historic homes: Whew.....it appears the Margaret Pope house, Searcy Arkansas, lives on. - 01/28/11 12:57 PM
The Margaret Pope house in Searcy Arkansas is on Market Street and we drive by it all the time.  It looked like this for a long time.

One day I drove by and did a double-take as I saw big construction happening.....or deconstruction possibly.

The work went on and on and on.  Stucco came off the front.  The house got leveled.  And I kept worrying because I thought I'd drive by and the house would be smashed.  Now, however, it looks like this.

And curtains have gone up.  People have vehicles parked in the yard.  I believe it … (13 comments)

historic homes: Thank you, Penny Choate, for restoring a grand old house on Race Street, Searcy AR - 01/22/11 03:52 AM
One could tell something was going on!  Look at the men in those buckets cutting those giant trees.

Sure nuff!  Word was out that the old Tom Watkins house located at the corner of North Oak and East Race in Searcy Arkansas, built in the early 20's, had been bought and was to be restored by Attorney Penny Choate of the Choate Law Firm.
Everyone cheered!  We were all afraid that the house would be hit by the wrecker's ball.  As soon as Attorney Choate had the trees cleared, she got the painters out and started working on the outside.  … (10 comments)

historic homes: It was just a good idea then. Old house saved in Searcy Arkansas. - 11/12/10 12:02 AM
Note this lovely old house.

It's well maintained, brings back memories from a long time ago when folks sat on the porch.
Now look at the house from a little further back.

What do you see?  Yep!  Apartments.  The property was bought by a very popular builder in Searcy AR back in the late 80's or early 90's and the idea was to build apartments on the large parcel of land that is within spittin' distance of downtown Searcy AR.  The builder built apartments on either side of the house but saved the house.  It was lovely then and … (11 comments)

historic homes: East Race Street in Searcy Arkansas revisited.....almost..... - 10/04/10 01:14 AM
Reports from people who grew up in Searcy Arkansas prior to the 60's indicate that East Race was a street with big trees, impressive houses and wrap porches in many cases.  The mystery for my Searcy readers today is whether they have ever seen this house. 
Okay, I'll just go ahead and tell you.  This house sat where the Sexton's Grocery Store is today.  Reportedly, Safeway (the original grocery store who located there) offered to buy the house and the family who owned it chose to sell.
One family hated to see the beautiful house be razed so they bought … (18 comments)

historic homes: Another one gone. Take a last look. Give your last goodbye to this Arch Street house. - 09/07/10 05:00 AM

A friend alerted me to this house's demise.  She said she drove by and noticed activity and then the next day the whole house was gone.  There's nothing but an empty lot.  The house was bought about two years ago by the First Presbyterian Church who probably will turn the lot into a parking lot.
I hate, really hate, to see this one go.  It appeared to be in mansion-like condition and had a lovely facade. 
But here are our last views.  One is from Mr. Google's walk down the street.  Until he walks again in Searcy Arkansas maybe … (24 comments)

historic homes: Another test for Searcy Arkansas readers. Old house revisited. Near Harding University. - 08/04/10 04:51 AM
Quite frankly, and I was disappointed, my Searcy AR readers flunked their test on an old house that housed important people way back in the pre-80's years. 
They, meaning Anita, asked for another challenge which they, meaning she, would be sure to pass.  Here we go.
This house was shown in an old Homes for Living magazine and listed for sale.  Driving by it today I get somewhat fascinated.  It's definitely in the highest-and-best-use-apartments category and it's just a matter of time til I'll drive by and find it missing.

