historic homes: Old house, unusual weather, in old Searcy Arkansas. Yarnell house? - 01/20/10 02:57 AM
This house is no longer in Searcy.  It was removed in order for "things modern" to be built.  I'm not sure exactly where it was but my sources say it was between the West Arch street Church of Christ and downtown.
Sources also say they think it may have been called the Yarnell house?  They say with assurance that it was Mildred Wilbourn's (now deceased) grandmother's house.  And they say with assurance that it was a magnificent old house.  I'll bet this picture got snapped because of the unusual-for-Searcy-Arkansas snowfall.
Perhaps a few comments from you folks out there can set … (26 comments)

historic homes: The old P. A. Robertson house. Searcy Arkansas. It was not saved. Sad. - 12/19/09 10:40 AM
I stumbled across another memory.  I for some reason saved the newspaper clipping about this house at 309 W. Center Street that was marked for demolition in order to build apartments.
It was 78 years old and was a perfect example of Queen Anne Victorian.  It sat grandly on a corner with huge trees shading it.  I can remember attending an auction there.  It was the first auction I'd ever been to and I bought a few things.  One thing was an old trunk in the attic that I couldn't get down by myself.  Hubby chewed me out royally when I … (19 comments)

historic homes: Searcy Arkansas is/was full of rock houses with charm. Here's one of them. - 12/15/09 11:39 AM
This is another picture that was going to be history because the builder/architect's widow was dumping them.  I, being a half-way packrat, saved them.
We have so many little rock and brick-trimmed houses in Searcy that date way back.  This is one of them. The question to my Searcy readers is to tell me where it is/was?  I think I know but I need verification.
So this is one of those, "Who useta live there?"  I'm including the floor plan this time.



historic homes: Life is not over (yet) for this house in Searcy Arkansas - 12/11/09 07:06 AM
Having saved old house plans and pictures from a widow who was dumping them, I'm sharing another one.
This one came with three pictures and the floor plans.  I love this first one with the garden growing on the right.  Note the tall imposing chimney.  Window flower boxes!! 

What a nice side view.  The shutters are nice, the mail person would bring the mail right to the porch and there's a porch swing, of course!! 
Notice there used to be lots of wooden door steps.  That garden must have been in the back yard too.

Then … (25 comments)

historic homes: Original and today in Searcy Arkansas. Nicely maintained home then and now. - 11/23/09 11:27 AM
Having inherited a few old pictures of Searcy Arkansas houses that a widow was throwing away, I have posted a few on these blogs to see if Searcy residents recognize them.  The designer of the houses had taken photos and saved the photos and the floor plans.  Once he died the widow wasn't keeping them.  I kept them from being lost forever.
Here's another picture of a newly built house.....or at least one that wasn't very old.

And here is the same house today.  It appears largely unchanged, doesn't it.  Those little trees really grew!!!


historic homes: A four-chimney house? That must have been a real luxury in old Searcy Arkansas. - 10/16/09 12:50 AM
This historic house is barely on the East side of Searcy on a corner lot with huge trees.  So many trees, in fact, that pictures are difficult.  I believe it is called the Margaret Pope house.  Correct me, Searcy readers, if I'm wrong.
I drive by it daily and wonder why it didn't sell a few years back when listed for close to $80,000.  It has been through a lot, however, in the years since it exited the Pope estate. 
The Pope estate had a big sale.  My friends attended even though I was working and couldn't.  They bought the mirror that … (24 comments)

historic homes: Now this is a B--I--G tree.....beside an old Searcy Arkansas home. - 10/14/09 02:11 PM
Each time I drive by this house and it is almost every day, I drive a little faster thinking that if one of those limbs comes down on me, I'm a goner! 
Well, not really.  But I always think that the tree is as historic as the house.  This house is known, I believe, as the Deener house.  I once had it listed and was fascinated by the features that dated back so far.  Reportedly it was built in 1912.
The house is on Center Street in Searcy Arkansas, White County. In fact, here's the way it looked … (30 comments)

historic homes: Another landmark in Searcy Arkansas gets hit by progress. I hated to see this house going away. - 09/26/09 12:54 AM
Notice the title says the house is "going away."  That is better than saying "being torn down."
I've always felt that this big old house located on the very edge of Highway 16 North (1105 N Maple Street) was a mystery house.  It stood starkly and was empty of people, shrubs, fences or anything to make it look occupied.  It was just there, a landmark.  I always wanted to go inside and find out it's history and mystery.
It was always too close to the highway.  Even when the highway was a little two-lane one.
Driving past it today, my old heart … (39 comments)

historic homes: The old John Sanford mansion that was on Arch Street in Searcy Arkansas - 04/05/09 01:24 PM

I found this old newspaper clipping with the title of "The Way We Were." 
It should say the way some people were.....what a house!  Notice the kids in the windows upstairs and more on the front steps.  One thing about blogging is the way it makes you more conscious of your surroundings, your town, the past, and the things that are here today and will probably be gone tomorrow.
This house is not one that I remember.  It was replaced by the West Side Church of Christ.  Now I wish I knew what it looked like when it was torn … (10 comments)

historic homes: Sears Roebuck houses. Payments as low as $20 per month. - 03/12/09 12:44 AM
The Sears Roebuck catalogs would say that payments were as low as $20 per month.  The "Puritan" 7 rooms and bath monthly payments as low as $40.  The "Newark" 6 rooms and bath monthly payments as low as $55.
Notice those ads said and "bath."  That means one, folks.  Families considered a bath a luxury.  Now we feel we need one each.  These ads were also before "Truth in Advertising" because they didn't say for how many years and at what interest rate!
The houses were ordered from the catalog and erected, I assume, on site.  Even I'm too young to … (34 comments)

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