This historic home is for sale! Better grab it! Knox kindergarten house on N Main in Searcy AR. - 01/18/13 06:09 AM
Let's review a blog that I did quite a while back.
It had lots of beautiful kids posing on the front porch.
It has Mrs.Klyster Knox standing with them.  Here's the house today.

And, yes, we'd better show the kids!

So this house at 510 N Main in Searcy AR is available right now if you'd like a house full of memories!  Listing agent is Lee Teed with our RE/MAX office. Price is $145,000.  I look forward to touring it and possibly helping find a new owner for it.

historic homes: Run by and say your final good-bye. House at 800 W. Center coming down. - 07/16/12 12:00 PM
The house is so stately and has class.
The house has always been well maintained.
The house will soon be gone.
  The wrecking ball is on its way so I drove by and said my final good-bye and snapped a few pictures for history and for the Searcy Sleuths.  Searcy history said it was once a Methodist parsonage in 1957 and it was built in 1955.  I know it as the former home of Leon and Sherry Person who served many delightful meals to friends through the years.  I almost cried as I circled it.

That was earlier.  Here … (12 comments)

historic homes: Proud to have this new listing in Searcy AR. Historic house on Center Street. - 06/23/12 07:38 AM

Tell me the lines of this house are not beautiful.
You must agree with me that they are so pleasing.  Here's another view from the side.

And check out the back yard!  Who has a trellis with climbing vines anymore?

And I have this house listed for sale right now.  My sign is in the yard.   Go to realtor.com and check out Searcy homes listed for sale between $135 and $150,000 or go to my website www.barbarasduncan.com  and see pictures.  The attic was opened up a few years ago and made into a lovely master suite with … (11 comments)

historic homes: Old rock houses and more creativity in Searcy Arkansas. - 06/21/12 11:02 AM
We found another charming old rock house in Searcy.  It needs repairs but still has potential and you know how we have bragged about these things before.  We have featured them several times.  Here goes again.

That is the basic look but lets go up closer for the creativity that shows through.  The grout has had added "bling."

That bling is pretty unusual but look at what I found in the closeup!  7Up!!

The rock artist went one step further in being creative with these kitchen windows.  He curved them and definitely it would have been easier to … (19 comments)

historic homes: Was this house a hospital? 401 E Park, Searcy AR. Historic home. - 04/23/12 12:32 PM

It was 1984 and this property was listed.  It sold.  Then it sold again.  And even I had it for sale at one time. It rented mostly to Harding students because it is within walking distance of Harding.  It was so TALL!  And it is still tall.  Here is today's view.

When I had this house listed the rumors were interesting.  It was rumored that this building was once a hospital. Perhaps the Searcy Sleuths can clear this up.
The courthouse says it was built in 1930. Notice it was for sale for $59,900 in 1984.  Today's assessment … (19 comments)

historic homes: Where was this house in Searcy AR several years ago? Searcy Sleuths test. - 04/14/12 03:49 AM

Old advertisements for houses left out an item or two in order to get the customer to call and find out where the property was. 
Well, to tell the truth, real estate agents still do it!
This picture comes from an old Powell Realty advertisement and leaves out (guess what) the address!  Powell Realty no longer exists and neither does this house but Searcy Sleuths may remember it.  Having been in the real estate business for so long,  I remember most of them.  This is from a 1984 advertisement booklet.
Test......where was it?  It's a neat old house, isn't it?

historic homes: OMG! Is that our haunted house in this 1918 Mulberry Street Quitman AR postcard?? - 02/24/12 05:25 AM
The Arkansas Democrat Gazette has this popular feature called Arkansas postcard past by Steven Hanley and they print an old postcard each day.  This is Feb 24, 2012 and the card of the day is shown below.

It just so happens that we have a house listed on Mulberry that is inhabited by spirits as local legend goes.  We have permission from the seller to advertise it this way also.  So I peered at this dirt street and read underneath the picture.  It reads, "Quitman, 1914.  There was no traffic on the Cleburne County rural hamlet's tree-lined Mulberry Street when … (29 comments)

historic homes: Safe at last! They took care of the tree danger in Searcy AR between two historic homes. - 02/08/12 12:57 PM
Now I can feel safe driving between two of Searcy's most historic homes.  They are located on E. Center Street and the tree looked like this.  It was obviously diseased and depending upon which way the wind blew we had two homes in danger.

To the East we had the historic Pascall house.  Those limbs would have demolished it.

To the West we had the Deener house, in whose yard the tree dwelled.

Driving between the two of them was little ole me....but not little ole me if the weather was stormy. 
While driving to work a … (14 comments)

historic homes: Yes, it is haunted and you can advertise it as such. Quitman Arkansas new listing. - 01/13/12 12:35 PM
It's a first.  After over 30 years in real estate I had a seller say his house was haunted and I could advertise it that way.  So here goes!  But he is NOT selling it because it is haunted.  He is selling it because of health problems which caused financial problems.  Look at this beauty.  This is the front.

This house was built around 1900 so that makes it about 112 years old!  The present owner has added siding, replacement windows, metal roof, new septic, new wiring, insulation and two central heat and air units.  He has lived in … (18 comments)

historic homes: Another historic house....but not in Searcy AR. It's in Griffithville. - 12/18/11 09:32 AM
You know how kids are?  They hold it against you because you never owned a two-story house so they could slide down the banisters like they do in the movies? 
I had one like that.  Now she's grown-up and in fact, is helping me with my real estate business. 
This house came on the market and she was hopping up and down like a 12 year old because she used to play with kids who lived in that house and she wanted to go preview it!
I had a wee bit of curiosity myself since I heard the envy plea … (14 comments)

historic homes: I'm a survivor too. How come that mansion gets all the attention in Judsonia Arkansas. - 10/31/11 08:38 AM
If houses could talk, that might be what this house would say.  It is located right across the street from the Judsonia Arkansas mansion that survived the 1952 tornado.  We have featured the mansion several times in blogs with the latest perhaps being this one.  First, let's review the after-the-tornado photograph.

