historic photos: Robertson's Drugstore. Now Quattlebaum Music. Searcy AR historic photo - 08/19/19 12:25 PM

Recognize these locations?
Here it is 2019 and Searcy is having a great time having new murals painted downtown, winning a contest for lots of money, and having new people come to town, love the town, and work to keep the town alive and vital.
So these two buildings are the SAME buildings.  They come from my old issue of White County Centennial Edition of The Daily Citizen and White County Citizen, given to me by Letain DeVore, and published in 1936.
 The picture on the right above was Robertson's Drug Store in 1936.  (It is now Quattlebaum Music.)  Notice the corner entrance door … (6 comments)

historic photos: E. D. Wakenight Supply Co. Searcy AR historic photo - 06/27/19 12:03 PM

E. D. Wakenight Supply Co.
This is a new one.  I had never seen this picture before.  I was visiting the beautiful Searcy Art Gallery and noticed lots of old postcard copies on an antique table.  While thumbing through them, I found this one and got permission to scan it for this blog. 
There are several trucks and my guess is that the people were employees and owners.  I am also hoping that some Searcy Sleuth will identify where this location in Searcy was and the approximate year.  Notice there was a sign saying BEER SANDWICHES.  Did they make a sandwich out … (9 comments)

historic photos: Yarnell's Ball Team. Who, what, when and where? Help wanted. - 05/02/19 11:48 AM

Happy Team of Youngsters.
A friend just sent this picture  to see if perhaps I knew who the folks were.  It reminds me of the old training we had for writing reports.  Who?  What?  When?  Where?  All of these were important.  So who were these delightful boys who had probably just finished a game of softball or baseball.
When was this.  Possibly a year could be given.
What they were doing is rather interesting.  What are those things on the table?  Are those minature trees on the table?  And what is that in the hand of the man in the striped shirt?
And finally, where … (10 comments)

historic photos: Sowell's Furniture, Searcy AR, advertising card. - 07/21/18 04:07 PM

Sowell's Furniture!
What a great old picture and this, believe it or not, is on an advertisng card mailed to my family a few years ago.  The card was an invitation to join them in celebrating 65 years in the location at 207 W. Arch in Searcy AR!  There was to be a 25% to 65% off sale in the store.
The old picture is a treasure and I liked it on the card enough to save it all these years.   We are proud to have this store still in operation in downtown Searcy!  Thanks for the invitation and for being here for … (4 comments)

historic photos: Searcy AR folks. Another great snapshot of friends on Arch Street. - 07/04/18 07:15 AM

Jody's new car?
Here's another great old snapshot that was loaned to me with permission to share on this blog.  The writing was underneath the scanned photo and tells who was there......even down to the dog's name.  But we don't know who owned the dog! 
Jody Taylor, so it says, was home from the Air Force and got himself a new car.  I assume the car on the left was it.  My understanding is that he and Anita Hart lived across the street from each other on West Arch Street in Searcy.
Note the street had a sidewalk!  I hate that eventually builders … (8 comments)

historic photos: Young boys at swimming pool. Searcy AR pool? Larry Leon James. - 04/17/18 04:28 PM

Another delightful photo from Elvin Davenport's collection.
We don't have to guess who this young boy was as he was sitting around a pool.  Was it a Searcy AR pool?  Perhaps Larry Leon James, who has verified that this was he, will join in and tell us where it was.  Perhaps, also, he can tell us who the darkly suntanned boy on the left was.
We repeat that Elvin Davenport roamed the city and the surrounding little towns and took many pictures.  We can consider them now part of history.  I consider them historic photos of Searcy AR and wish we could round … (2 comments)

historic photos: Kensett AR depot. Another Elvin Davenport photograph. Historic photo. - 03/26/18 05:59 PM

