historic searcy: The Pit Drive In, Searcy AR, remembered once again. - 07/26/17 10:35 AM

The Pit Drive In, Searcy AR, 1961.  How Searcy did love The Pit.  Several blogs have been written about it and here's another picture from a 1961 yearbook showing the girls (remember they couldn't wear pants to school) who probably went out to get their advertisement for the The Lion yearbook and got treats at the same time.
Evidently, plaids were in!  Short hair, below the knee skirts, flats for school and sweaters.  One girl has on socks!  Perhaps she was a fashion leader!
The Pit blog 1967.

historic searcy: 209 Mulberry. Our new address 200 Mulberry, Searcy AR. - 11/02/15 09:17 PM
Now that the address for our new RE/MAX Advantage home is 200 W Mulberry we might wonder what came before us so when we see a picture that has the Mulberry name under it we linger.  Here's one that I just found in my collection and it says 209 E Mulberry.  Pretty close neighbors!
Then I searched my old blogs and found that I had written about the Purina building before.  Actually, the TWO Purina buildings that were on the very same street.  Go to my old blog by clicking here and see the pictures of both of them.  How our town … (8 comments)

historic searcy: Well, now that we are neighbors.....reblog Blume's Eat Place Searcy AR - 09/25/15 05:29 AM

I did a blog several years ago with this old postcard on the blog.  I had to ask the Searcy history experts where it was and they told me.  It is on the corner of Elm and Mulberry and we are now neighbors.  RE/MAX Advantage has moved to our brand new building at 200 W Mulberry and this little building is just down the street on the corner.  You definitely need to go back to visit this blog.
What's that?  You didn't see it?  Well, I snapped a picture.  This is how it looks today. 
The first blog was done in 2008 … (7 comments)

historic searcy: Evolution of a beautiful building. Searcy AR. Bliss Salon. - 09/13/15 11:55 PM

Driving through Searcy AR makes us feel proud that our city is being maintained and that old buildings are being used and made beautiful.  Passing this one at 219 W Market made me slam the brakes and stop and take a picture.  I loved the touches of green that have been added and the sale signs are very attractive.  Let's review how it used to look.
This is the way it looked when the building was bought just a few years ago.  I am glad they could see its potential.  Now go back a lot of years and see the picture taken … (7 comments)

historic searcy: Searcy Daily Citizen moves to new location. Historic picture 209 W Arch. - 06/22/14 12:39 AM

The Searcy Daily Citizen has moved and the newspaper has been running the notice of their move for several weeks.  Their new location is 723 W Beebe Capps Expressway beside the RE/MAX Advantage West Branch. 
I found this old clipping that was run when the Citizen last moved.  Forgive the condition because clippings kept in attics don't fare well.  This was run in approximately 1974 when the Citizen moved to the old Volkswagen building on East Race Street.  This editorial, also in poor condition, was also in the attic. 

This old editorial gives the history of the Searcy … (8 comments)

historic searcy: Probably unchanged old home in Searcy AR. Sleuths, can you find it? - 09/15/13 03:18 AM
Several of the Searcy Sleuths no longer live in Searcy but are proud of the town where they grew up.
I'm thinking that this house dates back to their youth in Searcy and has probably had no changes since that time.  It has been on this big pretty lot since I have been in Searcy.  I once wrote a blog about the bigger the tree, the older the house.  Go review it if you'd like.  The tree was at the old home of Wilbur Mills in Kensett.
Now look at the size of the tree in this front yard!
Each time … (15 comments)

historic searcy: Moving on from one big house to another....608 N Spring Searcy AR had a fire. - 01/21/13 02:29 AM
This big old house on the corner has always interested me.  For as long as I have known it, it has been cut up into apartments.  It is just a couple of blocks from the one we were just discussing on North Main Street.
Surely it was at one time a showy house with proud owners who sat on the porch? 
The newspaper reported that the fire department had to put out a fire inside the house a few days ago.  Suspecting that a fire may lead to a tear-down, I drove by and snapped a memory picture.  Here it … (7 comments)

historic searcy: We've come a long way, Baby! 1920 Searcy High School Yearbook pictures from Don Thompson. - 12/31/12 11:58 PM
You gotta study these pictures.  I glanced at them when Don emailed them to me and thought, "Why are those people all dressed alike?"  I still don't know but going a little further and looking to see if there were any familiar names, I found a lot of humor.  First see the picture of the Domestic Science Class.

Now see the Officers of this class.  Also note that there are NO boys in this class.

Note the Senior Officers.  Head Advisor, Chief Cook, Spoon Licker, Principal Server and Hater of Dish Washing.  The Junior Officers were T. Kettle, U. … (9 comments)

historic searcy: Is that Anita Hart Fuller jumping into my blog again? Searcy Frozen Foods - 06/02/12 10:59 PM
 Look at the haunting face in the background.
I may be wrong but it sure looks like it might be my friend and the original Searcy AR golden child.  If so, she's being photographed inside a frozen food locker to advertise the food locker in a Searcy High School yearbook. 
Food lockers have become a thing of the past.  Years ago a family might take their animal to the food locker owner who would process it and keep it for you in the locker that you had rented.  Going into the locker to get a few pounds of hamburger would … (13 comments)

historic searcy: Simpson, Simpson, Collier and Brock. Searcy AR attorneys hold open house. - 04/26/12 11:43 PM
This is the old view of Headlee's Drug Store which was located in downtown Searcy Arkansas. 

This is another view of the building.

 This is the look of the building today.  Simpson, Simpson, Collier and Brock, Searcy attorneys, held an open house which I dropped in on.  It was impressive to see how they have expanded from the large building on the corner to the one adjoining.  They will probably do more to the exterior but the inside is finished out beautifully.