Don't misunderstand.  This house is not for sale now.  This was … (21 comments)

historic homes: Day Care Center in Searcy Arkansas in historic home. Year 1987. - 07/29/10 02:16 AM
This blog is a test for Searcy readers as well as a memory trip for me.  During my real estate career I've helped two families obtain property for child care centers and this is one of the results.
It is extremely difficult to get licensed as a day care center.  We had to measure every room.  Dish washers could not be used.  There were so many requirements!  But the two families succeeded in opening the centers.  Both found the job too demanding and both closed after a few years.  I had this one for sale in 1987.
Now the test?  Where … (17 comments)

historic homes: All prim and proper and manicured and a money tree! Searcy Arkansas house. - 07/10/10 03:04 PM
Money tree!!  Shake it for monthly income on this older side by side duplex.  One apartment features 2 bedrooms, the other one bedroom.  Separate entrances.  Separate carports.  Close to downtown Searcy.  Well maintained.
That's the ad that ran with this attractive home in the early 80's.

Let's analyze.  Older house made into apartments.  They are not on separate meters.  They just have a door closed, probably, to separate one part of the house from the other.  That is not the best rental situation but the house sure looks good. Note the sidewalk in the front and we don't have very many … (9 comments)

historic homes: Sleeping porches? Searcy Arkansas is hot but we have air conditioning now. - 06/27/10 02:21 AM
My car says it is 104 degrees outside! 
My car says it is 99 degrees outside!
My friend says we're having August weather right now in June.  No one argues that it is not HOT, HOT, HOT in our neck of the woods.
So driving by these two houses in Searcy Arkansas reminds me that when they were built there was no air conditioning.  These were sleeping porches.....or at least I have been told that they were.  Please correct me if I'm wrong.
In this area nighttime does not bring a lot of relief from the heat so folks could climb … (19 comments)

historic homes: They're here in Searcy Arkansas. They're fixing up this 1925 Arts and Crafts bungalow and they're lovely. Spring Street. - 06/21/10 12:42 AM
This 1974 picture shows a little cottage on one of Searcy's older streets. It has been purchased and is being fixed up!  The owners came to Searcy, fell in love with the house and are starting the restoration.

They invited me over to see what they've started.  They even gave me permission to put them on my blog.  The picture below shows what they're up against.....like 75 year old wallpaper.

And here we see the lovely couple standing proudly in front of a wall that they'll be repairing.

And here is the tree in the back yard!  Remember my theory about … (23 comments)

historic homes: Oh, No! What's going on here? Margaret Pope Estate house undergoing changes? - 04/24/10 01:12 AM
Searcy's historic houses get gone, seems like, overnight.  I drove by this one two times on my way to work yesterday.  The first time there was a dump truck in the yard.  The second time the screened porch on the East side was gone. 
The house appears empty and the yard has been growing up.  It is called the Margaret Pope house, I believe, unless my historians correct me.  It's on a corner of Market Street just a few blocks from downtown Searcy Arkansas.  Several attempts have been made throughout the years to remodel it and save it. 
What is going on now?  … (17 comments)

historic homes: Old Searcy Arkansas historic Benjamin Black House is now city owned. - 04/17/10 02:22 PM

300 East Race, the location of this historic old home, is now owned by the city of Searcy Arkansas.  It was begun in 1858 by Benjamin Clayton Black as a two-room log cabin.  The home was remodeled and added to several times.
The house has been owned by Dr. Porter Rodgers and his wife, Carol, since in the early 1980's.  It was remodeled and became a real estate office.  The remodel, however, was within the guidelines of the National Register of Historic Places and it is on their register. 
Dr. Porter Rodgers has now donated the house to the city of … (13 comments)

historic homes: V.W. Duncan's Car Lot. Where was this house. Hint. It is no longer there. - 03/23/10 12:37 AM

