historic pictures: Football queens from Searcy AR. Pretty girls from years ago. - 07/04/18 09:39 AM

Fashionable girls who were football royalty.
I grew up in Georgia and I can remember pulling my sweater up under my pearls and I looked similar to these girls from Searcy AR.  I also had the socks with shoes like these, the skirt that showed only a short amount of leg so the style must have been nationwide even without social media to send the style along.  How'd that work??
One thing I wonder about with this picture is how the girl on the bottom right could dress differently.  She has a sweater and a collar and a scarf.  I believe she also … (11 comments)

historic pictures: Classy women of Searcy AR. How many do you remember? - 07/01/18 05:28 PM

Where they were?  What they were doing?  Why they were together?
I don't know.  (But Searcy Sleuths will know.)   I do recognize lots of the ladies.  In fact, I recognize almost all of them but can't recall the names.  Definitely, they were on a nice brick porch and they were all dressed up.  I don't believe I see a single pair of pants in the picture so it dates back a good distance.  It might be fun for you to pinpoint your favorites in this picture!

historic pictures: Anatomy of a shadow box. 50's relived. Exquisite picture. Anita Hart Fuller. - 01/14/18 12:55 PM
I have gained a picture that is in a huge shadow box.  The anatomy of the box is amazing.  Look at these pictures.  The box is 7" deep, 36" tall, 30" wide and probably weighs 30 pounds and is made of solid wood. 
Here is a corner. 
And here is the back of it with what looks like a final fastener.
And now you must see the whole box propped up against the wall.  The picture is surrounded by velvet and has gold trim around the edge of the picture.
What's that?  You think you have seen this picture before?  Yes, you have if you … (8 comments)

historic pictures: Fun before cell phones took over the kids! Goat and wagon with twins. - 08/25/17 11:53 AM

Another wonderful old picture that shows what kids could and would do to have fun before present-day cell phones took lots of these old fun things away.  Our kids today just want to be on their cell phones and seem to care only about the phone for entertainment.  The picture is another one obtained from an estate sale in Searcy AR and one that I wish would be reclaimed by the family members.  
The back of this post card says Uncle Gilbert and Uncle Wilbert, Mama Delia's twin brothers. 
I love the old wagon, the way the twins are dressed in what … (3 comments)

historic pictures: 1955 Searcy High School yearbook picture. James Funeral Home. Arkansas - 08/23/17 12:13 PM

BOYS!  Loitering around a funeral home!
Really....this is from a 1955 Searcy AR high school yearbook and it does look as if these guys are "hanging out" right there at what the sign says is James Funeral Home, phone 180, and owned by Robert "Bob" James.  Even a close-up does not let me identify these guys but perhaps some of our Searcy Sleuths will know who they were.  
Searcy Sleuths can also help with the history of this building.  I think it is located at the corner of Market and Main, now an eye clinic, but it has probably had lots of … (10 comments)

historic pictures: Old Reeves Homeplace, Hartselle, Alabama, historic picture 1920. - 08/18/17 10:31 AM

Painful, that's what it is......to go to an estate sale and find old pictures that the family apparently no longer cares for.  That is why I have this one and many others along with it.  The back of the picture even tells who the folks are. Oscar Hooker Reeves, Howard Truman Reeves, Grace M Reeves, (wife of Oscar H.) Estelle Reeves (daughter of Phil Reeves) made about 1920 at Reeves Homeplace, Hartselle, AL.
The house is indeed interesting to me, a person who sells real estate, and I like the way it shows so much about the way of life then.  Look … (5 comments)

historic pictures: The Wheat Motel, Searcy AR, E Race St, The Book Nook. - 05/14/17 11:35 AM

Just a few days ago I ran a blog about the Wheat Motel in Searcy AR.  Its picture was on an old postcard that I bought on ebay.  There was a lot of discussion about it and the final decision regarding where it had been located was made by a comment from the former owner's son, Bill Mondigo.  (Thank you again, Bill.)  Go back to this blog and read the comments and see the picture.
Now look what I have found!  Folks kept mentioning The Book Nook and here is a picture of the motel as changed and with a section rented … (2 comments)

historic pictures: J C Penney was in downtown Searcy. Remember? 1978 - 04/06/17 05:47 PM

The year was 1978.  Young people were running around getting ads for the Searcy High School yearbook.  I posted a picture a few days ago from the yearbook featuring Quattlebaum Music.  This one features JC Penney.  It is hard to remember but JC Penney was downtown at 113 North Spring.  And it is even harder to remember that JC Penney had a loft upstairs.  These students were up there.
And I can not remember at all what was up there and how it operated.  Seems as if they sent money up there from the downstairs area but some Sleuth will have to … (18 comments)

historic pictures: Williams Addition, Searcy AR, a little history. Corinne Hart redo. - 02/25/17 11:59 AM

I am sure you can't read this so I will shorten it for you.  This article was written and published in the Searcy Daily Citizen in 1982.  It tells about one of our favorite citizens, Corinne Hart, who lived to be about 100 and contributed a lot to the history of Searcy.  She redid several houses in Searcy and this one at 900 Merritt was one of them.  The article was framed by her daughter, Searcy Super Sleuth Anita Hart Fuller, so I borrowed it but didn't take it from the frame.  Scanning didn't work well with glass.
It was the old … (2 comments)

historic pictures: Arch Street, the way it used to be. I liked it! Historic photo. - 01/13/17 04:34 PM