We have shown several Elvin Davenport old photographs, loaned by Sherry Quattlebaum Person, on this blog.  Reportedly, he roamed the countryside on his bike with his camera handy and loved taking pictures of trains.  These two say Kensett on the depots even though you have to enlarge them to read the sign.
My question is why the depots look slightly different?  Did Kensett have two depots?  Is this the same train track?  Folks also say that Elvin got so close to the trains that he had to quickly get out of the way and therefore lots of the photos are slightly blurred.
Perhaps … (10 comments)

historic photos: Old photo of yards, shotgun houses, chicken pen. Interesting. - 03/03/18 10:20 AM

1965 photo of yard and small houses.
Here's another interesting picture loaned by Sherry Person from her dad's collection.  Her dad, Ivan Quattlebaum, was a history lover and saved everything.  These pictures, we have found, are from a collection of snapshots possibly taken by a long-ago resident named Elvin Figg Davenport.  He was the only son of Judge W. D. Davenport and his wife Margaret.  Searcy old-timers remember Elvin as a young man who roamed the Searcy, Kensett, Judsonia and other areas on his bicycle while carrying his camera.  He loved trains!  We probably will be posting more of his pictures of … (13 comments)

historic photos: Two little boys at war? Searcy AR mystery picture? Barefoot and shirtless. - 01/16/18 07:29 AM

Here's an old Searcy AR picture of little boys having fun.
It is below 20 degrees in Searcy AR today so seeing this old picture is warming.  This picture shows little kids having a fight or wrestling match, barefoot and shirtless as boys used to play.
  Girls, too, except perhaps not shirtless.  One of my memories (notice I did not say favorite) goes back to my being in one of the lower grades of school in Georgia.  Of course it was extremely hot and we'd just come in from recess.  I had a good friend named Mae and she and I decided … (7 comments)

historic photos: Arkansas Boys State at Camp Robinson 1953. Group picture. - 08/30/17 01:15 PM

What a lot of boys!  Boys State held at Camp Robinson 1953.
This great picture of boys from all over Arkansas is going to be in the estate sale held by VSmith Estate Sales in Searcy AR this weekend.  August 31 and September 1.  34 Foxboro.  I don't know the price but thought it would be nice to put it out for blog readers to see.  I need to get myself a magnifying glass and see if I recognize any of them.  Four names are written in pencil on the back.  They look like Lonnie West, Deke Wilson, Winston Wilson, and Bobby … (4 comments)

historic photos: Tootie 1917 Mary Walker Crawford old picture Wilson AR - 08/25/17 11:56 AM

I love these old pictures of a lady called Tootie.  She is another family member found in the collection of old family photographs bought at an estate sale in Searcy AR a few weeks ago.  I wish the family could treasure them and want them.  The first one shows Tootie all dressed up and the date is 1917.  The name on the back says Mary Walker Crawford.  Married 9/3/1918 to E. Allen Wilson, Ark.  I believe the husband must have been E. Allen from Wilson, AR but it isn't clear.
So we know who she was but the next photo only says … (4 comments)

historic photos: Please explain....when did Truman Baker Chevrolet look like this? - 08/22/17 07:18 AM

Found in my pile of photos!
This old picture of Truman Baker Chevrolet shows that they had a real business in trucks.  And I can't remember right now where it came from so I need help with this photo.  Did the business stretch from one block to another?  Where is the Main Street corner?  It is for sure a very interesting picture of Searcy Arkansas when the town was smaller.  So, Sleuths, help me out here.  

historic photos: Hair! How'd they do that style? Historic photo. Old picture. - 08/14/17 12:18 PM

Found at an estate sale.
We have been having a little discussion about how we all try to dress alike, which dictates style, I guess. So at a recent estate sale I bought a box full of old photos that some family had left behind.  I still can't understand how families don't treasure these old gems but it is definitely a changing world.  What oldies treasured....the young people throw away.
Anyway, I wonder how they got those hairstyles to work and stay up like we see here.  Remember when teased hair came around and the hairstyles were so cherished when hair was … (11 comments)

historic photos: Photographer's Art? Burlington Iowa. No faces showing in pictures. - 07/23/17 11:09 AM