In an attempt to relive some of Searcy Arkansas's history we've been running pictures of  some old houses.  This is another one for my Searcy readers to think about and see if they remember it.  Where was it?  What is there now?  And if you want to name the person in the picture you can do that to.
Fewer and fewer of these great old houses remain.  I deliberately drove over to take pictures of two houses on a street near downtown Searcy.  I knew they were in bad shape and wouldn't be around much longer. 
Well!  When I … (34 comments)

historic homes: Dorothy Yarnell Warden as a cutie-pie child in the yard of the house that still lives in Searcy Arkansas. - 03/09/10 11:17 AM
We did another blog once arguing about how one house can not have turned into "this" house and I lost the argument. 
Here we have another interesting situation.  Our Searcy history oracle, Dorothy Yarnell Warden, loaned me this picture of herself in the front yard of her house which was on Race Street where Sexton's market is today.  The dress she has on looks stiffly starched and ironed and makes me think of my mother slaving over an iron which was heated at the fireplace and then carried to the ironing board to iron clothes.  (And we complain about hard work!)

historic homes: Which came first? Bald Knob mansion or Searcy Arkansas (now gone) mansion? - 03/07/10 12:09 AM
Cruising through Bald Knob Arkansas, which I have to do quite often because of properties for sale, I always delight in driving past this house. Last week I drove by it and snapped a picture.  It made me wish we had been able to keep more of the mansions that were in Searcy Arkansas and have been torn down for progress.

Looking at the picture made me wish there were a few kids in the windows, which made me remember an old picture from the newspaper of a mansion in Searcy AR.  The mansion was torn down  so I put the two photos of … (18 comments)

historic homes: The old Deener House, Searcy Arkansas, now a day care center. - 03/04/10 12:13 PM
The Deener House always led to confusion on my part because I had heard the term used a lot and I didn't know exactly what they referred to. Some said the Old Deener House.  Well.....does that mean the Deener was old or the house was old? Anita, my blogging friend, says that this is the Deener house and she knew and was friends with the girl who lived there.

It's now a daycare center.  Don't you know kids like to drive up to their school and see the A, B, C's on the side of the house?  According to the courthouse … (27 comments)

historic homes: Green Booth mystery house still out there. Who changed this house and when? - 02/28/10 12:27 PM

Looking through an old Historical Society book I found this house and just knew where it was located.  The nice curved porch support was unique.  So I decided to do a before and after shot.I drove by the house here just knowing I'd located the right house.  I snapped my photo and hurried back to the office.  This is a finely maintained older home located near Harding University and I drive by it all the time.
The houses are not at all alike.
So while in a little surrounding town I saw that unique curved porch support again and … (41 comments)

historic homes: The rest of the story. The tale of a split house with both sides still standing. Searcy Arkansas. - 02/18/10 01:23 AM
My blog yesterday asked about whether this listed house was half a house.  Here's my proof.

The two houses are beside each other but face different streets.  Note on the blue house the old type windows that are the same as the white house.  You can also see the rock foundation in this picture.
Also note the trim around the entrance door which once probably matched.
Now lets compare the sides of the houses.

They both have the same type rock foundation. The rock foundation on the white house is visible here.
Look also at … (17 comments)

historic homes: This old house may be from another town? Perhaps Heber Springs? - 01/23/10 06:28 AM
Notice the brick and rock work on this house.  There are hundreds of houses in our area of Arkansas with this finish.  You see them on the side of the highway, on older streets in Searcy, on the main streets of Searcy if they haven't been torn down, and in surrounding towns.
The construction looks complex to me.  Someone once said there was a rock man who did this as his specialty.  If my blog buddies know who he was, give him credit. 
I have looked and looked for this house and can't find it in Searcy Arkansas.  I have discovered this light … (15 comments)

historic homes: Another mystery photo of old Searcy Arkansas houses. - 01/21/10 11:44 PM
Here's another one of the old interesting home pictures given me to a lady whose husband had passed away but who had a hand in building the houses, drawing up the plans, etc.  I have not been able to locate this house.  It may be gone.  Perhaps some of my blogger friends will remember it.
The house has grown shrubs and trees and makes me wonder whether the man was reliving his history and going back to the scene of the construction and making memos. I understand that.  I drive around town now and say to myself, "I sold that house way back … (11 comments)

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