Now look to the right and see the house that has lost a porch but still has the porch rails.  And then check out this house that we had listed for sale probably way back in the 80's.

The porch rails still look lovely.  The porch has been reattached … (13 comments)

historic homes: Sears Roebuck house in Searcy AR selling again. 607 West Arch circa 1920's. - 09/16/11 03:28 PM
Searcy Roebuck catalogs had a lot of uses way back a long time ago.  To name a few:
1.  Put under the baby to make him sit higher in the chair.
2.  To cut out paperdolls and choose lots of new outfits for the dolls.
3.  To select the kids a pair of shoes to begin school.
4. To read or use in other ways in the outhouse.
Yes, houses could be ordered and they'd come in kits.  We still have a Sears Roebuck house in Searcy Arkansas.  It was built sometime in the 1920's and was … (16 comments)

historic homes: OMG!! It's for sale!! Mansion in Judsonia AR that survived the tornado!! - 08/20/11 03:47 AM
The horrors of the Judsonia tornado in 1952 still fill lots of survivor's memories.  Several blog posts have been done concerning this tornado but probably the one that is most remembered is the one with the picture showing the mansion in Judsonia standing amidst ruin, proud and pretty.  Here's the blog link. http://activerain.com/blogsview/576533/1952-judsonia-ar-tornado-damages-and-survival-of-a-mansion-
and here's the photograph.

Now the house is on the market for $138,000.  There is a visual tour if you'd like to see it at this link.  The detail on this house is (or was) magnificent.  It makes you wonder whether anyone today could actually do a house that … (11 comments)

historic homes: Splendor once. Now in need of a little help. Old house in White County Arkansas. - 07/09/11 10:50 AM
Don't you just love it when you're driving along and see something interesting?
Kinda unbelievable so that you have to stop and look?
And take a picture?
I did.
This old house must have a history and the history must have some people with class because this house appears to have been a real beauty.

It has as many rooflines as the modern houses have.  Gables here and gables there and a nice little dormer in the front.  Some happy kids probably looked down from that dormer.
I'm going to let the Searcy Sleuths see if they can locate it … (17 comments)

historic homes: How does this thing work? Waste....written on top of the drain for this old footed tub? - 06/14/11 03:18 PM
I've seen footed tubs lots of times.  Most of the time they've been fitted with new plumbing and the main attraction is the feet.  Sorta like this.

But this old tub had plumbing that I didn't understand.  I just had to take a better shot at the fixtures.

Waste?  Why did that thing say waste and what did it do?  Looks like great old copper or brass fixtures that probably date back to the early 1900's.  I took another shot.

That's funny.  Activerain just turns my picture on the side? And I tried to put it on two times. … (7 comments)

historic homes: Center on the Square's Cocktails and Cabaret... Searcy Arkansas, night out at Rosehaven. - 05/01/11 02:17 PM
Rosehaven.  The invitation said that Center on the Square, our downtown dinner theater which has become so popular and successful, was having a fun night with music, an auction, food and drinks, and presentation of awards.  It was to be at Rosehaven.
That was a new name for me.  Sounded like a plantation house so I definitely wanted to attend.
And it was a plantation-type house.  Within city limits, this house that was first built in the 1800's and added onto a little at a time has become a mansion.
Owners are Cathy Liles and Randy Duncan.  Here they are in the … (19 comments)

historic homes: I'm back in the saddle again! Old song makes me think of this restored house at 402 East Race Searcy Arkansas - 04/28/11 01:19 PM
The old country song that brags about being back in the saddle again keeps running through my mind after attending open house and ribbon cutting at the Choate Law Firm which is now located at 402 East Race Street in what is known as the historic Tom Watkins house built in 1923 and listed on the National Register of historic Homes.  Just a few months ago it looked like this.  I even wrote a blog about it and its history.

Now it looks like this.

It has been painted up, spruced up, spiffed up and the new owner, Penny Choate, has located … (9 comments)

historic homes: Historical Oracle Dorothy Warden says house was used as hospital!! She was born there!! - 03/03/11 09:36 AM
Searcy historians love Dorothy Warden's column in the Searcy Daily Citizen each Saturday.  Last Saturday she wrote about home hospitals.  She was born in a home hospital and was Dr. Martin Hawkins's first baby, she says in the article.  The house, she says, is still standing at the location of 402 W Center.
Naturally, I drive by!  It's a lovely structure, almost unchanged through the years.  In fact, I had an owner contact me a few years back about its value.  He showed me through it and I was so impressed by the very "unchangedness" of the house. (How do you like … (25 comments)

historic homes: Last rites are being held right here on this blog site. Deaths on Center Street, Searcy AR. - 02/04/11 01:12 PM
We might as well say our final good-byes to these two houses on East Center Street.  Here is what is left of them.  First is 411 East Center.

Second is 403 E Center.

403 East Center was born in 1915 and lived a peaceful existence until 2011.  Just days ago I saw people living there.  I had to take my final picture from county data because we had no warning of the quick death.  I really liked the chimney and the little eyebrows.  It sold back in 1991 through a real estate firm and two times since then.


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