Curious?  Here they are.  From the left, Collier, Simpson, Brock and Simpson.  … (30 comments)

historic searcy: The changing face of Searcy Arkansas. New looks to old building fronts. - 04/16/12 06:50 AM
Seems that every shopping center in Searcy is getting an updated look.  These high fake fronts make me think of the buildings in the wild west or in the early small towns.  Here's the newest look being put on the professional center that is located on Beebe Capps Expressway and well know as the place to pay your cable bill.

And this one has been finished and it is the location of the White County Cable TV office at 1927 W. Beebe Capps Expressway.

And this is the way the Westside Professional Center did look, borrowed from the … (2 comments)

historic searcy: Worth repeating. Violin students from Searcy AR in the 50's. - 04/15/12 02:54 AM

Most of us in the 50's were doing rock and roll, weren't we?
But some were more cultured!  I love this picture made in Searcy Arkansas First Methodist Church (I think) and definitely featuring Super Sleuth Anita third from left on the front row.
Some of them I recognize but some I don't.  They need to be recognized.  And perhaps we need to know why some of them are NOT holding violins but are definitely all dressed up!

historic searcy: Old Person Furniture building in Searcy AR soon to have a facelift.....just sold..... - 03/19/12 03:40 AM
Paula, my friend who did the photography project for Girl Scouts back in the 40's, photographed what we now call the Person building.  Persons/Quattlebaums have owned it for many years.  It is about a block or two from the court square so it is considered downtown. 
I'm going to depend on my friends from Arkansas to give me more of the history of this building and what the sign above the corner entry door said.  I find it interesting that there were quite a few corner doors.  Was there a reason for that?  This building as you can see, is largely unchanged, … (7 comments)

historic searcy: 1965 revisited at the Duncan's Used Car Lot on East Race Street, Searcy Arkansas. - 03/02/12 10:56 PM
Just a blog or two ago I talked about little old office buildings that served as offices for car lots.  I put this one up as an example of how they are just about gone and are showing lots of wear and tear.  This one is in Beebe Arkansas.

Imagine my surprise when I was browsing through a 1965 Searcy High yearbook and saw this picture in the advertisements.

I hollered to Hubby (who was part of the Duncan crew) and said, "Well, look at this old picture of the car lot with the College Church of Christ in the background!"  … (12 comments)

historic searcy: Great photo of Searcy AR folks. - 12/20/11 05:17 AM
Borrowed photograph from a facebook friend with permission.
I just love this photo.
I can tell you who they are and will but I think it would be fun to see if any Sleuths know who they are.
The old car is great.  The happy smiles of the boy and girl are great. And look at the thick wavy hair on the guy.  She has on a fashionable cowl-necked dress with a sashed waistline and looks all dressed up.
I can't quite make out the thing in the background, can you?  Is it the rest of the car???


historic searcy: Memories of East Park Avenue near Harding University....soon to be new construction in Searcy AR. - 12/05/11 12:21 PM
Some of you may remember some of the older homes on East Park near Harding University.  I actually do remember some but I had to go to Google to refresh the memories.  Here's the way the street used to look.

Harding is expanding and has eliminated a few of our memories.  I sold this little house once.

I showed this one once AFTER DARK and swore it was ridiculous to show property after dark. It had the neatest side porch that had been added when someone restored the house.

Here's another that is just memory.

And another.

historic searcy: The bigger the tree the older the house # 2. - 10/10/11 05:20 AM
The blog that I wrote earlier about the houses being older as the trees gets bigger proved to be true again.   I thought I was brilliant when I figured out that as the trees grow, the houses around the trees become older.  Look at our subdivisions.  When they started out, most were treeless, but when the subdivisions age, trees tend to take over.
So look what brought me to a screeching halt as I drove to work. 

The detail of the house which was once beautiful can now be seen if you can peep over the gigantic tree that has been downed.  … (16 comments)

historic searcy: Old filling station gone. Remember when they were on every street corner? - 08/08/11 09:10 AM
I saw the big shovels working on this old filling station on Main Street in Searcy Arkansas.  I knew that I'd have to visit Google to get a picture of it that might be recognizable.  Here is the one that no longer IS.

So it is gone and so is this place that was beside it.  Recognize it?

Any of the Searcy Sleuths who may live away and come to Searcy just occasionally, be aware that the corner of South Main and Lincoln has changed.  No telling what will be going up there shortly. 
Another GONE thing would … (16 comments)

historic searcy: The way it used to be in Searcy Arkansas, right on the fringe of town. 1600 W Pleasure. - 05/26/11 01:44 PM
You think we have cookie-cutter houses today and they are all basically the same?  Possibly so.
But it has always been that way.  Style is style, whether you're talking about clothing or cars or houses.  It was the style once to build houses like this one.

How many of these have you seen around town and most of them are just about worn out.  I have to plead guilty to having put this one away to pasture.  I tore it down.  It is not satisfying to be a slumlord and when a house becomes so bad that no one can comfortably … (34 comments)

historic searcy: A new look on East Race Street to an old building in Searcy AR. - 05/23/11 01:13 PM
This building was so old and the real estate company that had been there had closed.  We no longer have a Century 21 in Searcy Arkansas.  I really thought the building would be torn down.  The picture below looks good (made by the google man) but after the real estate company closed it went down further and further.  Too bad I didn't take a picture just before it sold and started a new life.

Now when you drive by you see this magnificent front.  It is impressive to see what the new owners have done.  I'm not sure I like … (6 comments)

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