In my last blog I mentioned that a relative had passed and lots and lots of old pictures dating back into the 1800's were left behind.  Jack Flournoy Henry V had never married and had no children so it could be the end of the line for the Jack Flournoy Henrys.
Among the photographs were these two which grabbed my attention because they were not posed to show their faces as most professionally done photos are.  The first one has a name on it, Dorthy Carson, and the photograph has Reynolds, Burlington Iowa on the front.  
The second one is even more … (6 comments)

historic photos: Judsonia, AR. 1908. Dirt streets, downtown picture postcard. - 05/27/17 06:15 AM

We can look at this photo and think about how things have changed for the better in the last 100 years.  Imagine traveling those mud streets of Judsonia AR.  
This is an old postcard that is on ebay right now.  Price is pretty high so I will not be buying but it would be good for Judsonia to have it in their historic collection.  A one cent stamp delivered it to Indianapolis, Indiana to a Mr. Robert Storm and I like the last sentence which says, "Whats the matter with you dead or married?"  
Postcards, when they become enlarged by scanning, … (3 comments)

historic photos: Downtown Searcy AR Esquire Men's Wear and Mrs. Harris Cafeteria - 04/07/17 07:07 AM
We have been dwelling on memories of old downtown Searcy AR.  Here's a
picture that a friend contributed and it is a good one!  Here we see what
used to be a bank and now was Esquire Men's Shop.  Beside it is Mrs. Harris's
Cafeteria.  The year is not given.  I seem to remember that Mrs. Harris
once ran the Rendezvous.  Sleuths, is that correct?  You could also tell
us who ran Esquire, a high-classed name that must have sold expensive
men's clothing.
 Notice the parking meters?  How long since we had those things?  And look how wide the street is.  With … (12 comments)

historic photos: Historic homes at Bald Knob AR circa 1919 multi-view postcard. - 03/13/17 06:06 AM

This postcard shows pictures of important homes in Bald Knob AR approximately 1919.  This is the first multi-view postcard that I have seen.  We know that at least one of these homes is still standing.  Sleuths from Bald Knob should be able to give us the addresses of ones remaining.
Names that are readable are J W Roetzel, Dr. J C Cleveland, J J Campbell, J W Cranford, A P Moody, W A W Price, J W Roetzel (second time), R H Upchurch and what looks like E R Wynn.
It is an excellent glance back close to 100 years ago! 

historic photos: Wallace Fruit Market, Bald Knob AR, historic postcard - 02/28/17 04:35 PM

I guess I should have bought this old post card showing the Wallace Roadside Market in Bald Knob AR. I did bid on it while it was on ebay but someone else really wanted it more than I did and it is gone. But here is a picture of the front and of the address side.  Sounds as if it was an interesting place one mile west of Bald Knob on Highways 67 and 64.
Sounds also as if they had imported gifts, fruits and vegetables, souvenirs, pottery, hand-blown glass and native sorghum and honey. Also ciders and exotic foods.  Owners were … (4 comments)

historic photos: Another cute kid from Searcy AR? Who was this? - 02/18/17 10:16 AM

I was just visiting my friend, looking at the pictures on her wall when this one jumped out and grabbed me!  The look!  The expression!  The charm was just too much.  Was she trying to smile or trying not to smile just because she was not enjoying the session?  I am also thinking that it was one of the photographs that was hand colored back then.
I grabbed the picture off the wall and told my friend that I had to put this one on my blog that has so much Searcy AR history on it.  In 2010 I put up another … (10 comments)

historic photos: White County Court House with a hand painted look. Searcy AR historic. - 02/17/17 04:10 PM

Well, I'm guilty again.  I bought another historic post card on ebay. 
This one of our historic White County AR court house appealed to me because it was different.  It is not a photograph.  It seems to be an artist's rendering of the historic building.  It does not have an artist's signature on it and if it was newer we could say it had been edited to appear as original art work.  The back of the card calls for a one cent stamp so that puts a little age on it.  Perhaps the Sleuths will know something about the card and can … (4 comments)

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