Recognize this street?
It is a great view from the corner of Arch and Spring looking toward the First Methodist Church. Looking carefully you can see Security Bank on the sign, I believe.  The date is not certain but it must have been several years ago.  Car guys can tell the year by the cars in the picture.
It also appears to be a filling station down on the corner in front of the church. Historic pictures are so interesting and enjoyable.  Guess I need to visit the area and take a picture of the way it is now.  Tell us about it … (17 comments)

historic pictures: Rich kid? Poor kid? Adorable child picture from 1939. - 01/06/17 11:25 AM

The portrait of this child is so interesting and appealing.  I bought it years ago and have loved it.  The first thing that I think is that this child was royalty, rich and happy.
Then I look at the child's clothing.  Those little shoes have been passed down a few times.  Notice the shoe polish on the soles.  The outfit he has on doesn't seem anything more than a normal child's outfit. So now I think that he visited some studio for a picture and the photographer had a robe to put on the children just for effect.  And a loving cup … (8 comments)

historic pictures: Another magnet! What's wrong with me? Coke magnet. - 10/12/16 03:11 AM

A few days ago I wrote a blog about a refrigerator magnet and confessed that I don't even like refrigerator magnets!  Now I have come up with another one!  I must be losing it!
This one is funny.  In its tiny size it looked like an old filling station or dance hall or a building in some form.  When scanned and enlarged it looks like a fake or a drawing or something strange.  Perhaps one of you will explain it.  Is it just a Coke advertisement?  Is it a real place?  Is it a tourist court?  Can you get gas from that … (8 comments)

historic pictures: Holmes Road, Searcy AR. Named after the Holmes family. Old house. - 10/04/16 04:10 AM

The house that Ballard Holmes built.
This old rock house dates way back.  The court house says it was built in 1916 and that makes it 100 years old!  That's a long time and the family who built it loved it!  The family owned land around it before the town grew up all around the property so when streets were named they called the street Holmes Road.  We all travel it from time to time.
I am thinking that I, having married into this family by marrying the first grandchild that was born to the Ballard Holmes family,  took this picture sometime … (8 comments)

historic pictures: Christmas. Pretty girls. Ronnie R. McGaffin. Hot Springs photographer. - 08/21/16 11:26 AM
How old is this picture?  It seems ancient with an old fashioned Christmas tree that is not even symetrical.  Can't tell if it has lights.  The girls have on their formal attire with flowers in their hands and in their hair and gloves that go above the elbows!  I thought for a minute that rings were in style because rings are all over one girl's dress (the one on the right) and a hint of some on the girl on the left.  Then I decided it had to be a flaw in the picture even though you can't see a flaw … (11 comments)

historic pictures: 1966 Searcy AR drill team. Can you name them? - 08/15/16 12:48 AM

Captioned "Our drill team executes a precision drill."
No names were given in this 1966 page from the Searcy AR High School yearbook.
We need Searcy Sleuths to name them all.  I know the first two and love and admire them but the others need names too.  Old yearbooks are becoming some records of history that are quite valuable.  Business's still live in our minds even if they are gone when we find the old pictures in a yearbook.  On this same page in this yearbook was a picture of a couple doing the latest dance....the jerk!  Remember that one?
Hair styles are also … (0 comments)

historic pictures: In love again! With two little boys and an old ice box. - 04/24/16 05:58 AM
While listing a house this past week we walked through and I gave my usual speech about how the house needs to be depersonalized.  I tell the owner that folks look at the personal items instead of the house.  And right then....right there....I did it!  I fell in love with the very personal picture of two young boys.  The picture was taken so many years ago that I can't possibly find them but I love them anyway.  Look at the matching (almost) outfits, the socks that match the outfits, and the tender way the picture had to be touched up with … (4 comments)

historic pictures: 16th Section Singers, Floyd Bradberry teacher, AR - 04/03/16 07:06 AM

 A picture from our own White County is on ebay right now.  It is a picture with the inscription "16th Section Singing School"  teacher Floyd Bradberry or Floyd Brobbery.  At the ebay site there are close-ups of parts of the picture so you can see if any of your relatives are there.  If it was a singing school it had singers of all ages.  The item also says that the 16th Section Church is outside Beebe and McRae AR.  Wonder which one of the men in the picture is the teacher Floyd. 
Google gives the address of the 16th Section Church … (9 comments)

historic pictures: Where was this house? Searcy AR probably. Shoffner Estate picture. - 03/10/16 03:11 AM

These are lovely old pictures of a house or houses that were probably in Searcy AR.  It was loaned to me by the Cargile Auction team to share with you.  There is to be an auction of the Shoffner Estate on March 19 2016 with lots of antiques, real estate and collectible items.  This appeared to be the same house when I first looked at them but upon closer examination, perhaps they are not.  Or perhaps it could be the same one with additions made?  I am hoping that someone may remember more about these houses and these people and can … (0 comments)

historic pictures: Old hospital. Another picture found as follow up. - 01/10/15 05:15 AM

This blog is a lot of fun.  I put up an old picture of a hospital a few days ago and some of the Searcy Sleuths knew where it was and had actually visited there.  They called it the MOPAC hospital that was sponsored by the MOPAC railroad.  I dug down further and came up with this picture which appears to be the same property and perhaps on the same day.
On the back of this one is written "the tow bldg is nurses quarters next high bldg is Col Scott house the tall bldg is city hosp."  I'm … (0 comments)

historic pictures: Help me identify these people who are part of the old sheriff's department? - 10/05/14 06:40 AM
While listing a house the other day I saw this great old picture and the owner graciously said I can put it on this blog.  The only ones that I have identified so far are Ricky Veach, former Mayor of Judsonia for many years, on the far left, Aden Woodruff in the center holding the car door open and Nancy Elbert on the right.
Perhaps the sleuths can help us put names on the other folks.  They are posed in front of the building beside the present Regions Bank.  Join in and let's put names on these people who are a … (5 comments)

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